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Debugging is available in Source Repositories, HTTP Cloud Tasks targets are GA and lots of BigQuery goodies.



Cloud Tasks Official Blog

Announcing HTTP targets for Cloud Tasks, with OAuth/OpenID connect authentication - HTTP targets to Cloud Tasks, an asynchronous task execution service that lets you add a task to a queue via an API is Generally Available.

Cloud Source Repositories DevOps Official Blog

Production debugging comes to Cloud Source Repositories - You can now debug production code running on GCP from within Cloud Source Repositories, using capabilities from Stackdriver Debugger.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog

Cloud Memorystore adds import-export and Redis 4.0 - The new import-export feature is now available in Cloud Memorystore for Redis, letting you move Redis instances into Cloud Storage buckets for application caching.

GCP Certification Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Announcing new GKE architecture specialization—now with one month free access - Google Cloud’s new “Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine Specialization” prepares you to design and build container-based environments.

Business Official Blog Storage

Google to acquire Elastifile - The combination of Elastifile and Google Cloud will help businesses bring traditional workloads into GCP faster and simplify the management and scaling of data and compute intensive workloads.

Official Blog TPU

Cloud TPU Pods break AI training records - Google Cloud sets three new records in the industry-standard ML benchmark contest, MLPerf, with each of the winning runs using less than two minutes of compute time.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Shell

How to run Visual Studio Code in Google Cloud Shell - Running Visual Studio Code in a browser in Cloud Shell.

Cloud Deployment Manager Terraform

Comparing GCP Deployment Manager and Terraform - Experience of using Deployment Manager and Terraform for managing infrastructure on GCP.

App Engine Python

Building React and Django Web Application and Deploy It on Google Cloud - Example of deploying Django & React app to App Engine.

Cloud SQL Monitoring Stackdriver

Monitoring slow queries in MySQL with Stackdriver - This tutorial describes how to log and monitor Cloud SQL for MySQL slow queries using Stackdriver.

Google Kubernetes Engine Istio Stackdriver

Using Stackdriver with Golang on Istio - A simple frontend->backend app that shows almost all the capabilities of Stackdriver as well as certain features of Istio you can immediately use.

Cloud Build Cloud Functions Python

A Journey Into Cloud Functions - Example of use for Cloud Functions.

AI Cloud Functions Official Blog Serverless TensorFlow

How to serve deep learning models using TensorFlow 2.0 with Cloud Functions - Learn how to run inference on Cloud Functions using TensorFlow 2.0.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler

Building a Slack Reminder App - Building and deploying a serverless application that sends messages to Slack by leveraging on Google Cloud Function and Google Cloud Scheduler.

Container Registry Docker Kubernetes Tutorial

Pull Docker Image from GCR (Google Container Registry) in any non-GCP Kubernetes cluster - Step by step tutorial to setup and use Google Container Registry outside of GCP.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Goodbye Hadoop. Building a streaming data processing pipeline on Google Cloud - Qubit discusses how they moved from Apache Hadoop and MapReduce to Google BigQuery, Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub.

BigQuery GCP Experience

Democratizing data analysis with Google BigQuery - Overview of how BigQuery is used in Twitter.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Geolocation with BigQuery: De-identify 76 million IP addresses in 20 seconds - You can use the BigQuery data warehouse to explore large public datasets -- here’s how to de-identify user data for compliance.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science Java

Beast: Moving Data from Kafka to BigQuery - GOJEK’s open source solution for moving data from Kafka to Google BigQuery.


How to create Tables inside Tables using Nested Data Structure and in Google BigQuery - Steps of creating a table inside table using Columnar Storage feature with Nested Data Structures in Google Big Query.


BigQuery in Kaggle — setup for tutorial - Tutorial on how to use BigQuery in Kaggle.


Automating Google BigQuery Jobs with Google Analytics - Using BigQuery automation with Google Analytics data.


On-Premise Database to BigQuery Migration - Process of migrating from on-premise to BigQuery.


Did my query get optimized spatial join? - Checking in BigQuery execution details if GIS query used optimized spatial join or not.


A Journey into BigQuery Fuzzy Matching — 1 of [1, ∞) — Soundex - Implementing Master Data Management system in BigQuery.


Geomancer - Geomancer is a geospatial feature engineering library. It leverages geospatial data such as OpenStreetMap alongside a data warehouse like BigQuery.

Machine Learning Python

Transferring data from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage using Google Colab - Simple and fast transfer of data between Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage without the need to download or upload to your local computer

Data Science DevOps Kubernetes Machine Learning

Automated Model Retraining with Kubeflow Pipelines - How to implement a reproducible ML workflow that adapts to new data

Cloud ML Machine Learning TensorFlow Tutorial

Deploying ML models on Google Machine Learning Engine - Walk through the steps of serving and manually deploying a Tensorflow model to Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Machine Learning TensorFlow Tutorial

How to Train Deep Learning Model on Google Cloud Platform - Tutorial on how to set up VM and run TensorFlow to train an image classifier.

Cloud KMS GCP Experience Security

Digital signatures: how Sleek leverages Cloud HSM to guarantee the integrity of legal documents - How Sleek is digitally signing documents using Cloud KMS and Cloud HSM.

Cloud Spanner GCP Experience Official Blog

Blockchain.com, scaling and saving with Cloud Spanner - Cryptocurrency company Blockchain uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to scale its products and serve millions of users securely.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud Professional Architect - Description of process preparing and taking exam for GCP Certificate.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #185 Scotiabank with Yuri Litvinovich

Kubernetes Podcast - #61 Cloud Native Application Bundles, with Jeremy Rickard and Ralph Squillace


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