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With Google Cloud Next '22 behind us, in "all 123 things announced" article is the gist or you can read more detailed/in-depth overviews in subsequent articles.



Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

All 123 things we announced at Google Cloud Next ‘22 - Over the course of 24 hours and across five countries, we made over 120 announcements at Google Cloud Next ‘22.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

What’s next for digital transformation in the cloud - Google Cloud ’Next 22 is here! Check out the official kickoff blog and hear from our CEO, Thomas Kurian, on new customer wins, partnerships, and product innovations.

Official Blog Security

At Next ’22, introducing new capabilities for secure transformations - We’re introducing at Next new security products, partnerships, and solutions across security analytics, anti-fraud measures, device security, Zero Trust, and open source software.

Infrastructure Official Blog

New cloud regions coming to a country near you - Google Cloud regions are coming to Austria, Greece, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden.

AI Compute Engine HPC Networking Official Blog TPU

Google Cloud infrastructure enhancements tailored for your workloads

Compute Engine HPC Official Blog

The next wave of Google Cloud infrastructure innovation: New C3 VM and Hyperdisk - C3 machines available in Private Preview, are the first VMs in the public cloud with the Intel Sapphire Rapids processor and with Google’s custom Intel IPU.

Official Blog Security

Introducing Software Delivery Shield for end-to-end software supply chain security - Software Delivery Shield, a software supply chain security solution, can enhance the security posture along the supply chain from dev to production.

Chronicle Official Blog Security

Introducing Chronicle Security Operations: Detect, investigate, and respond to cyberthreats with the speed, scale, and intelligence of Google - We are excited to unveil Chronicle Security Operations, a modern, cloud-native suite that can better enables cybersecurity teams to detect, investigate, and respond to threats.

Confidential Computing Official Blog

Introducing Confidential Space to help unlock the value of secure data collaboration - Our new Confidential Space allows multiple parties to securely collaborate, boosted by a trust guarantee that their data stays protected from their partners and their cloud service provider.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Building the most open data cloud ecosystem: Unifying data across multiple sources and platforms - A robust Data Cloud ecosystem lets you use all your data, from all sources, in all storage formats and styles of analysis, across all cloud providers.

Data Analytics Looker Official Blog

Introducing the next evolution of Looker, your unified business intelligence platform - Presenting the future of business intelligence: Looker, which now has deep integration with Data Studio and Google’s top products in AI/ML, productivity and more.

Official Blog Workspace

Building the most open and extensible platform for hybrid work - Google Workspace is launching 3rd party smart chips in Docs plus new integrations and APIs for Meet, Chat and Spaces for using 3rd party apps in GWS.

AlloyDB Cloud Bigtable Cloud Firestore Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Official Blog

What's new in Google Cloud databases: More unified. More open. More intelligent. - Google Cloud databases deliver an integrated experience, support legacy migrations, leverage AI and ML and provide developers world class tools.

Networking Official Blog

20+ Cloud Networking innovations unveiled at Google Cloud Next - Updates to the Google Cloud Networking portfolio center on content delivery, migrations, security, and observability, to name a few.

AI Data Analytics Official Blog

New AI agents can drive business results faster: Translation Hub, Document AI, and Contact Center AI - Google Cloud announces new AI agents — Translation Hub, Document AI Workbench and Document AI Warehouse — and continues to update Contact Center AI.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog

Open source collaborations and key partnerships to help accelerate AI innovation - Google Cloud accelerates AI and ML innovation with open source initiatives and new partnerships.

Official Blog Workspace

Introducing innovations in Google Workspace to help your organization thrive in hybrid work - Release of new products and features that make it easier for hybrid workers to connect, create, and collaborate from anywhere.

GCP Certification Official Blog

Developers - Build, learn, and grow your career faster with Google Cloud - New developer benefits through the Google Cloud Skills Boost annual subscription include Google Cloud credits, a certification voucher, and live learning events.

Official Blog Public Sector

Advancing digital sovereignty on Europe's terms - Here’s Google Cloud’s portfolio of solutions to help customers address their digital sovereignty concerns.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Official Blog Security

Google Cloud Next for security: 6 essential sessions - These 6 breakout sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘22 will bring security experts up to speed on Mandiant, supply chains, cloud infrastructure, and more.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

Considerations for Hardening your GKE, a workload perceptive - The following are specific recommendations to harden your cluster from a security perspective.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Production grade GKE network deployment, in 3 easy steps. - Networking is a central part of Kubernetes, but it can be challenging to understand exactly how it is expected to work given the provider’s….

API Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

Microservices Authentication Using Ambassador API Gateway on GKE - This article is based on how to secure Microservices on GKE using Ambassador Edge Stack API Gateway Authentication.

CI Cloud Build DevOps Gitlab Google Kubernetes Engine

Integrating Gitlab repository with Cloud Build Triggers via webhook and creating CI/CD pipelines with GKE - Building the code from GitLab repository and deploying our code to GKE by integrating it with Cloud Build.

CI Cloud Build Cloud Source Repositories DevOps Gitlab Google Kubernetes Engine

Mirroring CSR and Gitlab Repository to Create Cloud Build Triggers and automate the CICD pipelines with GKE - Creating CI/CD pipelines with Cloud Build Triggers for Gitlab as a source repository.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Run NoSQL Official Blog Serverless Terraform

Save time deploying web applications using MongoDB and Cloud Run - Using Google-provided Terraform scripts, automatically deploy a preconfigured Cloud Run container and managed MongoDB Atlas database instance.

Cloud Run NoSQL Official Blog Terraform

Easy Deployment of MEAN stack w/ MongoDB Atlas, Cloud Run, and HashiCorp Terraform - See how Google Cloud and MongoDB are making it easier to deploy MEAN stack applications in a fully serverless way.

API Gateway

How to use JSON Web Tokens for service-to-service authentication - Use JSON Web Token to creating encrypted data in a format that can be securely sent between endpoints on the web.


Workflows that pause and wait for human approvals from Google Sheets - I’ve been writing a series of posts to showcase Google Workspace and Google Cloud Workflows integration.

Firebase GCP Experience

We're moving on from Firebase - Reflections on using Firebase.

Cloud IoT IoT

Configuration and State in Google Cloud IoT Core - How to operate devices online and offline in IoT Core.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

Google Cloud Next for data professionals: analytics, databases and business intelligence - Here are just a few of the breakout sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘22 about what’s new in data analytics, databases and business intelligence.

GCP Experience Official Blog

The future of sustainable flying is data-driven for Lufthansa Group - On Google Cloud, Lufthansa has reduced CO2 through efficient aircraft deployment, AI-enabled scenario planning, and visibility into weather patterns.

AI Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog

Google Cloud Next: top AI and ML sessions - Join us at Google Cloud Next ‘22 for our latest AI and ML announcements and insights.

Timeseries Insights

Perform real time anomaly detection using Google Cloud’s Timeseries Insights API — Part II - Overview of an easy to use API to scale billions of timeseries with low latency anomaly detection and forecasting.

BigQuery Cloud Dataproc Jupyter Notebook

Delta tables with Dataproc, Jupyter (and BigQuery) - Loading data from Delta tables to BigQuery in Dataproc.

BigQuery Dataform

Building data pipelines in Google BigQuery with Dataform - An overview of Dataform with a simple demonstration.


Project Overview in BigQuery with Dynamic SQL - How to easily identify obsolete tables within your project in BigQuery? Answer: Dynamic SQL!


BigQuery SQL Optimization 2: WITH Temp Tables to Fast Results - When to use Temporary Tables instead of WITH.


Azure Business Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Overtakes Microsoft as Innovation Leader in the Cloud - Keenly focused on where business in the cloud is going rather than where it’s been, Google Cloud is leveraging its own data-centric organic innovation plus a rapidly expanding portfolio of partnerships to overtake Microsoft as the innovation leader in the cloud.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #323 Next 2022 with Forrest Brazeal and Stephanie Wong.

Kubernetes Podcast - #192 Looking Forward and Back, with Adam Glick.

Security Podcast - #90 Next Special - Google Cybersecurity Action Team: One Year Later!

GCP Life Podcast - #25 - “It could be very intimidating!” – In this episode we discuss; Dora Report, CI/CD & Security, CPU Boost, Dell PowerScale, Ambient Mesh, 5 Reason for IoT, What is Devops?



Anthos clusters on VMware - Anthos clusters on VMware 1.11.4-gke.32 is now available. Fixed the gkectl prepare panic issue caused by the wrong permission setting on the private registry certificate directory. The Connect Agent version used in Anthos clusters on VMware versions 1.8 and earlier is no longer supported. If you use gcloud anthos version 1.4.2, and authenticate an Anthos cluster on VMware with gcloud anthos auth, the command fails with the following error: Decryption failed, no keys in the current key set could decrypt the payload.

