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Networking Official Blog Traffic Director

Traffic Director takes application networking beyond Google Cloud - Traffic Director can now manage traffic on non-GCP endpoints with new support for Hybrid Connectivity Network Endpoint Groups (NEGs).

Business Official Blog

Google enters agreement to acquire Actifio - As organizations sharpen their disaster preparedness strategies, Actifio’s business continuity solutions will help Google Cloud customers prevent data loss and downtime due to external threats, network failures, human errors and other disruptions.

Cloud Security Command Center Official Blog

Monitor and secure your containers with new Container Threat Detection - Container Threat Detection helps you monitor and secure your container deployments in Google Cloud.

Anthos Official Blog

Anthos on bare metal, now GA, puts you back in control - Running Anthos on bare metal removes the overhead of a hypervisor layer, bringing new kinds of applications to the platform.

App Engine Cloud Functions Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless

A new Terraform module for serverless load balancing - With the new optimized Terraform load balancing module, you can now set up load balancing for serverless applications on Cloud Run, App Engine, or Cloud Functions.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog Typescript

Google Maps Platform JavaScript API and TypeScript - Google Maps Platform provides samples in Typescript.

Data Analytics Official Blog Storage

Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems names Google a Leader - Gartner’s first-ever database management systems (DBMS) Magic Quadrant (MQ) names Google Cloud a Leader.

Business Cloud Healthcare Official Blog

Advancing healthcare with the Healthcare Interoperability Readiness Program - How Google Cloud is helping healthcare organizations achieve interoperability.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

HPC Official Blog

Getting higher MPI performance for HPC applications on Google Cloud - You can reduce MPI latency in HPC workloads running on Google Cloud by following these best practices.

Networking Official Blog Security

Expanding our commitment to secure Internet routing - Google increases efforts to secure routing vulnerabilities in the internet, and broadens collaboration across the industry.

Infrastructure Official Blog

How computing has evolved, and why you need a multi-cloud strategy - A multi-cloud strategy gives companies the freedom to use the best possible cloud for each workload.

Networking Security

A DMZ, what is that? - How to translate DMZ (demilitarized zone) concept to GCP.

Google Kubernetes Engine gRPC Kubernetes

gRPC Loadbalancing in GKE using Nginx Ingress Controller - This article gives demonstrates how to do Load Balancing in GKE for gRPC requests.

Cloud Load Balancing

Custom Header / Query Based Routing in External LB for GCP - Custom Http Header or Query based routing in External LB GCP.

DevOps IAM Security

Perils of GCP’s Compute Engine default service account - A case against using Default Compute Engine default service account.

Cloud Run IAM Security

Trying to figure out how Google Cloud IAM works - Trying to set GCP IAM when coming from AWS IAM background.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

DevOps Official Blog

Launching code you didn't write: Shipping Next 2020 demos at scale - Behind the scenes of Next 2020.

Official Blog Serverless

Get to know Workflows, Google Cloud’s serverless orchestration engine - Google Cloud’s purpose-built Workflows tool lets you orchestrate complex, multi-step processes more effectively than general-purpose tools.

Official Blog Workflows

Better service orchestration with Workflows - Workflows is a service to orchestrate not only Google Cloud services such as Cloud Functions and Cloud Run, but also external services.

BigQuery Cloud Storage Workflows

Using Cloud Workflows to load Cloud Storage files into BigQuery - We will create a Cloud Workflow to load data from Google Storage into BigQuery. This is a complete guide on how to work with workflows….


Day #1 with Cloud Workflows: your first step to “Hello World” - Series of articles on Cloud Workflows.

Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless

Cloud Run is now one year old: a look back - Cloud Run has gained a lot of new features since it became generally available late in 2019.

Eventarc Serverless

Introducing Eventarc in Pic-a-Daily Serverless Workshop - The architecture of serverless application using Eventarc.

Cloud Logging Monitoring

Centralize Logs From Multiple Projects On Google Cloud Platform - Step-by-step instructions how to ship your logs from multiple GCP projects to a centralized project.

Cloud Functions Kotlin

Using Kotlin for Cloud Functions in the Google Cloud Platform - Deploying Cloud Function written in Kotlin.


How to run InfluxDB on Google Cloud - Intro for InfluxDB on GCP.

