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In this issue examples of using Go runtime for Cloud Functions, various ways to set up ML infrastructure and more.



GCP Certification Official Blog

Google Cloud introduces new certifications and training to address the cloud skills crisis - Four new certifications to the Google Cloud Certified portfolio including Cloud Developer, Network Engineer, Security Engineer and G Suite certification.

Java Official Blog

Announcing Spring Cloud GCP 1.1: deepening ties to Pivotal’s Spring Framework - Major GA release Spring Cloud GCP 1.1 with many new integrations, bug fixes, and documentation updates.

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Compute Engine Official Blog Security

Protecting your cloud VMs with Cloud IAP context-aware access controls - Now you can protect your cloud VMs with Cloud IAP context-aware access controls.

Big Data Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Google is named a leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics - Gartner named Google a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA).

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Introducing OpenCue, an open source render manager for media and entertainment - Announcement of OpenCue, an open source, high-performance render manager specifically built for the needs of the visual effects and animation industry.

Data Studio Official Blog

Visualize 2030: meet the winners! - Winners for Visualize 2030, a data storytelling contest.

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog SRE

Do you have an SRE team yet? How to start and assess your journey - The Site Reliability Workbook is available in HTML now!

Kubernetes Networking Official Blog Security

Welcome to the service mesh era: Introducing a new Istio blog post series - A practical blog series on Istio and service mesh.

.NET Cloud KMS Kubernetes

Keeping Secrets in an ASP.NET Kubernetes Application - How to keep secrets of ASP.NET application using Google Cloud Key Management Service.


Kubernetes as an Enterprise Platform - Aspects of considering using Kubernetes for enterprise.

Cloud Bigtable

The Joy and Pain of using Google BigTable - Pros and cons of using Google BigTable.

Cloud Spanner

Spanning The Database World With Google - Interview with Andrew Fikes (Google) about Spanner.

Cloud Build

CI/CD: Google Cloud Build — Pass artifacts between steps - Passing artifacts between build steps using Google Cloud Build.

App Engine Java

How to build actions with Java Client Library on Google AppEngine - How to build actions with the Java/Kotlin Client Library and to deploy them to the Google AppEngine.

App Engine Cloud Identity Aware Proxy

API Authentication with GCP Identity-Aware Proxy - How we can use Cloud IAP to implement authentication and authorization for APIs in GCP.

Cloud Functions Firebase

Firebase & Google Cloud: What’s different with Cloud Functions? - Explanation of Cloud Functions in Firebase on Google Cloud.

Cloud Functions Go

Google Cloud Functions in Go - How to write and deploy 2 types of Google Cloud Functions in Go: HTTP function and background function.

Cloud Functions Go

Dancing gopher with Cloud Functions - Details about the Dancing Gopher factory function.

Cloud Functions Go

Writing Google Cloud Functions in Go - Building and deploying a Google Cloud Function using Go.

Cloud Functions Cloud Storage Javascript

A Cloud Function to automate Google Spreadsheet CSV import - How to write a Cloud Function that reacts to a CSV file upload to a Cloud Storage bucket and then updates one of your spreadsheets with that CSV data using the Google Sheets API.

Compute Engine Container Registry Google Cloud Platform NodeJS

A Clearer Vue in Google Cloud - Deploying a Vue.js application to Google Cloud Platform in a few minutes.


Serverless on Google Cloud Platform: an Introduction with Serverless Store Demo - An Introduction with Serverless Store Demo How-to Guide.

Cloud Functions Stackdriver

GCP Stackdriver Logging export to bucket and extract textPayload from json with Cloud Functions - Using Stackdriver Logging Exclusions and Exports to reduce billing and store permanently logs.


Logging real remote IPs in Tomcat logs with Google Load Balancer - Using Google Load Balancer log real remote IPs in Tomcat logs.

Cloud IoT

Google IoT Core with an ESP32 IoT client, Part 1 Firmware - Connect the Sparkfun ESP32 Thing board to the Google IoT core.

Cloud Functions Cloud IoT

Google IoT Core with an ESP32 IoT client, Part 2 Google Cloud Functions - GCP cloud functions to handle data from IoT devices and work with GCP database solutions.

Apache Beam

Exploring Beam SQL on Google Cloud Platform. - New feature of Beam, and see how it works by using a pipeline to read a data file from GCS.


Google Cloud Platform for Data Scientist and Introduction to Big Query - BigQuery introduction and overview of properties.


JSON parsing error: How to Load JSON into BigQuery Successfully using NDJSON - Load JSON into BigQuery Successfully using Newline delimited JSON.

Cloud ML

How to do Bayesian hyper-parameter tuning on a blackbox model - Optimization of arbitrary functions on Cloud ML Engine.

Kubernetes TensorFlow

Deploy your machine learning models with tensorflow serving and kubernetes - Steps of serving an object detection model with tensorflow and kubernetes.

Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes

Tutorial: Using Kubeflow to train and serve a PyTorch model in Google Cloud Platform - How you can use Kubeflow to train and serve a distributed Machine Learning model with PyTorch on a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

GPU Machine Learning

Getting started with GPU Computing for machine learning - Setting up GPU Computing for machine learning.

CI Compute Engine DevOps GPU Terraform

Seamlessly Integrated Deep Learning Environment with Terraform, Google cloud, Gitlab and Docker - Setting up a GCE Instance with GPUs in an automated way using Terraform and deploy code from Gitlab.

AI Official Blog

Build an AI-powered, customer service virtual agent with Chatbase - Using Chatbase to build AI-powered customer service virtual agent.


Federating Google Cloud Platform with Active Directory - Solution discusses how to extend an existing Active Directory - based management solution to GCP.

Beginner Cloud SDK Tutorial

The gsutil command - Tutorial on what you can do with gsutil command.

DevOps Official Blog Python

Otto Group CLASH: an open-source tool to run bash scripts directly on GCP - CLoud bASH, or CLASH, which takes a bash script as an input and simply runs it inside a cloud environment.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer — Beta challenge - Personal impressions after Professional Cloud Developer exam.

Business GCP Experience Official Blog

BigCommerce transforms the retail experience for more than 60,000 merchants using Google Cloud Platform - BigCommerce modernizing their hosting infrastructure using Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Slides, Videos, Audio


Kubernetes Podcast - #37 - Prometheus and OpenMetrics, with Richard Hartmann

Official Blog Serverless

Tick tock: Register now for our "Better Code, Faster. Let's solve it." online conference - Online conference related to serverless development as well as CI/CD. Videos are on demand.


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