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You can now check whether you are recognized as a celebrity using Cloud Vision and Video Intelligence. On a more serious note, TensorFlow Enterprise is introduced. 



Official Blog TensorFlow

Introducing TensorFlow Enterprise: Supported, scalable, and seamless TensorFlow in the cloud - TensorFlow Enterprise, optimized for Google Cloud, can accelerate your software development and extend support to your AI applications.

Official Blog

Partnering with HCL Technologies to scale enterprise cloud adoption - We’re expanding our partnership with HCL Technologies to help enterprises adopt Google Cloud solutions at scale.

Official Blog

Celebrity Recognition now available to approved media & entertainment customers - Celebrity Recognition for Cloud Vision and Video Intelligence is a limited-availability tool that helps media and entertainment companies recognize an international roster of widely-known actors and athletes.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Show off your BigQuery ML and Kaggle skills: Competition open now - Show off your BigQuery ML and Kaggle skills: Competition open now.

Official Blog Storage

Cloud storage data protection that fits your business - Check out new protections for Google’s cloud block storage, Persistent Disk. Regional snapshots, automatic replication and more protect your data.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

DevOps Official Blog SRE

How to integrate Policy Intelligence recommendations into an IaC pipeline - Learn how to incorporate recommendations from Policy Intelligence into an infrastructure as code pipeline

Cloud Security Command Center Official Blog Security

How GCP helps you take command of your threat detection - Learn how to use Cloud Security Command Center, and Event Threat Detection beta to detect threats in your GCP resources

Official Blog Security

Protecting your GCP infrastructure at scale with Forseti Config Validator part three: Writing your own policy - Learn how to write your own custom Forseti Config Validator templates.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Official Blog Security

Exploring container security: Use your own keys to protect your data on GKE - Google Kubernetes Engine application-layer secrets encryption is generally available, and customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) for GKE persistent disks is in beta.


Disaster Recovery on Google Cloud: An Overview - Basic information about Disaster Recovery.


Top 10 Google Cloud Platform Security Best Practices - Best practices for security on GCP based on experience.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

How to Save Up To 80% on Google Kubernetes Engine Using Magalix KubeAdvisor - Tutorial on how to setup Magalix Agent to get recommendations about your GKE cluster.

CI Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Setting up Jenkins on Google Kubernetes Engine with Helm - Tutorial on setting Jenkins on GKE.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Machine Learning Python

Developing on a Virtual Machine from your local IDE - A walkthrough to set up a live development environment that runs on a Virtual Machine from within your local IDE.


Google Cloud IoT Core to Cloud SQL - Examples of publishing data from IoT device to Cloud SQL.


Understanding Stackdriver Audit Logs - A brief overview of Audit Logs and how to use them.

AWS Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Go serverless in Kubernetes with Knative - Overview of Knative.


Knative = Kubernetes Networking++ - A different look at Knative.


Knative Brings Event-Driven and Serverless Computing to Kubernetes - Description of concepts behind Knative

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

AI GPU Machine Learning Official Blog

Reduce the costs of ML workflows with preemptible VMs and GPUs - If you have some flexibility in your timing and availability, preemptible VMs with GPUs can be a useful tactic for significantly lowering those costs.

Cloud Composer Cloud Dataprep Data Analytics Official Blog

How to orchestrate Cloud Dataprep jobs using Cloud Composer - Integrate your data analytics prep tools with orchestration services in the cloud, like Cloud Dataprep and Cloud Composer.

Apache Beam Big Data BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

How to build a cleaning pipeline with BigQuery and DataFlow on GCP - Creating a small transformation pipeline on Dataflow to clean data in BigQuery.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science

Let the kids into the library - An opinionated attempt at building a data driven company in the cloud.

BigQuery Data Science Data Studio

Analyzing the crisis with reddit and BigQuery: 2019 Chilean protests - Analyzing and visualizing data from Reddit with BigQuery and Data Studio.

BigQuery Blockchain Python

Getting started with Bitcoin data on Kaggle with Python and BigQuery - Analyzing Blockchain data from BigQuery with Python.

Big Data BigQuery

Return of the Living Data - A story about BigQuery about underlying data formats.

Machine Learning

Hopsworks in GCP - Hopsworks is an open source project-based multi-tenant platform for both data parallel programming multiple open-source projects and using Jupyter Notebooks as the main interface for users.

BigQuery Cloud AutoML

Make your life easier with AutoML Tables on Google Cloud! - A brief overview of Cloud AutoML.

