Tag: Workload Identity Federation

CI DevOps Workload Identity Federation Sept. 20, 2021

None - An example of GitHub Action that exchanges a GitHub Actions OIDC token into a Google Cloud access token using Workload Identity Federation.

IAM Kubernetes Workload Identity Federation May 10, 2021

Solving the Workload Identity sameness with IAM Conditions - Context.

Official Blog Security Workload Identity Federation April 12, 2021

Keyless API authentication—Better cloud security through workload identity federation, no service account keys necessary - With workload Identity federation, you can securely operate your workloads and no longer have to worry about managing service account keys.

AWS IAM Workload Identity Federation March 15, 2021

Access GCP from AWS using Workload Identity Federation - Workload Identity federation allows cloud users to access GCP resources from AWS without the need for service account keys.


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