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Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Introducing #AskGoogleCloud: A community driven YouTube live series - We’re excited to introduce a new series on the Google Cloud Tech YouTube channel connecting the cloud community directly with our Google Cloud product experts. We'll be selecting questions that use #AskGoogleCloud on Twitter and YouTube and answer them in a featured premiere each quarter by experts in that area.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Open innovations, scaling data science, and amazing data analytics stories from industry leaders - What’s new in data analytics, from the official Google Cloud blog: how to democratize data, how customers are transforming, and new data analytics features.

Cloud Healthcare Cloud Healthcare API Official Blog

Google’s Cloud Healthcare Consent Management API now generally available - How Google Cloud’s Healthcare Consent Management API is enabling new, patient-centric research and care.

Cloud Code Official Blog Secret Manager

Introducing Cloud Code Secret Manager Integration - Cloud Code Secret Manager integration.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

Exploring Cloud Spanner data in DBeaver - We're announcing native support for Cloud Spanner in DBeaver 21.0, a popular open source graphical database development tool that lets you browse and edit databases, create and execute SQL scripts, export data, transaction management and ER diagrams.

Mission Critical Services Official Blog

Mission Critical Services: for the most demanding enterprise environments - Mission Critical Services (MCS), a new Value Add Service available for purchase by Premium Support customers, is based on Google Cloud’s approach to its own mission critical services.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow

Beam College - Improve your skills on data processing through flexible hands-on training and practical tips provided by experts. Join the free workshops and learn how to use Apache Beam from concept to common use cases and best practices.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Official Blog SRE

How do you eat an elephant? Google SREs talk digital transformation - It’s not just about technology. Google Cloud SREs touch on the human and organizational side of a cloud migration.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Build your future with GKE - For an idea of where we’re going with Google Kubernetes Engine, take a look at where we’ve been.

Data Loss Prevention API Official Blog

Transform data to secure it: Use Cloud DLP - Among the best ways to prevent data loss are to modify, delete, or never collect the data in the first place.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Scaling workloads across multiple dimensions in GKE - In Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), application owners can define multiple autoscaling behaviors for a workload using a single Kubernetes resource: Multidimensional Pod Autoscaler (MPA).

Official Blog VMware Engine

Zero-footprint DR solution with Google Cloud VMware Engine and Actifio - Learn how to use Actifio data management software plus Google Cloud VMware Engine to create a dynamic, low-cost DR site in the cloud.

Official Blog

A guide to data protection offerings in Google Cloud - Storage and backup administrators have a key role to play in cloud adoption, and Google Cloud has developed a number of data protection offerings to help administrators excel in their role and meet operational and compliance requirements.

Beginner Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Setting up a Kubernetes Cluster in GCP - A process of setting up GKE.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

GKE: Setting up HTTP(S) on ingress - A short guide on how to create an ingress that uses a pre-shared certificate.

IAM Security

Three Things About Google Cloud Service Accounts - Things to have in mind when starting using Service Accounts.


Setting Up Terraform Cloud with GCP - This demo is a basic walkthrough for setting up Terraform Cloud for GCP.

AWS IAM Workload Identity Federation

Access GCP from AWS using Workload Identity Federation - Workload Identity federation allows cloud users to access GCP resources from AWS without the need for service account keys.

Networking Traffic Director

Traffic Director by Example: Part 1 - An introduction to Google’s managed service mesh offering.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Traffic Director

Traffic Director by Example: Part 2 - Using Traffic Director with Google Kubernetes Engine.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Storage Official Blog

Serving up data from Cloud Storage - When it comes to the cloud, there’s more than one way to serve a file. In this post, we’ll walk you through all the ways to serve data from Cloud Storage—so you can determine the best fit for your needs!

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Memorystore Official Blog

Cloud Bigtable + Cloud Memorystore: faster together - Databases are designed for specific schemas, queries, and throughput, but if you have data that gets queried more frequently for a period of time, you may want to reduce the load on your database by introducing a cache layer. Here's how to do it in Bigtable with Memorystore for Memcached.

Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Run Eventarc Official Blog Serverless

Three ways of receiving events in Cloud Run - With Eventarc and Pub/Sub, there are multiple ways of receiving events in Cloud Run. Let’s look at them in detail.

Cloud SQL Official Blog

Testing Cloud SQL failover: Where to begin - Let's examine some of the key metrics to monitor when testing failover to optimize your application's performance, including the number of database connections, queries per second, CPU and memory utilization of the instance, read/write IOPS, and peak replication lag.

Firebase Official Blog

Measuring Realtime Database performance with Firebase Performance Monitoring - Firebase Performance Monitoring is a free and cross-platform service to help you collect and analyze RUM data for your app or website.

Firebase Official Blog

Migrating to the new Remote Config for Games SDK

BigQuery Cloud Logging Dialogflow

Dialogflow CX Response logging - One of the features of Dialogflow CX is its ability to record its operations to GCP Cloud Logging.

API Gateway BigQuery Cloud Functions

How to set up an API with a Cloud Function backend that queries BigQuery on GCP - This article will show you how to create an API with API Gateway and a Cloud Functions backend that queries BigQuery.

Cloud SDK

Enumerating the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - A list of useful gcloud commands.


Don’t Deploy Applications with Terraform - Seriously, Terraform is not application deployment software. Some of you are already using Terraform in this way.

Compute Engine

A Brief Guide to Some Common Errors with WordPress Multisite on Google Cloud Platform - Coping with WordPress errors on GCP.

Compute Engine Networking

How to Create Multiple External IP Addresses to Point to one VM with GCP - This tutorial explains how to create multiple external IP addresses that point to the same VM instance.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Airflow Cloud Build Cloud Composer Official Blog

Using Cloud Build to keep Airflow Operators up-to-date in your Composer environment - Learn how to keep your Airflow Operators up to date in your Cloud Composer environment using Cloud Build and a GitHub bot.


Working on On-prem/External Airflow with Google Cloud Platform - Connecting from on-prem Airflow instance to GCP.

BigQuery Cloud Data Fusion

Oracle to BigQuery— Create a pipeline to extract data from Oracle and load it to BQ using Data Fusion - Setting pipeline from Oracle to BigQuery in Data Fusion.


Time Travel with BigQuery - How to use BigQuery superpowers to rewind time.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Exploring Google Cloud Pub/Sub message schemas - Exploring of new schema capabilities in Cloud Pub/Sub.

Apache Beam

Getting Started with Snowflake and Apache Beam - Learn how to use Snowflake with Apache Beam.

BigQuery Data Science Machine Learning

Building a K-means Clustering Model for Population A/B Testing with BigQuery - How you can use Google’s data warehouse to build homogeneous groups of individuals.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Create recommendation API with GCP x GO x Datastore x BigQuery - A simple recommendation system using BigQuery ML.

Cloud Dataproc

Running ETL Spark Job through Dataproc (an ephermal cluster)with Workflow Templates - An example of Spark job running on Cloud Dataproc.

Machine Learning Serverless Workflows

GCP: Serverless ML Pipeline - A ML pipeline implemented with Cloud Workflows.

BigQuery Data Analytics

Discussing privacy at Hacker News: an explorative text-mining analysis - Compiled dataset in Google BigQuery and analyzed posts about privacy with simple text-mining methods.

AI Platform Machine Learning

Choosing a machine type on Google AI Platform for training object detection models - Selecting the correct number of machine types for training jobs on AI Platform.


Official Blog

Casa dos Ventos advances sustainability mission with SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud - Thanks to its new cloud infrastructure and scalable services with Google Cloud, Casa dos Ventos was also able to process 20 years of data in less than two hours during its weekly data processes.

Cloud Memorystore GCP Experience Official Blog

How Songkick harmonized their infrastructure with Memorystore - See how concert discovery and music service Songkick migrated to fully managed Memorystore for Redis for a scalable, fast cloud caching solution.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Google Cloud Celebrates International Women’s Day - In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, Google Cloud is excited to announce new partnerships with women in tech communities and to highlight some exceptional women Cloud developers.

