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Compute Engine Official Blog SAP

Announcing the general availability of 6 and 12 TB VMs for SAP HANA instances on Google Cloud Platform - 6 and 12 TB VMs for SAP HANA instances generally available today.

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Modernize Apache Spark with Cloud Dataproc on Kubernetes - Alpha availability of Cloud Dataproc for Kubernetes.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog

High-performance data visualizations with Google Maps Platform and deck.gl - Many web developers struggle with how to performantly render large datasets when visualizing data. To overcome this, deck.gl uses the WebGL library, which provides access to the GPU on the user’s computer asynchronously.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Developing supportability for a public cloud - Supportability for a public cloud aims to improve the technical customer support experience, and streamline processes for those working in support.

Official Blog Security

Catch web app vulnerabilities before they hit production with Cloud Web Security Scanner - Cloud Web Security Scanner, a feature in Cloud Security Command Center, lets you detect app vulnerabilities, including cross-site scripting or outdated libraries, in GKE, Compute Engine, and App Engine

DevOps Official Blog SRE

Shrinking the impact of production incidents using SRE principles—CRE Life Lessons - SRE principles can help you shrink the impact of production incidents through use of SLOs, writing postmortems, and promoting a blameless culture.

Billing Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Mistake that cost thousands (Kubernetes, GKE) - How used instance type in Google Kubernetes Engine cluster affects billing.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Migrating from Heroku to Kubernetes via GKE - Google Kubernetes Engine as an alternative to Heroku.

Kubernetes Terraform

Garden & Terraform: Your End-to-End Kubernetes Workflow - Garden now integrates with Terraform. Deploy your infrastructure and the code that runs on it with a single command.


Connecting AWS and GCP with IPSec VPN - Article describes how to connect AWS and GCP.

Kubernetes Official Blog Security

Exploring container security: Bringing Shielded VMs to GKE with Shielded GKE Nodes - Shielded GKE Nodes provides verifiable node identity and integrity of Kubernetes environments running on Google Cloud.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Monitoring Official Blog Stackdriver

Monitoring your Compute Engine footprint with Cloud Functions and Stackdriver - Use Cloud Functions and Stackdriver together to better manage and monitor your Compute Engine footprint for efficiency and better performance.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog

Google Maps Platform best practices: Optimization and performance tips - Whether in a browser or on mobile, optimizing web app performance is critical to retaining users. Here are our tips on how to do it with Google Maps Platform.

Cloud Storage

5 ½ Ways to get your Data to the Cloud - Different ways to upload data to Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Cloud Storage

The Download on Reading Data from Google Cloud Storage - Options to consider when serving data from Google Cloud Storage.

App Engine CI Docker

How we cut 10 minutes off our deploy time by using storage buckets - Improving CI process.

Knative Serverless

What Exactly Is Knative? - An introduction to Knative.

App Engine Billing

Optimizing your App Engine instances for maximum throughput - How some tweaks helped to cut down over 40% of App Engine costs.

App Engine PHP

Setting up a Staging Server for a Multi-tenant Laravel App on Google App Engine - How to configure services on App Engine to support multi-tenant apps.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Cloud Dataproc Spark Jobs on GKE: How to get started - Cloud Dataproc offers alpha access to Spark jobs on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for data analytics with speed and scale.


Google Cloud DataProc : Launch Hadoop-Hive-Spark Cluster in Google Cloud Platform - Overview and process of setting Dataproc cluster.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU

Train ML models on large images and 3D volumes with spatial partitioning on Cloud TPUs - Spatial partitioning is new Cloud TPU feature that allows you to seamlessly scale image models up to larger sizes (in 2D and 3D) without changing your code. Here’s how to get started.

Container Registry Docker Serverless

Serverless batch workload on GCP — Adding Docker and Container Registry to the mix! - Leveraging Google Cloud Platform components to run batch workloads in a simpler way.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Functions PubSub Serverless

PubSub to BigTable — Piping your Data Stream in via GCP Cloud Functions - IoT pipeline using Pub/Sub, Cloud Functions, and Bigtable.

BigQuery Data Science

Loading MySQL backup files into BigQuery — straight from Cloud SQL - Loading Cloud SQL MySQL backup data into BigQuery.

Big Data BigQuery

End-to-End Crypto Shredding (Part II): Data Deletion/Retention with Crypto Shredding - Crypto-deletion in various storages in GCP.

Big Data BigQuery

BigQuery Deduplication - Explore some techniques for deduplication in BigQuery both for the whole table and by partition.

Big Data BigQuery

A Journey into BigQuery Fuzzy Matching — 3 of [1, ∞) — NYSIIS - Another article in ongoing series about fuzzy matching in BigQuery.


BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Quantum Metric gets answers from customer data at light speed

Business Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

Architecting data pipelines at Universe.com puts customer experience on center stage


Working with Qubole to tackle the challenges of machine learning at an enterprise scale - Google Cloud Platform partner Qubole offers a cloud-native data analytics platform. Here’s how customer AgilOne uses it for faster machine learning deployment.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #194 ML with Dale Markowitz

Kubernetes Podcast - #70 Windows Server Containers, with Patrick Lang



Dialogflow - You can now use Regexp entities to provide regular expressions for matching entities. You can now use Fuzzy matching to allow flexibility with word ordering for multi-word entities.


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