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App Engine Official Blog Serverless

Updating App Engine with more new runtimes: Nodejs 12, Go 1.13, PHP 7.3 and Python 3.8 - App Engine now offers runtimes for Java 11, Python 3.8, PHP 7.3, Go 1.13 and Nodejs 12.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Official Blog Python

Introducing Python 3, Python streaming support from Cloud Dataflow - Python 3, support for Python streaming is now available for data processing with Cloud Dataflow.

DevOps Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes development, simplified—Skaffold is now GA - Skaffold, a build and deploy automation tool for Kubernetes applications, is generally available.

Cloud AutoML Official Blog Translation API

Get the word out: AutoML Translation goes GA, plus updates to Translation API - The general availability of AutoML Translation and updates to our Translation API help businesses use machine learning to help them translate faster and more efficiently than ever.

Cloud AutoML Kaggle Machine Learning Official Blog

Bringing Google AutoML to 3.5 million data scientists on Kaggle - Google AutoML now available to 3.5 million data scientists on Kaggle.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Command and control now easier in BigQuery with scripting and stored procedures - Scripting and stored procedures are now available in BigQuery to make queries and tasks easier to execute.

Cloud Firestore Official Blog

Cloud Firestore Now Supports IN Queries! - With the "in query", you can query a specific field for multiple values (up to 10) in a single query.

AI Official Blog TPU

Cloud TPU breaks scalability records for AI Inference - Results from the MLPerf Inference benchmark demonstrate that Cloud TPU inference meets critical needs of ML customers: developer velocity, scalability, and elasticity.

AI Cloud AutoML Official Blog

ShapeMask: High-performance, large-scale instance segmentation with Cloud TPUs - New ML model ShapeMask, run on Cloud TPUs can help you build highly-scalable cutting-edge instance segmentation applications.

Business Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Partnering with Nutanix to run Windows and Linux desktop apps on GCP - Nutanix Xi Frame now runs on Google Cloud, enabling Window and Linux virtual desktops

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

CI DevOps Kubernetes

E2E Kubernetes CI/CD with Google Cloud Build - An architecture of CI/CD pipeline for deploying a Kubernetes application.

Cloud Deployment Manager Kubernetes

Managing Kubernetes CustomResourceDefinitions with Google Deployment Manager - Defining and using Custom Resource Definitions in GKE using Deployment Manager.

Networking Security Virtual Private Cloud

Centralize control with Shared VPC - As your cloud application scales, you’ll eventually face a network admin’s daily struggle: how do I maintain tight control over network without being a roadblock to teams? You can with Shared VPC.


Warm Disaster recovery on Google Cloud for applications running on-premises - The article explains Warm Disaster Recovery pattern.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Serverless

Opening the door to more dev tools for Cloud Spanner - Learn how to integrate a graphical database development tool with cloud databases like Cloud Spanner with the JDBC driver.

App Engine Cloud Functions Cloud Run Serverless

Reach Oracle DB in serverless guillaume blaquiere - Examples of connecting to Oracle Database from various GCP serverless products.

Cloud Run gRPC Serverless

gRPC Authentication with Cloud Run - or “how to secure and access your Serverless gRPC app on Cloud Run”

Cloud Functions Monitoring Serverless Stackdriver

Serverless Computing Made Easy - Triggering Cloud Functions based on Stackdriver logs.

Cloud Functions Cloud Tasks Google Maps Platform

How I Found the Best Pizza Restaurant - Using Cloud Tasks to scale requests to Google Maps API.

AI Cloud Vision API Dialogflow Machine Learning Tutorial

Add Image Recognition to your Chatbot with Google Dialogflow and Vision API - The tutorial goes through integrating Dialogflow with Vision API to provide rich and dynamic ML-based responses to user-provided image inputs.

Cloud Firestore Firebase Security

Patterns for security with Firebase: combine rules with Cloud Functions for more flexibility - Can’t do what you want in security rules? Use Cloud Functions to implement that logic instead, with the help of rules for user validation.

API Cloud Vision API Python

GCP Goodies Part 10— Measuring happiness with Google Cloud Vision API - An attempt to measure happiness in a fully-remote company using Google Cloud Platform and the Selenium Python script.

Cloud Storage

Implementing HIPAA Compliant Secure File Transfer Service on Google Cloud Platform - An architecture of HIPAA SFTP service on GCP.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler NodeJS Serverless

End to end serverless data pipeline on Google Cloud - Scheduled serverless data pipeline that gets data from OpenWeatherMap and stores it into BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Studio

“OK Boomer” escalated quickly — a reddit+BigQuery report - Analyzing Reddit posts with BigQuery and visualizing in Data Studio.

BigQuery Data Science

Anomaly Detection With SQL - Demonstrating SQL anomaly detection on a public dataset in BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Analytics

Analysis of Google Political Ads using BigQuery - Analyzing Google Political Ads public data source in BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Science Machine Learning

ML Design Pattern #5: Repeatable sampling - Use a well-distributed column to split your data into a train/valid/test.

Cloud AutoML Machine Learning Translation API

Improving Machine Translation with the Google Translation API Advanced - Using AutoML to improve translation in Translation API.


Cloud Healthcare Official Blog

Prescriptions for healthcare data management systems on GCP - A look at GCP tools for working in the healthcare space, and the solution docs available for both the tools and the unique concerns of healthcare organizations.

GCP Certification

How I could achieve the Google Cloud Certification Challenge? - A story about preparing and passing Associate Cloud Engineer.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #202 Supersolid with Kami May

Kubernetes Podcast - #78 KUDO, with Gerred Dillon

Going Native: Serverless CI/CD on Google Cloud Platform



Cloud Bigtable - Cloud Bigtable is now available in the europe-west3 (Frankfurt) region.

Cloud Firestore - Cloud Firestore now supports the in and array-contains-any query operators.

Running Anthos on-premises - GKE On-Prem's configuration file has a field, vcenter.datadisk, which looks for a path to a virtual machine disk (VMDK) file.

Kubernetes Engine - GKE cluster versions have been updated as detailed in the following sections. Masters and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded: Rollouts are phased across multiple weeks, to ensure cluster and fleet stability. The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in master upgrades and node upgrades for existing clusters. v1.12.xv1.12.10-gke.17 This release includes a patch for the golang vulnerability CVE-2019-17596, fixed in go-boringcrypto 1.13.1 and 1.12.11. We have found an issue in COS that might cause kernel panics on nodes. Surge upgrades are now in beta. Node auto-provisioning has reached General Availability.

Kubernetes Engine - GKE 1.15.4-gke.18 (alpha) is now available for testing and validation in the Rapid release channel. This release includes a patch for the golang vulnerability CVE-2019-17596, fixed in go-boringcrypto 1.13.1 and 1.12.11.

Kubernetes Engine - v1.14.8-gke.2 is now available in the Regular release channel. This release includes a patch for the golang vulnerability CVE-2019-17596, fixed in go-boringcrypto 1.13.1 and 1.12.11.

Cloud Storage - The name of the Bucket Policy Only feature is now changed to uniform bucket-level access.

Cloud Translation - Cloud Translation v3, rebranded as Translation API - Advanced, is now generally available. Translation API - Advanced has a revised pricing structure.


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