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BigQuery Official Blog

Leveling up your data analysis skills as a student - BigQuery and Data Studio are simple cloud tools for students to learn data analysis skills, and develop insights from public datasets for school and personal projects!

Billing Compute Engine Official Blog

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) with 24/7 support - now available with Committed Use Discounts - SLES Committed Use Discounts (CUDs) are now available on Google Cloud, and can help you save significant costs on your SLES licenses.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog

A new look for the red pin on Maps JavaScript, Android and iOS - We’re bringing the newest version of the pin to the Maps JavaScript API and the Maps SDKs for Android and iOS. Starting next week, the new pin will roll out across all surfaces as the default marker.

Chronicle Official Blog

Announcing curated detections in Chronicle SecOps Suite - Curated detections for Chronicle enables security teams to use Google’s intelligence and expertise in responding to threats and cyberattacks.

Event Official Blog Security

Join us for a show-and-tell edition of Google Cloud Security Talks - Bringing together experts from Google Cloud Security and the industry to share info on our latest security products, innovations, and best practices.

Cloud IoT

The Announcement of Discontinuing Google Cloud IoT Core Service Stirs the Community and Customers - Google announced discontinuing the service - according to the documentation, the company will retire the service on the 16th of August, 2023.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

CISO Official Blog Security

How CISOs need to adapt their mental models for cloud security - CISOs: How well do you speak cloud? Here are 6 tips for adapting your mental models of security.

Cloud Armor Official Blog

How Google Cloud blocked the largest Layer 7 DDoS attack at 46 million rps - By anticipating a DDOS attack, a Google Cloud customer was able to stop it before it took down their site. They just weren’t expecting it to be the biggest known Layer 7 DDOS attack so far, at 46 million rps.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Understanding basic networking in GKE - Networking basics - This blog gives a basic overview of networking in Google Kubernetes Engine. It provides links to detailed info to DNS and GKE, and a git repo for users to gain some hands-on practice.

Official Blog Security

How a Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange can help healthcare prioritize cybersecurity risk - VEX can be a vital factor in the SBOM+SLSA equation to help manage supply chain software vulnerabilities. Here’s why this three-part approach can help make healthcare organizations more secure and resilient in the face of cyberattacks.

CISO Official Blog Security

How autonomic data security can help define cloud’s future - Here’s how Autonomic Data Security can help transform old-world security models to the new world of data in the cloud.

Traffic Director

Traffic Splitting Between AWS and GCP using Traffic Director - Splitting a traffic between AWS and GCP using Cloud Traffic Director.

DevOps GKE Autopilot Kubernetes Terraform

Deploy Active-Active Multi-Region Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform - End to End setup of Multi Region Autopilot Kubernetes Cluster with Application Deployment Example.

Java Skaffold

Building and Deploying Containerized Application to Kubernetes using Jib and Skaffold - This article explains, how to create a Java application using Dropwizard, Gradle, Jib, and Skaffold.

Kubernetes Security

How to Avoid Network Policies Interfering with Workload Identity on the Google Kubernetes Engine

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Active Assist Official Blog

Make the most of your cloud deployment with Active Assist - Learn how Active Assist recommendations and insights can help you make the most of your cloud deployment.


Setup Alert at GCP on Services - This document walks through the process to set up alerts at GCP on services.

Billing Infrastructure

Using Google Services ? Switch to GCP for cost savings and better performance !! - Reducing (networking) costs with changes in architecture.

Cloud IoT IoT

Don’t wait a year. Migrate from Google Cloud IoT Core to Qubitro today. - Google has dropped a bombshell on users of its Google Cloud Platform IoT Core service: it will be discontinued a year from now.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

Best practices of migrating Hive ACID Tables to BigQuery - Do you have lots of Hive ACID tables that you are looking to migrate to Google BigQuery? This blog explores an approach to migrate Hive ACID tables to BigQuery.

BigQuery Official Blog

Controlling your BigQuery costs - Worried about controlling your BigQuery costs across multiple projects? In this blog, you will learn about the different guardrails BigQuery provides to limit costs, and monitor BigQuery consumption.

