Welcome to issue #141 June 10th, 2019

Positive changes regarding Compute Engine pricing, Looker acquisition, and interesting Machine learning related articles using different GCP products.



Billing Compute Engine Official Blog

More choice, less complexity: New Compute Engine pricing options on tap - Compute Engine committed use discounts now apply to many more resources, and you can make capacity reservations in anticipation of spikes in demand.

Big Data Official Blog Storage

Announcing Snowflake on Google Cloud Platform - Snowflake (cloud-based data warehouse) will be available on GCP.

Business Official Blog

Google to acquire Looker - Google to acquire Looker, a unified platform for business intelligence, data applications, and embedded analytics.

Official Blog Resources Manager

Cloud Asset Inventory: Easier inventory management, security analysis and config monitoring - Cloud Asset Inventory export service is now GA. With the Cloud Asset Inventory export service, you can either export all your inventory at a given point of time, or export the full event change history of particular resources within a specific timeframe. You can then use that exported data to run analysis and answer common security, monitoring.

Official Blog Translation API

New Translate API capabilities can help localization experts and global enterprises - New features in Translation API v3 help you translate faster and more cost-effectively.

HPC Official Blog

Competing with supercomputers: HPC in the cloud becomes reality - Google Cloud Storage and DDN’s EXAScaler recently tackled the IO-500 high-performance computing (HPC) benchmark, with great results.

Business Official Blog Storage

Thinking big: Google Cloud databases named a Leader in The Forrester Wave Database-as-a-Service, Q2 2019 - Google is a Leader in the Q2 2019 Forrester Database-as-a-Service Wave, taking all of Google Cloud’s database services into account.

Articles, Tutorials

Networking Official Blog

An update on Sunday’s service disruption - Detail post-mortem regarding recent outage.

Google’s June 2nd Outage: Their Status Page != Reality | LightStep - June 3, 2019 | James Burns

BigQuery Cloud SQL

Google Cloud Platform for SQL Practitioners - The purpose of this article is to give an overview of the SQL features in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud CDN Networking Official Blog

Google Cloud networking in depth: Cloud CDN - Cloud CDN leverages Google’s global private fiber to deliver content to users quickly, wherever they may be.

AWS Networking

Site-to-site VPN between GCP and AWS with dynamic BGP routing - A walk-through for configuring secure redundant connectivity between AWS VPCs and GCP Cloud VPC Networks with dynamic BGP routing.

Cloud SDK

Protect your GCP projects against accidental deletion - There is a command which prevents GCP project to be deleted accidentally.

Cloud Run NoSQL Tutorial

Secure GraphQL APIs in minutes with Google Cloud Run and GRAND Stack - Tutorial on the usage of Cloud Run to host Apollo/GraphQL back-ends running on top of Neo4j.

Cloud Build Cloud Storage

Static Website: Continuous Deployment on Google Cloud Platform - The article demonstrater how to automate the deployment of a static website using Cloud Build.


Deep Web App Analysis with Firebase - A closer look at performance data which Firebase offers.

Data Science Security

How to use cloud storage to securely load data into Neo4j - Methods for loading data into a remote Neo4j Instance — Part 2

Cloud Scheduler Official Blog

Save money by stopping and starting Compute Engine instances on schedule - Compute Engine VMs charge per minute for use. Save money by turning them off and on automatically using Cloud Scheduler in GCP.

Cloud Scheduler Serverless

Using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Functions to Deploy a Periodic Compute Engine VM Worker. - In this article we us Cloud Scheduler to periodically poll a cloud function that instantiates a worker compute engine VM.


Trip to Firebase as an Android Developer - Overview of Firebase's features.

App Engine Serverless

Optimizing a website for Australia wide Sausage Sizzles - Practical tips to develop serverless web application and optimize the user experience.

Cloud Functions Serverless

Serverless with Cloud Function on GCP - A practical example of a serverless solution on GCP.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Adding Functionality to Google Pub/Sub: Queue Meta Processing - A few general approaches for dealing with some specific aspects of Pub/Sub.

BigQuery Cloud Composer Cloud SQL Kubernetes

Copy data from cloud SQL to BigQuery using apache airflow/ cloud composer part 2 - Copying data from Cloud SQL to BigQuery using Cloud Composer (Apache Airflow).

AI Platform Notebooks R

R lang + GCP = - AI Platform Notebooks and Deep Learning VMs now support R.

Machine Learning TensorFlow

A Comparison of Machine Learning Deployment Tools: An ML6 Perspective - Overview of different ways to serve ML models on GCP.

Machine Learning TensorFlow TPU

Replicating GPT2–1.5B - Experience of using Cloud TPUs.

BigQuery Machine Learning

ML Study Jam — Predict Visitor Purchases with a Classification Model in BQML - Developing a Machine Learning model using BigQueryML.

AI TensorFlow Tutorial

Training a Deep machine learning model on Google Cloud Platform with GPU support. - The article goes through the process of creating a VM with GPU and setting necessary software.

Cloud AutoML Machine Learning

Zero to Hero in Machine Learning using Google Cloud AutoML Tables - Using AutoML tables and Kaggle's dataset to create ML model.

GCP Experience Machine Learning Official Blog

How IFG and Google Cloud AI bring structure to unstructured financial documents - How IFG is developing an application capable of digitizing unstructured, unlabeled financial documents using GCP.

Apigee GCP Experience Official Blog

How Tieto's APIs give European banks a competitive edge - Tieto, a leading Nordic software and services company, is using Apigee API management platform to facilitate an open banking API hub that helps customers discover, test, and consume APIs.

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #180 Firebase with Jen Person

Kubernetes Podcast - #56 OpenEBS, with Evan Powell


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