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Batch Machine Learning Feb. 27, 2023

Creating a long running job in GCP’s new Batch service - Example of using Cloud Batch for long running jobs.

Batch Official Blog Feb. 13, 2023

Running Batch with Nvidia Clara Parabricks - If you want to process large scale data with Nvidia Clara Parabricks software, Batch is the solution for HPC computation / genomic processing on the Google Cloud Platform. No need to maintain a scheduler, no complicated architecture, auto scaling without any infrastructure setup process.

Batch Jan. 9, 2023

How to run Nextflow in GCP using Cloud Batch? - Learn how to run reproducible data processing pipelines with Nextflow on Google Cloud using Cloud Batch.

Batch Life Sciences Aug. 1, 2022

Running Nextflow on Google Batch - Using Batch to analyze RNA sequencing data.

Batch HPC Official Blog July 18, 2022

Introducing Batch, a new managed service for scheduling batch jobs at any scale - The new Batch managed service manages job queues, provisions and autoscales resources, runs jobs, executes subtasks, and deals with common errors.


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