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Cloud Armor Networking Official Blog

Introducing Cloud Armor WAF enhancements to help protect your web application and API service - We’re introducing new features in Cloud Armor: granular rate limiting and flexible options to configure custom rules, and custom IP headers to further enhance protections against DDoS and other attacks.

Cloud Deploy Official Blog

Cloud Deploy gets deploy parameters, new console creation flows, and reduced pricing - Cloud Deploy gets deploy parameters, new console creation flows, and reduced pricing.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Announcing Tecton on Google Cloud: Accelerate the development of ML-powered applications - Tecton on Google Cloud provides an easy and fast way to build, process, manage, and share ML features to power your ML applications.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog

More Control Loading the Maps JavaScript API - Today we're sharing three big improvements to how the Maps JavaScript API is loaded: an API for flexible library loading, the new inline bootstrap loader, and a set of performance improvements.

Official Blog

Introducing Google Cloud Support on mobile: Manage support cases on-the-go - Your Google Cloud Support cases are now available for you to manage from the Google Cloud mobile app.

IAM Official Blog Security

Introducing time-bound key authentication for service accounts - Google Cloud customers can now secure their service account keys with customizable options to enforce expiration dates.

Official Blog SAP

Introducing SAP Cost Estimator: Price out your SAP landscape on Google Cloud - The new SAP Cost Estimator helps you understand whether Google Cloud is a cost effective cloud for your SAP applications.

Official Blog SAP

Calling all SAP developers: Announcing the ABAP SDK for Google Cloud - ABAP SDK for Google Cloud is now available for customers and partners to build innovative extensions to SAP using Google Cloud services.

AI Business Official Blog

A new accelerator for AI-first startups in Europe and Israel - AI-first startups in Europe and Israel should apply before July 30 for the new Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First program to receive mentorship and credits.

Event Official Blog Public Sector

Announcing Google Cloud AI and Research Days to help accelerate scientific discovery - The next Google Cloud AI & Research Day is in San Francisco on August 31st.


Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Cloud Identity Official Blog

How to better manage customer identities to support an engaging ecommerce user experience - Google Cloud Identity Platform can enable retailers to add identity and access management capabilities to their customer facing applications including ecommerce platforms.

GKE Autopilot Official Blog

Comparing GKE Autopilot cost efficiency to traditional managed Kubernetes - Learn about how GKE Autopilot pricing works, and the considerations you should be making to optimize your Kubernetes costs.

Official Blog Secret Manager

Best Kept Security Secrets: Keeping secrets, the Secret Manager way - Google Cloud offers an important tool so our customers can better manage their secrets. Meet the Google Cloud Secret Manager.

GCP Experience

5 Key Ingredients for a Successful Cloud Journey - Insights and Best Practices from the Trenches.


Domain authorization: The faster way to provision managed certificates in GCP - This article will show you how to set up domain authorization and create new certificates in the certificate manager using domain authorization.

GKE Autopilot GPU Official Blog TensorFlow

TensorFlow on GKE Autopilot with GPU acceleration - Provision GPUs and execute AI workloads using GKE with automated creation and teardown.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Networking

Private Node Pools in Standard Public GKE clusters - This blog post explains how you can set up private node pools in your standard public GKE cluster.

Cloud Identity Go

Ultimate Guide to User Authorization with Identity Platform - An end to end guide to implement user authorization with Cloud Identity.

Infrastructure Networking Virtual Private Cloud

Internet Access for Private/Sensitive Workloads with Squid Proxy and Private Service Connect on GCP - Handling private workloads within the hub-spoke network topology.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Apigee Official Blog Public Sector

How ETH Library uses Apigee to make its open data holdings available to the public

DevOps GCP Experience Official Blog

DevOps Award winner METRO.digital on being a “DevOps Dreamer” - METRO.digital won a DevOps Award for implementing a generative DevOps culture, using a loosely coupled architecture, and setting up a data lake.

