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Cloud Armor Official Blog July 19, 2021

Cloud Armor: enhancing security at the edge with Adaptive Protection, expanded coverage scope, and new rules - Cloud Armor gets Adaptive Protection, expanded coverage scope, and new rules.

Cloud Armor Official Blog May 17, 2021

Enhance DDoS protection & get predictable pricing with new Cloud Armor service - Protect yourself with the same technology that has protected Google from some of the largest cyber attacks ever reported.

Apigee Cloud Armor Official Blog March 22, 2021

Multi-layer API security with Apigee and Google Cloud Armor - How Apigee X with Google Cloud Armor provides robust API management and multi-layer security.

Cloud Armor Cloud CDN Cloud Load Balancing Networking Official Blog Sept. 28, 2020

Better together: Google Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud CDN, and Google Cloud Armor - By adding Google Cloud Armor and Cloud CDN to your Global Load Balancer deployment, you can benefit from better security and reduced latency.

Cloud Armor Official Blog July 6, 2020

Google Cloud Armor: Introducing 3 key features to protect your websites and applications - Simplifying the way you can use Cloud Armor to help protect your websites and applications.

Cloud Armor Security June 8, 2020

Security Checkpoints for deploying app on GCP - 7 step security guidelines for the application owners, system administrator, and developers wishing to deploy the application on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Armor Google Kubernetes Engine Security May 18, 2020

Edge Security with Cloud Armor - Tutorial on how to set up Cloud Armor to secure web app on GKE.

Cloud Armor Official Blog May 18, 2020

New WAF capabilities in Cloud Armor for on-prem and cloud workloads - New web application firewall capabilities are now available in Cloud Armor for workloads on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud Armor Google Kubernetes Engine Istio Security Feb. 3, 2020

How-To DDOS protection with Google Cloud Armor for GCP GKE Managed Istio Add-on Service - Setting Cloud Armor on Google Kubernetes Engine for DDOS protection.

Cloud Armor Networking Official Blog Security Dec. 2, 2019

Understanding Google Cloud Armor’s new WAF capabilities - New Google Cloud Armor WAF and telemetry features help to protect you from web-based attacks


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