Airflow BigQuery Cloud Composer

How to use Airflow for Data Engineering pipelines in GCP - Creating a Cloud Composer instance.

BigQuery PubSub

Write Your Messages Directly From Cloud Pub/Sub to BigQuery - Setting Pub/Sub streaming to BigQuery.

BigQuery OpenTelemetry

Export Cloud Trace to BigQuery - Utilizing Cloud Trace export to analyze datapoints in BigQuery.

BigQuery Monitoring Python

How I build a Real-time BigQuery Pipeline for Cost Saving and Capacity Planning - Cost and resource management in BigQuery.

Big Data BigQuery

Google gives BigQuery some new UI Updates - How the new Feature makes work easier for Data Scientists und Engineers.


BigQuery Schema Design - Some thoughts when designing BigQuery table schemas.

Official Blog Vertex AI

Simplify model serving with custom prediction routines on Vertex AI - Learn how to add custom pre and post processing code to models hosted on Vertex AI without building a serving container from scratch.

AI Machine Learning Vertex AI

Serving Machine Learning models with Google Vertex AI - Deploying and serving any kind of machine learning model at any scale.


Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

This engineering manager has spent 15+ years across Google — here’s how she leads through empowerment - Former search ad expert turned Engineering Manager at Google Cloud, Carrie Bell leads multiple teams of highly skilled engineers by unifying them around a common mission, vision, and strategy.

GCP Certification Official Blog

A visual tour of Google Cloud certifications - Interested in becoming Google Cloud certified? Wondering which Google Cloud certification is right for you? We’ve got you covered.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #316 Google Cloud for Higher Education with Laurie White and Aaron Yeats.

Security Podcast - #79 Modernize Data Security with Autonomic Data Security Approach.



Anthos Config Management - 1.12.2. Policy Controller has been updated to include a more recent build of OPA Gatekeeper (hash: 8f1ef8c). Updated the built-in Open Telemetry image to v0.54.0 to include a bug fix for using ADC with Cloud Spanner receiver. Fixed the reconciler Pod CrashLoopBackoff issue caused by the git-sync container starting before the gcenode-askpass-sidecar. Added cluster-autoscaler.kubernetes.io/safe-to-evict: "true" annotation to the reconciler Pod so that it does not block Cluster Autoscaler scale down.

BigQuery - The ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN DDL statement, which allows you to rename the columns of a table, is now in preview. You can now set default values on columns in your BigQuery tables. Cloud console updates: You can now copy BigQuery metadata to your clipboard by using the following options: In the Schema view, to copy a table's schema, select any fields, and then click content_copy Copy. Cloud console updates: Improvements include the following: Query results are now displayed in resizable columns. Workforce identity federation lets you authenticate and authorize users from external identity providers to access supported Google Cloud products, including BigQuery resources. A weekly digest of client library updates from across the Cloud SDK. An issue was identified in the max_staleness materialized view option. BigQuery Omni now supports reservation DDL and access control DCL. Previously, you could commit up to 100 GB in streaming bytes for every Storage Write API pending mode commit that you triggered in regions other than the US and EU multi-regions.

BigTable - You can now use tags to allow or deny security policies on a Cloud Bigtable instance. A weekly digest of client library updates from across the Cloud SDK.

Chronicle - VirusTotal Context Chronicle's integration with VirusTotal enables you to pivot from finding domains linked to an asset in Chronicle to viewing information about that domain from VirusTotal. The following supported default parsers have changed. Chronicle curated detections provide out-of-the-box threat detection content curated, built, and maintained by Google Cloud Threat Intelligence (GCTI) researchers. Feed Management You can now configure new data feeds for your Chronicle account using Feed Management.

Cloud Composer - Cloud Composer 1.19.7 and 2.0.24 release started on August 18, 2022. The apache-airflow-providers-google package was upgraded to 2022.8.16+composer. Cloud Composer 1.19.7 and 2.0.24 images are available: composer-1.19.7-airflow-1.10.15 (default) composer-1.19.7-airflow-2.1.4 composer-1.19.7-airflow-2.2.5 composer-2.0.24-airflow-2.1.4 composer-2.0.24-airflow-2.2.5. Cloud Composer versions 1.16.14 and 1.17.0.preview.10 have reached their end of full support period.