DevOps GCP Experience Official Blog

DevOps Awards winner Priceline on leveraging a loosely coupled architecture - Priceline used DevOps principles to ensure there’s always enough capacity when shifting platform traffic from region to region.

DevOps GCP Experience Official Blog

DevOps Awards winner Vodafone on “unlocking the secrets of DevOps” - To drive AI in its solutions, Vodafone needed standardization, flexibility, and high levels of automation – earning it a 2022 DevOps Award.


PaLM API Firebase Extensions Tutorial - This tutorial walks you through setting Firebase Extension to use PaLM API.

Eventarc Serverless

How to set up a dead-letter for an Eventarc trigger using gcloud CLI and track your serverles exceptions - Series on how you can set up dead-letter policies for Eventarc triggers on serverless applications.

Apigee Cloud Run

Creating a developer portal for Cloud Run with sidecar containers and Apigee - How to use an Envoy sidecar within a Cloud Run service to add API management capabilities and self-service developer onboarding.

Billing Google Maps Platform

Unexpected Google Maps API charges - How it happened, how to solve it, lessons learned.

Cloud Build NodeJS

Accelerate Your Builds: Caching Node Dependencies and npm ci in Google Cloud Build

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery GCP Experience Official Blog

Built with BigQuery: How Ternary turns customers’ cloud-spending pain into gain - Ternary consolidates billing data from customers’ cloud service providers, ISVs, and other data sources using BigQuery and other Google Cloud services.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Navigating Google Cloud: a decision tree for data & analytics workloads - Introducing a decision tree for data analytics that helps you select the best services in Google Cloud to match your unique workload needs.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud SQL Official Blog

Unlock insights faster from your MySQL data in BigQuery - Unlock insights faster from your MySQL data in BigQuery through Dataflow JDBC Templates.

Official Blog Serverless Spark

Learn how to run Serverless Spark workloads without provisioning and managing clusters - A new interactive tutorial in the Google Cloud console walks you how to start processing your data with Serverless Spark on Google Cloud.

Cloud Dataflow

Why you should use a monorepo to structure your dataflow pipelines - This article explores reasons to use monorepo structure for Dataflow pipelines.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog SAP

Faster retailer success with Google Cloud Shelf Checking AI and Cortex Framework with SAP - Integration between Google Cloud’s Shelf Checking API and SAP ERP systems gives retailers new tools to reduce shelf-outs and stock-outs.

AI NoSQL Official Blog

Build intelligent applications with Neo4j Knowledge Graphs and Google Cloud generative AI - Augment generative AI with Knowledge Graphs for more precise generation of content and recommendations.

Generative AI

A Comprehensive Guide about Google Cloud Generative AI Studio - A comprehensive walkthrough in Google Cloud Generative AI Studio with Python code samples.

Generative AI Machine Learning Vertex AI

A Custom AMA App Using VertexAI - In this blog, we’ll walk through the process of creating a custom search engine using VertexAI, Streamlit and Langchain.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Streamlining ML development with Feast - Feast, which is integrated with Bigtable, ensures that ML models remain portable throughout the model development and deployment process.

Data Science Machine Learning

MLOps With Kubeflow Pipelines (Part 2) - Accelerating Machine Learning Operations with Kubeflow Pipelines.


Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

The Google Cloud Ready - Sustainability Program: One year in - Google Cloud Ready - Sustainability is one year old. Explore how this growing list of partners is accelerating sustainability use cases for customers.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Measuring your sustainability initiative for success - ESG regulation continues to pressure organizations to provide verifiable results to stakeholders. The Google Cloud Ready - Sustainability program helps meet this challenge.

GCP Certification Official Blog

How to grow your multicloud resume as a cloud architect - A new #GCPSketchnote provides an overview of the technologies you should learn to become a multicloud architect.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Kubernetes Podcast - #205 The State of Kubernetes Cost Optimization, with Fernando Rubbo and Kent Hua.

Security Podcast - #131 A Deep Dive into Google's Assured OSS: How Google Secures the Software You Use.


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