Beginner Data Science Machine Learning

Using a cluster in the cloud for Data Science projects in 4 simple steps - Tutorial on how to set up Jupyter notebook on GCP.

BigQuery Data Studio

Build a Google Data Studio report using BigQuery Public Data-Sets - Tutorial on how to build a dashboard in Data Studio using public data in BigQuery.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #201 FACEIT with Maria Laura Scuri

Kubernetes Podcast - #77 Engineering Productivity and Testing, with Katharine Berry



BigQuery - Support for querying Cloud Storage data in ORC and Parquet format is now in beta. Support for loading and querying externally partitioned data that is stored on Cloud Storage using a default hive partitioning layout is now in beta.

Cloud Composer - New versions of Cloud Composer images: composer-1.8.0-airflow-1.9.0, composer-1.8.0-airflow-1.10.1, composer-1.8.0-airflow-1.10.2, and composer-1.8.0-airflow-1.10.3. Added support for Apache Airflow 1.10.3. Fixed a DAG serialization issue in Airflow 1.10.2.

Config Connector - New resources supported: IAMPolicyMember, BigQueryTable, ComputeVPNTunnel, ComputeImage, ComputeSnapshot, ComputeBackendBucket, ComputeDisk, ComputeSSLCertificate, ComputeHTTPHealthCheck, ComputeRouterNAT, ComputeExternalVPNGateway, ComputeRouter, ComputeVPNTunnel, DNSManagedZone, StorageNotification. Breaking namespace changes for the following resources: - GlobalComputeAddress: v1alpha2->v2apha3 - ComputeNetwork: v1alpha2->v1alpha3 - ComputeSubnetwork: v1alpha2->v1alpha3 - ComputeBackendService: v1alpha2->v1alpha3 - ComputeHealthCheck: v1alpha2->v1alpha3 - ComputeFirewall: v1alpha2->v1alpha3.

Cloud Dataflow - Cloud Dataflow Shuffle and Streaming Engine are now available in us-east1 (South Carolina).

Kubernetes Engine - GKE cluster versions have been updated as detailed in the following sections. The default version for new clusters is now v1.13.11-gke.9 (previously v1.13.10-gke.0). Masters and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded: Rollouts are phased across multiple weeks, to ensure cluster and fleet stability. The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in master upgrades and node upgrades for existing clusters. v1.12.xNo new v1.12.x versions this week. The following versions are no longer available for new clusters or upgrades. 1.13.7-gke.24. 1.13.9-gke.3. 1.13.9-gke.11. 1.13.10-gke.0. 1.13.10-gke.7. 1.14.6-gke.1. 1.14.6-gke.2. 1.14.6-gke.13. If you use Sandbox Pods in your GKE cluster and plan to upgrade from a version less than 1.14.2-gke.10 to a version greater than 1.14.2-gke.10, you need to manually run kubectl delete mutatingwebhookconfiguration gvisor-admission-webhook-config after the upgrade.

Kubernetes Engine - GKE 1.15.4-gke.17 (alpha) is now available for testing and validation in the Rapid release channel. Fixes a known issue reported on October 11, 2019 regarding fdatasync performance regression on COS/Ubuntu.

Kubernetes Engine - v1.14.7-gke.10 is now available in the Regular release channel. This release includes a patch for CVE-2019-11253.

Kubernetes Engine - v1.13.11-gke.9 is now available in the Stable release channel. Update containerd to 1.2.10. Update COS to cos-u-73-11647-329-0. This release includes a patch for CVE-2019-11253.

AI Platform - We now recommend that you use Compute Engine machine types when you create new AI Platform Training jobs.

AutoML Natural Language - AutoML Natural Language offers you control over where your datasets and models are stored and processed.

Cloud Storage - HMAC keys for service accounts are now in GA.

Cloud Talent Solution - CTS has added validation to job.workHour.workHour now allows hour values between (0-23), otherwise a 400 error is returned. New enum CONTACT_AUTOMATED_SYSTEM has been added to ProfileEventTypes. JS has added new field query_language_code.

Cloud Video Intelligence API - Cloud Video Intelligence now offers celebrity recognition to select media & entertainment companies and their designated partners.

Cloud Vision API - Beta feature The following beta features are available in API version v1p4beta1: Celebrity recognition.

Cloud VPN - In the Stackdriver Metrics Explorer, the sent_packets_count and received_packets_count metrics for a Cloud VPN gateway reported double the actual count.


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