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After NodeJS and Python, Go is officially third language supported on Cloud Functions.



Cloud Functions Go

Get Go-ing with Cloud Functions: Go 1.11 is now a supported language - Announcement about support for Go on Cloud Functions.

BigQuery Official Blog

Connecting BigQuery and Google Sheets to help with hefty data analysis - The Sheets data connector for BigQuery will be generally available to G Suite Business, Enterprise and Education customers in the coming weeks.

Cloud IoT

Check up on your remote fleet: Cloud IoT now makes Device Activity Logging generally available - Cloud IoT now makes Device Activity Logging generally available.

GPU Official Blog

NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs now available in beta - T4 GPU instances are now available publicly in beta in Brazil, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Tokyo, and the United States.

Machine Learning Official Blog

Introducing Feast: an open source feature store for machine learning - Announcement of the release of Feast, an open source feature store that allows teams to manage, store, and discover features for use in machine learning projects.

Articles, Tutorials

DevOps Official Blog SRE

Canary analysis: Lessons learned and best practices from Google and Waze - How Waze is using Spinnaker (continuous delivery system) to do canary deployments.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Automating Multi-Environment Kubernetes Virtual Clusters with Google Cloud DNS, Auth0, and Istio 1.0 - Using Google Cloud DNS, Auth0, and Istio 1.0 in with different clusters via Kubernetes Namespaces.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploy Microsoft SQL Server on Google Kubernetes Engine - Deploying Microsoft SQL Server on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes NodeJS

Building your very own Service Mesh - How to build your very own Service Mesh.


Exploring Upgrade Strategies for Stateful Sets in Kubernetes - Differences between blue-green deployment and rolling update strategies.

Compute Engine

Overview of Elastigroup for Google Cloud - How Elastigroup works with Google Cloud.

DevOps Official Blog

Guide: Creating custom base images for GCP with Jenkins and Packer - How to set up the Jenkins job and Packer script to create custom base images that you can use in GCP.

Cloud Build

CI/CD: Google Cloud Build — Regex Build Triggers - Creating build triggers using regex on Google Cloud Build.

Cloud Bigtable

The right Cloud Bigtable index makes all the difference. - Design Cloud Bigtable index for better performance.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog

Building Google's Game of the Year with Cloud Text-to-Speech and App Engine - Google's Game of the Year with Cloud Text-to-Speech, WaveNet and SSML.

AI Business Cloud Functions Cloud Natural Language API Data Loss Prevention API Dialogflow Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog PubSub

A simple blueprint for building AI-powered customer service on GCP - an overview of a simple solution blueprint that may inspire you to meet these objectives using GCP.


Simple, Extensible, Performant, Low Cost Web Serving using Firebase Hosting - Low Cost Web Serving using Firebase Hosting.

Cloud Functions Go

Image Resizing with Go and Cloud Functions - Build a basic Image Resizer in pure Go and and Cloud Functions.

App Engine Cloud Functions Compute Engine

How I ended up with a more controlled solution by eliminating Google Cloud Functions & using an extra layer of messaging queue for Video Analytics - Insight into project kind of Video Library where admins should be able to upload videos and the end users should be able to search inside the transcriptions of the videos.

Cloud IoT

Cloud IoT step-by-step: Cloud to device communication - Using Cloud IOT to send messages down to your device.

Cloud Pub/Sub Java Tutorial

Creating Google Cloud Pub/Sub publishers and subscribers with Spring Cloud GCP — Part 1: Setup - How to use Spring Cloud GCP to develop fast and simple Cloud Pub/Sub publishers and subscribers using Spring Cloud GCP.

Cloud Pub/Sub Java Tutorial

Creating Google Cloud Pub/Sub publishers and subscribers with Spring Cloud GCP — Part 2: Implementation - How to use Spring Cloud GCP to implement Pub/Sub publishers and subscribers that help us develop cool message-driven micro-services.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Towards a Multi-Cloud Serverless Data Warehouse - Using GCP’s Cloud Dataflow and BigQuery services.

BigQuery Python

Managing BigQuery field descriptions — bq-utils 0.1.0 - A small Python library that helps you with copying and uploading your BigQuery field descriptions.

App Engine BigQuery Cloud ML Machine Learning TensorFlow

Building Token Recommender in Google Cloud Platform - ERC20 token recommendation system based on collaborative filtering and data from public Ethereum dataset in BigQuery using products on GCP.

Cloud Vision API

Image Sentiment & Label Analysis using Google Vision API - Using Google Vision API to do Image Sentiment & Label Analysis.

Cloud Functions Go TensorFlow

Google Cloud Functions Now Runs Go — What About TensorFlow? - Explore ways to run TensorFlow via cloud functions using Go runtime.

Official Blog TPU

Getting started with Cloud TPUs: An overview of online resources - An overview of online resources about TPUs.

GPU Official Blog TensorFlow Tutorial

Running TensorFlow inference workloads at scale with TensorRT 5 and NVIDIA T4 GPUs - How to run deep learning inference on large-scale workloads with NVIDIA TensorRT 5 running on Compute Engine VMs configured with our Cloud Deep Learning VM image and NVIDIA T4 GPUs.

IAM Security

What is BeyondCorp? What is Identity-Aware Proxy? - Overview of how Google is providing access to it's employees and how it can be used on GCP.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud — Data Engineer Exam Study Guide - Personal notes about GCP products used for study for Google Cloud Data engineer exam.

Business GCP Experience Official Blog

How retailers like Ulta and DSW are improving customer experiences using Google Cloud - Three major ways retailers take advantage of the cloud.

Slides, Videos, Audio


Kubernetes Podcast - #036 Rook, with Jared Watts

Google Cloud Platform

Introducing GCP Essentials, a new video series - New video series on YouTube — GCP Essentials.


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