Welcome to issue #222 December 28th, 2020

As 2020 is coming to the end, it's time to take a look back and see what's has been accomplished, few articles in this issue are focused on that. 



Official Blog Stackdriver

Introducing Monitoring Query Language, now GA in Cloud Monitoring - The new Monitoring Query Language, or MQL, is a powerful tool for manipulating metrics gathered in Cloud Monitoring.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

You asked, we listened—more productivity features to close out Spanner’s year - From the official Google Cloud blog: see how cloud database Spanner helps developer productivity with new check constraints, generated columns, and NUMERIC data type.

Infrastructure Official Blog

Expanding our global footprint with new cloud regions - Google Cloud is expanding its global network with new regions in South America, Europe, and Asia.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Cloud KMS Official Blog Security

Unlocking the mystery of stronger security key management - A common data security mistake involves encrypting data but failing to secure the encryption key. This post examines common risks and architectures and approaches in the cloud to mitigate them.

Cloud Load Balancing DevOps Kubernetes

GCP Internal Network LBs , How magical? - If you ever decide to tcpdump on a node behind a GCP internal Loadbalancer you will be surprised to see that the packets aren’t destined to the interface ip on your VM.

Google Kubernetes Engine Istio Monitoring

Istio in GKE [Part 4] Distributed Tracing using Jaeger [Basic] - Distributed tracing with Jaeger and Istio in GKE.

Cloud Logging Cloud Monitoring Stackdriver

Using log based metrics to send alerts in GCP - The article describes an alerting solution based on metrics.

Cloud Load Balancing Networking

Preserving Client IPs through Google Cloud’s global TCP and SSL Proxy Load Balancers - A step-by-step tutorial on how to configure Load Balancers with a configuration that preserves a client’s IP address in the TCP payload.

Google Kubernetes Engine Istio Kubernetes

GKE Workload Identity with Istio - Setting Workload Identity for Istio on GKE.

Cloud Build Terraform

Terraform plan in Pull Requests with GCP Cloud Build - Run terraform plan and submit comments to your Github Pull Requests via Google Cloud Build.

HPC Official Blog

Scale your EDA flows: How Google Cloud enables faster verification - Google Cloud compute infrastructure can speed up HPC workloads such as EDA.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

NodeJS Official Blog Serverless

Tips for writing and deploying Node.js apps on Cloud Functions - Follow these tips for writing performant, observable, Node.js applications that run on Cloud Functions.

Official Blog Serverless

2020 review: How serverless solutions helped customers thrive in uncertainty - In a year like no other, Google Cloud’s serverless and application development services helped businesses innovate and respond to challenges.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Memorystore Cloud SQL Official Blog

2020: The year in databases at Google Cloud - Check out the top new features from Google Cloud managed databases in 2020 across open source and cloud-native.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Application rationalization: Why you need to take this first step in your migration journey - The application rationalization process is a critical starting point for cloud migration. In this post, we explore what it is, why it’s needed, and how to implement it.

Serverless Workflows

Days #11 with Cloud Workflows: sleeping in a workflow - Using sleep functionality in Workflows.

Serverless Workflows

Day #12 with Cloud Workflows: loops and iterations - Creating loops and iterations over the element of an array to call an API several times but with different arguments in Cloud Workflows.

AI Jupyter Notebook Windows

Take Full Control of AI Notebook Instance on GCP via Putty - Access GCP VM instance via Putty for cloud computing.

Firebase Javascript Serverless

State of Firebase (late 2020) - Official Firebase & Community Updates!

Cloud Bigtable GCP Experience Official Blog

Managed cloud databases bring speed, scale and new features for ecobee customers - See how smart home company ecobee migrated database workloads to Bigtable to add performance and scale and save costs.

Official Blog

Google Cloud’s no-code year in review - How Google Cloud’s AppSheet continued to push the boundaries of no-code app development in 2020.

Cloud Firestore Firebase GIS

Geo queries with Firestore - This guide describes how to do Geo queries in Firestore.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

In case you missed it: here’s what happened in data analytics in 2020 - From the official Google Cloud blog: here’s what was new and exciting in cloud data analytics in 2020, including multicloud querying, BI, AI and ML, and more.

Data Analytics Official Blog

A revolution is coming for data and the cloud: 6 predictions for 2021 - Check out the 6 predictions on what to look for in data analytics in 2021 and beyond, including multicloud, data sovereignty, cloud data lakes, and more.

BigQuery Data Analytics

Some query samples to interpret Google Analytics data using Bigquery - Sample queries for Google Analytics data in BigQuery.

AI Platform Notebooks

Julia with AI Platform notebooks - Setting up Julia in an already provisioned AI platform notebook.

AI Platform Notebooks Beginner Data Science Jupyter Notebook

How To Use Google AI Platform Notebooks For Your Data Science Team - Getting started with Google AI Platform Notebooks.

Cloud Functions Machine Learning Python TensorFlow

Machine Learning in Production - Serving Tensorflow model via Cloud Functions.

API BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Python Tutorial

Scheduling Cloud Functions to Update BigQuery - The is a bare bones tutorial focused on quickly setting up Cloud Scheduler -> Cloud Function -> BigQuery.

AI Platform AI Platform Notebooks Jupyter Notebook Python

AI Platform Notebooks “headless” training - This article focuses on two approaches to running your training in a headless manner.


Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Top 9 posts from Google Cloud in 2020 - In 2020, Google Cloud launched Workspace, added new features to Meet, offered free learning resources, launched public datasets, and lots more. See what you missed.

DevOps GCP Certification

How to pass the Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification - Learn how to pass the Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification leveraging only free resources.


BigQuery - BigQuery standard SQL now supports the BigNumeric data type for high-precision computations.

Cloud Filestore - IP-based access control is now generally available.

Cloud SQL Postgres - IAM database authentication for Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL is now generally available.


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