GCP Certification Machine Learning

Notes from my Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification Exam - Notes from Machine Learning certification exam preparation.

GCP Certification Machine Learning

Study guide to ace Google Cloud Certification on Professional Machine Learning Engineer - Comprehensive guide to GCP ML certification.

GCP Certification

My Review of the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect BETA Exam - An overview of the brand new Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect BETA exam.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #250 Chromebook's 10th Birthday with Angela Gosz and Courtney Harrison from Intel.

Kubernetes Podcast - #141 Crossplane, with Daniel Mangum.



AppEngine Standard Java - Updated Java SDK to version 1.9.87.

AppEngine Standard NodeJS - The Node.js 14 runtime for the App Engine standard environment is now generally available.

BigQuery ML - BigQuery ML now supports training for DNN/Boosted Tree models in the Iowa (us-central1) region.

Billing - List cost and Unrounded cost columns now available in the Cost Table report We've added two columns of data to the Cost table report: List cost and Unrounded cost.

Cloud Build - Users can now create triggers to execute builds in response to events published to a Pub/Sub topic.

Cloud Composer - Cloud Composer 1.15.0 release started on March 11, 2021.

Dataproc - Dataproc 2.0 image version will become a default Dataproc image version in 1 week on March 15, 2021.

Load Balancing - You can now use the gcloud compute url-maps validate command to test advanced route configurations such as routing based on headers and query parameters, HTTP to HTTPS redirects, and URL rewrites.

Cloud Logging - Suggested queries is now generally available (GA).

Cloud PubSub - Pub/Sub push subscriptions can now be created with Cloud Run service endpoints protected by VPC Service Controls.

Cloud Run - The ability to specify a minimum number of container instances to be kept warm and ready to serve requests is now at general availability (GA).

Security Command Center - Security Health Analytics, a built-in service of Security Command Center, launched new detectors in general availability: Detects resources that are not using customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) BUCKET_CMEK_DISABLED DISK_CMEK_DISABLED NODEPOOL_BOOK_CMEK_DISABLED SQL_CMEK_DISABLED Detects vulnerabilities in Compute Engine instances DEFAULT_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_USED SHIELDED_VM_DISABLED Detects publicly accessible Cloud KMS keys KMS_PUBLIC_KEY Detects out-of-region Compute Engine resources ORG_POLICY_LOCATION_RESTRICTION Detects misconfiguration of SQL instances SQL_CROSS_DB_OWNERSHIP_CHAINING SQL_CONTAINED_DATABASE_AUTHENTICATION SQL_CROSS_DB_OWNERSHIP_CHAINING SQL_LOCAL_INFILE SQL_LOG_CHECKPOINTS_DISABLED SQL_LOG_CONNECTIONS_DISABLED SQL_LOG_DISCONNECTIONS_DISABLED SQL_LOG_LOCK_WAITS_DISABLED SQL_LOG_MIN_DURATION_STATEMENT_ENABLED SQL_LOG_MIN_ERROR_STATEMENT SQL_LOG_TEMP_FILES For more information on these and other Security Health Analytics detectors, see Vulnerabilities findings. Event Threat Detection, a built in service of Security Command Center, launched a preview for a new detector. Documentation Security Health Analytics documentation now includes more detailed information about detectors, including supported assets and scan configurations.

Cloud Spanner - Cloud Spanner provides a new metric, CPU Utilization by operation types, which breaks down CPU usage by user-initiated operations.

Cloud Vision API - EXIF rotation feature fix This fix will disable EXIF rotation, a feature activated by the model update mentioned in the November 11, 2020 release note.

VPC Service Controls - Beta stage support for the following integration: Transcoder API. Preview for the following integration: Memorystore for Memcached. Beta stage support for the following integration: Transcoder API.

Network Intelligence Center - Connectivity Tests now includes a feature that verifies connectivity by sending probes.


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