Config Connector - Config Connector version 1.92.0 is now available. Fixed missing Kind field in Go Client ResourceRef struct. Added support for IAMWorkforcePoolProvider resource. Added support for "reconcile resource immediately once its dependency is ready" feature for CloudFunctionsFunction, EventarcTrigger, MonitoringUptimeCheckConfig, ServiceDirectoryEndpoint, ServiceDirectoryService.

Data Fusion - Cloud Data Fusion version 6.7.1 is generally available (GA). Changes in 6.7.1: Enhanced the Dataproc provisioner to prevent unneeded Compute Engine calls, depending on the configuration settings. Fixed in 6.7.1: Fixed an issue that created duplicate entries in the file cache map, which resulted in multiple attempts to delete the same cache file. The SAP Ariba Batch Source plugin is available in Preview.

Cloud Deploy - Google Cloud Deploy now supports Skaffold version 1.39.1, as the default.

Dialogflow - Dialogflow CX and ES have new tutorials that walk through the steps of deploying a Dialogflow agent on Google Cloud, integrating with Cloud Functions, Spanner, and App Engine: Deploy a Dialogflow CX agent on Google Cloud Deploy a Dialogflow ES agent on Google Cloud.

Cloud Networking Products - Health checks for internal load balancers and automatic failovers in Cloud DNS routing policies are now available in Preview. Alias records are available in Preview.

IAM - Workforce identity federation now lets users from external identity providers sign in to the Google Cloud workforce identity federation console, also known as the console (federated).

Networking Interconnect - Dedicated Interconnect support is available in the following colocation facilities: DATA4 Milan-Cornaredo, Milan Telehouse - Paris 2 (Voltaire - Léon Frot), Paris For more information, see the Locations table.

Cloud IoT - Cloud IoT Core will be retired on August 16, 2023.

Google Kubernetes Engine - GKE clusters that run versions 1.22 or later and use Calico Network Policy might experience issues with terminating Pods. (2022-R20) Version updates GKE cluster versions have been updated. The GKE Clusters List page now includes a new Observability tab.

GKE - (2022-R20) Version updates Version 1.22.11-gke.400 is now the default version.

Google Kubernetes Engine Rapid - (2022-R20) Version updates Version 1.24.2-gke.1900 is now the default version in the Rapid channel.

Google Kubernetes Engine Regular - (2022-R20) Version updates Version 1.22.11-gke.400 is now the default version in the Regular channel.

Google Kubernetes Engine Stable - (2022-R20) Version updates Version 1.21.13-gke.900 is now the default version in the Stable channel.

Cloud Logging - Bucket-level log-based metrics are now available in Preview.

Cloud Memorystore - Customer-managed encryption keys are now Generally Available for Memorystore for Redis.

Cloud Monitoring - Cloud Monitoring is introducing pricing for uptime checks, effective October 1, 2022. The GKE Clusters List page now includes a new Observability tab that displays Monitoring data.

Cloud Interconnect - Dedicated Interconnect support is available in the following colocation facilities: DATA4 Milan-Cornaredo, Milan Telehouse - Paris 2 (Voltaire - Léon Frot), Paris For more information, see the Locations table.

Service Mesh - 1.13.x. 1.13.7-asm.0 is now available.

SAP Solutions - Monitoring agent for SAP HANA version 2.5 Version 2.5 of the monitoring agent for SAP HANA is now available.

Cloud Spanner - The DISABLE_INLINE hint is now available to use in a Google Standard SQL function call.

Cloud SQL - By enabling instance deletion protection, you can prevent the accidental removal of Cloud SQL instances.

Transfer Appliance - Edge Appliance is now generally available (GA).

Cloud Translation - For Cloud Translation - Advanced (v3) glossaries, you can now manage glossary entries.


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