Artifact Registry - When users enable the Container Scanning API and push container images to Artifact Registry, automatic container scanning now generates metadata including a software bill of materials (SBOM) dependency list.

Batch - Samples in Java, Node.js, and Python are available for Batch. Batch is generally available (GA).

BigQuery - The reporting process for the tabledata.list bytes per minute quota has been updated to more accurately reflect the enforced limit. Analytics Hub is now generally available. You can now use stored procedures for Apache Spark. Multi-statement transactions are now generally available (GA). A weekly digest of client library updates from across the Cloud SDK. The ability to use physical bytes for storage billing is now in Preview.

Billing - Generally available: View your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) costs in Cloud Billing reports and cost data export to BigQuery You can view your GKE costs by cluster, namespace, and pod labels in the Detailed cost export, and the built-in reports in the Google Cloud console.

Cloud Build - Cloud Build now displays build security information for artifacts stored in Artifact Registry in the Google Cloud console.

Carbon Footprint - Google Cloud Carbon Footprint is now Generally Available.

Chronicle - Chronicle CLI provides a text-based interface to initiate all Chronicle user workflows, acting as an alternative to the graphical user interface for advanced users. Access to fields stored as key-value pairs in Detection Engine rules You can now create Detection Engine rules that include UDM fields stored as key-value pairs, such as google.protobuf.Struct and Label data type.

Data Catalog - Data Catalog is now available in the following regions: Columbus (us-east5), Milan (europe-west8), Paris (europe-west9), and Madrid (europe-southwest1). v1. Data Catalog integration with Analytics Hub is now generally available (GA).

Datastore - Time-to-live (TTL) policies are now supported at the General Availability level.

Dialogflow - Dialogflow CX Advanced NLU now supports automatic training.

Document AI - Known issue (Document Labeling) If you delete one or more documents, and these documents selected for deletion are all associated with an active labeling job, then all documents in that dataset will also be deleted, even if you did not select them for deletion.

Cloud Firestore - Time-to-live (TTL) policies are now supported at the General Availability level.

Google Kubernetes Engine - GKE Cost Allocation has been released for general availability. Creating public clusters on GKE versions 1.23 or later might fail with the following error due to a missing API permission in certain compliance regimes (FedRAMP High, US Regions and Support, EU Regions and Support, EU Regions and Support with Sovereign Controls): ManagedResourceService.AddServiceBundle, PERMISSION_DENIED'/> APPLICATION_ERROR;google.cloud.servicedirectory.v1beta1/ManagedResourceService.AddServiceBundle;Request is disallowed by organization's constraints/gcp.restrictServiceUsage constraint for 'projects/attempting to use service 'servicedirectory.googleapis.com' To fix this issue, refer to the October 5, 2022 Assured Workloads release note.

Cloud Monitoring - SLO monitoring: You can now define a set of generic services by using the Service Monitoring API.

Resource Manager - The organization restrictions feature has launched into public preview.

Retail Recommendations AI - Auto-completion for Retail Search is now GA. Recommendations AI now provides a Buy It Again model. Recommendations AI now provides a revenue per session optimization objective for the Others You May Like and Frequently Bought Together model types. Recommendations AI now provides two diversification options when you create serving configs for recommendations.

Cloud Spanner - Spanner Vertex AI integration is now available in public preview.

Cloud SQL MySQL - Cloud SQL supports the preview version of the following recommenders that help you optimize your instance's performance: High number of open tables recommender: Optimize the performance of your instance by increasing the size of table open cache for the Cloud SQL instances that have the number of open tables equal to the table open cache and keep opening too many tables concurrently High number of tables recommender: Optimize the performance of your instance by reducing the number of tables for the Cloud SQL instances whose table count is too high and close to the SLA limit.

Cloud SQL Postgres - Cloud SQL supports the preview version of the high transaction ID utilization recommender that helps you avoid potential transaction ID wraparound for Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL instances.

Vertex AI - Tabular Workflow for TabNet Training is available in Preview. Vertex AI Feature Store streaming ingestion is available in Preview. The Vertex AI Model Registry is generally available (GA). The Vertex AI Model Registry and BigQuery ML integration is generally available (GA).

VPC Service Controls - Preview stage support for the following integration: Cloud Workstations.

Virtual Private Cloud - Moving a reserved external IPv4 address from one project to another is available in Preview.

Workflows - The memory available for workflow variables and runtime arguments (including Eventarc events) has been doubled to 512 KB per execution.


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