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The Advent of code started, you can check in this issue which GCP products were used to implement challenges. Besides that Data Fusion is GA, new goodies for Cloud Run, etc.



Data Analytics Official Blog

Announcing the GA of Data Fusion, the bridge to data analytics - Cloud Data Fusion is a data integration and ingestion service that lets you build ETL and ELT pipelines.

Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless

Expanding the serverless ecosystem for Cloud Run - You can use third-party security, CI/CD and observability tools in your Cloud Run serverless environment.

Official Blog

Google Cloud Platform is now FedRAMP High authorized - New FedRAMP High authorization status comes to 17 Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products for public sector agencies in state, local and federal government.

Official Blog Storage

Gartner names Google Cloud a Leader in Operational Database Management Systems - Google Cloud has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for OPDBMS, operational database management systems.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Official Blog Security Terraform

Protecting your GCP infrastructure with Forseti Config Validator part four: Using Terraform Validator - Learn how to use Forseti Config Validator with Terraform Validator.

Official Blog VPC Service Controls

Unique Identifier helps troubleshooting VPC Service Controls perimeter - VPC Service Controls Unique Identifier helps communicate, debug, and resolve VPC Service Controls issues with minimal effort

Monitoring Official Blog Stackdriver

5 favorite tools for improved log analytics - Tips for cloud logging analytics in Google Cloud.

Billing Networking Official Blog

Networking cost optimization best practices: an overview - An overview of how to manage Google Cloud networking costs.

DevOps Official Blog SRE

Shrinking the time to mitigate production incidents - CRE life lessons - See how you can use SRE and CRE principles and tests from Google, including Wheel of Misfortune and DiRT, to reduce the time needed to mitigate production incidents.

Billing Compute Engine

GCP announces - No more free external IPs. Estimate your future costs. - A script to calculate the total price for external IPv4 addresses based on pricing from January 1st, 2020.

GCP Experience Infrastructure Terraform

Network Infrastructure At O’Reilly - Experience of migrating O'Reilly's infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform.

AWS DevOps Infrastructure

How To Create A GKE Cluster using AWS CloudFormation - Using CloudFormation to create resources in Google Cloud.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

SSL redirect in GCE Load Balancer for Ghost or other app - An example of a configuration of SSL redirect for Ghost Blog App in k8s cluster with GCE L7 Load Balancer.

Cloud Functions Google Kubernetes Engine

Calling an internal GKE service from Cloud Functions - Making requests from Cloud Function to internal service on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Compute Engine Infrastructure

Solution: Mass VM migrations to GCP with Migrate for Compute Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine Security

Solution: Implementing Binary Authorization using Cloud Build and GKE


Transfer Service for on-premises data Overview - Transfer Service for on-premises data is a software service that enables you to transfer large amounts of data from your data center to a Cloud Storage bucket. It is well suited for customers that are moving billions of files and 100s of TB of data in a single transfer. It can scale to network connections in the 10s of Gbps.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

App Engine Cloud Functions Cloud Run NodeJS Translation API

Portable code migrating across Google Cloud's serverless platforms - Deploying function written in NodeJS to various serverless products on GCP.

Cloud Functions Cloud Tasks

Google Cloud Task queues on GCP with Google Cloud Functions - The article describes how to set up Cloud Task queues on Google Cloud Platform using Cloud functions.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions Firebase

How to schedule a Cloud Function to run in the future (in order to build a Firestore document TTL) - Periodic polling doesn’t always cut it, but Cloud Tasks is exactly the tool needed for the job.

Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Compute Engine

Reducing the Cost of my Developer Workstation with Cloud Functions and Pub/Sub - Scheduling start of VM with Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions Python Serverless

Using system packages and custom binaries in Google Cloud Functions. - Examples of using system packages and custom binaries in Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Run

Dynamic nginx config on Cloud Run - Using Cloud Run as reverse proxy.

Cloud Run Java

Efficient Java Development Life Cycle for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Containers Using Eclipse - Improving development life cycle for Java-based containers before deploying on Google Cloud Platform.

DevOps Javascript Stackdriver

Collecting browser console logs in Stackdriver - This post explains how to improve the supportability of your browser JavaScript by exporting browser console logs to a central location in Google Stackdriver Logging.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

Simplified data transformations for machine learning in BigQuery - New features in BigQuery ML do the work of cleansing data, with data transformation and preprocessing now available to help you build models faster.

Apache Beam Python

Advent of Code 2019 in Apache Beam - Solutions to the Advent of Code challenge in Python using Apache Beam.

Big Data GCP Experience

Democratizing Dataproc — dunnhumby’s journey on Google Cloud Platform - Experience of using Cloud Dataproc on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Dataproc

Efficiently managing Dataproc cluster - Creating and stoping Dataproc cluster triggered by a new file in Cloud Storage.

Cloud AutoML Official Blog

Better bandit building: Advanced personalization the easy way with AutoML Tables - Contextual bandits: what is it, how businesses can apply it, and how to use AutoML to implement it.

BigQuery Data Science

Advent of code: SQL + BigQuery - Solving the Advent of Code challenges with SQL and BigQuery.

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Avoid Late Meetings— a toy project on GCP - Using products on Google Cloud to implement ML model of predicting airplanes arrival.

Cloud Data Fusion

Cloud Data Fusion, a game-changer for GCP - A brief overview of Cloud Data Fusion.


Firebase GCP Experience Official Blog

How DealCheck is Using Firebase to Make Real Estate Investing Easier for Everyone - Example of using Firebase to create a real estate app.

Google Cloud Platform

The Speed Read with Quentin Hardy: Year in review - At the end of the year, we take stock of the past 12 months, and look to what the coming year will bring. For cloud computing, that means more, sliced even finer.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #206 ML/AI with Zack Akil

Kubernetes Podcast - #82 Chaos Engineering, with Ana Margarita Medina



BigQuery ML - You can now use KMEANS++ to initialize the clusters of a k-means model.

Cloud Bigtable - The Ruby client library for Cloud Bigtable is now generally available.

Billing - The Cloud Billing reports now support filtering and grouping costs by User Labels.

Dialogflow - You can now use Mutual TLS authentication to ensure that webhook traffic is both secure and trusted. The Cortana exporter has been removed from the console.

Kubernetes Engine - The December 4, 2019 rollout is paused. We have fixed an issue with cluster upgrade from a version earlier than 1.14.2-gke.10 when gVisor is enabled in the cluster. The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in master upgrades and node upgrades for existing clusters. v1.12.xNo new v1.12.x versions this week.

AI Platform - You cannot enable request-response logging for AI Platform Prediction when you create a model version.

Stackdriver - Stackdriver Monitoring in the Cloud Console is in beta release.

Cloud Talent Solution - CTS has launched a new dashboard management tool. JS has improved the algorithm for better street resolution coverage.

TPU - Cloud TPU v2 and v3 Pods are now Generally Available for TensorFlow version 1.x.

VPC Service Controls - Unique identifier for VPC Service Controls access errors.


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