Cloud Spanner

Implementing Multi-Tenancy in Cloud Spanner - This article describes different architecture approaches to implement multi-tenancy with Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Compute Engine

Developing on remote VM via VSCode using Google Cloud’s IAP - Connecting to Compute Engine Instance which is behind Identity Aware Proxy from VSCode.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog

Machine learning patterns with Apache Beam and the Dataflow Runner, part I - As more people use ML inference in Dataflow pipelines to extract insights from data, we’ve seen some common patterns emerge. In this post, we explore the process of providing a model with data and extracting the resulting output.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Python

Profiling Apache Beam Python pipelines - Profiling Python Beam pipelines running on Cloud Dataflow without using Cloud Profiler.

Apache Beam Data Analytics Official Blog

Simplify creating data pipelines for media with Spotify’s Klio - Spotify open-sources Klio: scalable, efficient media processing on top of Apache Beam.

Big Data Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Official Blog

Best practices to use Apache Ranger on Dataproc - Run managed open source like Apache Hadoop and Spark in the cloud. Get tips on secure deployment with Dataproc and the Apache Ranger authorization OSS.

Beginner Cloud Pub/Sub

Things I wish I knew about Google Cloud Pub/Sub - An intro text to Cloud Pub/Sub.

Cloud Pub/Sub PHP

Cloud Pub/Sub in Laravel - Using Pub/Sub in PHP application.


BigQuery: Any column type partition, be careful with FARM_FINGERPRINT - Is is 100% safe to partition BigQuery table using ABS(MOD(FARM_FINGERPRINT(value), 4000)) ?

AI BigQuery

Helping AI understand team sports with BigQuery - A walk you through the SQL statements used to preprocess GPS sport data for machine learning.

BigQuery Machine Learning Public Datasets

Big QueryML: Machine Learning for Data Scientists using SQL on Google Cloud Platform Quick Start Guide - Getting started with Machine Learning in BigQuery.

Beginner BigQuery Machine Learning

Well… let's start with Machine Learning (using Bigquery)? - Using BigQuery Machine Learning on Titanic dataset.

Machine Learning TPU

Training PyTorch on Cloud TPUs - This article attempts to summarize PyTorch/XLA constructs to help you update your model and training code to run with Cloud TPUs.


Cloud SQL GCP Experience Official Blog

Online shopping gets a boost from Cloud SQL - Marketing platform Bluecore chose managed cloud database services from Google Cloud for strong consistency, great performance, and high scalability.

Cloud SQL GCP Experience Official Blog

Joining fans and artists in perfect harmony with Cloud SQL - Concert discovery service Songkick chose managed cloud database Cloud SQL to modernize their infrastructure and cut out maintenance and operational tasks.

Business GCP Certification

My Notes on the Google Cloud Business Professional Accreditation - A course and test to take on your own time that could be a start to understanding Google Cloud.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Building Continuous Integration Pipeline - It is a common belief that Jupyter Notebooks and production are not compatible. This leads to a several consequences: * Just a very few ML models and experiments evolve to a production environment * It takes very long time to deliver a simpler model to production even for the most valuable and business critical ML models We do believe that this can be drastically improved by providing a way of using Jupyter Notebooks directly into a production environment.



Google Cloud Armor - The Google Cloud Armor documentation set has been reorganized.

Cloud Asset Inventory - tpu.googleapis.com/Node type now available The tpu.googleapis.com/Node resource type is now publicly available through the Cloud Asset APIs.

Cloud Composer - Note: The rollout of this version is in progress. You can now set web server network access control using the v1 Composer API. Composer versions 1.8.1 and 1.8.2 have been deprecated.

Config Connector - Config Connector version 1.32.0 is now available. Added the resourceID field to Folder, BigQueryTable, BigQueryJob, and BigQueryDataset. Added the customResponseHeaders field to ComputeBackendService. Added the maintenancePolicy.maintenanceExclusion field to ContainerCluster. Added the description and disabled fields to LoggingLogSink. Added "ORC" as a new available value to the CRD description of externalDataConfiguration.sourceFormat field in BigQueryTable. Fixed the bug that the Bigtable Garbage Collection Policy can't be created via the Config Connector BigQueryGCPolicy resource.

Cloud Monitoring - Slack notification channels: All notification channels created before November 20 have been fixed, and new notification channels will be created correctly.

Security Command Center - Container Threat Detection, a built-in service of Security Command Center Premium, is now in general availability. Container Threat Detection now supports Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) versions on the Stable channel. Activation latency for newly created clusters has been improved. A bug that blocked some information from appearing in the the process section of Added Library Loaded findings is fixed. A bug that blocked the proper display of the resource name for regional clusters in Added Library Loaded findings is fixed. Container Threat Detection documentation includes updated information about compatibility with GKE and Virtual Private Cloud.


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