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New tools regarding security, monitoring, and articles regarding AI and how companies are using GCP.



Kubernetes Official Blog

Containing our enthusiasm: All the Kubernetes security news from Google Cloud Next ‘19 - A round-up of all the container security news and events from Google Cloud Next 19

Cloud KMS Security

Berglas - Berglas is a command line tool and library for storing and and retrieving secrets on Google Cloud. Secrets are encrypted with Cloud KMS and stored in Cloud Storage.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine Ruby

Move Ruby on Rails apps to GKE to discover the treasures of cloud - Migrating Ruby on Rails apps from Heroku to GKE.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine Cluster migration with Velero - Sometime you would like to move your entire workload to a new cluster, it might be for testing purposes or to upgrade a major version and…

Docker Kubernetes Storage Tutorial

GlusterFS Dynamic Provisioning using Heketi as External Storage with GKE - Setting up GlusterFS on GKE.

Security Terraform

How to generate and use temporary credentials on Google Cloud Platform - Setup and increase the security of your GCP authentication with short lived credentials.

Beginner Compute Engine Tutorial

A Spoon Fed Guide to Your Own Private VPN with Google Compute Engine - Tutorial on how to set up Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Compte Engine.

Compute Engine Python

Auto-scaling from zero machine on Google Compute Engine - Auto-Scaling Instance Groups on Compute Engine.

Compute Engine GPU

How to run AI2-THOR simulation fast with Google Cloud Platform - Using AI2-THOR (3D-Simulation tool) on Google Compute Engine.

.NET App Engine

AntiForgery Tokens, ASP.NET core, and Google Cloud - Using new security libraries for .ASP application deployed on Google App Engine.

Cloud Functions Serverless

The State of Cloud Functions (mid 19) - Overview of significant releases in the Cloud Functions space.

Cloud Run IAM Serverless

Making requests to Cloud Run with the Service account - Article provides instructions how to deploy private Cloud Run service, create Service Account and make request to deployed service

Cloud Datastore Python

Entity Groups, Ancestors, and Indexes in Datastore - A Working Example - Example of designing database schema with entity groups for Cloud Datastore.

Cloud Filestore

Cloud Filestore powers high-performance storage for ClioSoft's design management platform - Benchmarking Cloud Filestore and on-premises solution.

CI Docker

Cloud-based CI/CD on GCP - Learning how to build a serverless deployment pipeline on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Monitoring Stackdriver

How to Send Customized Stackdriver Logs to Slack using Google Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub and Webhook - Creating an alerting system on top of Stackdriver.

Monitoring Stackdriver

How to use Stackdriver monitoring export for long-term metric analysis - Serverless solution to implement monitoring and long term analysis.

AWS Azure Google Cloud Platform Monitoring

Why Cloudaware CMDB For Large Google Cloud Platform Deployments - Overview of Cloudaware CMDB, a multi-cloud management tool.

Go Monitoring

OpenCensus and SLOs - Discussion on monitoring service level objectives with OpenCensus.


Meet Dollhouse — Overwatch for the Cloud - Dollhouse is an open-source GCP audit and monitoring tool from GOJEK company.


Profiling your GCP Account with Forseti Security - Setting up Forseti Security tool to profile GCP resources.

Cloud Dataflow Cloud Dataproc

Hadoop Ecosystem in Google Cloud Platform - Overview of Hadoop-like products on Google Cloud Platform.

Big Data Cloud Data Fusion

Google Data Fusion - Cloud Data Fusion is the brand-new fully-managed data engineering product from GCP. It will help users to efficiently build and manage…

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Firebase Python

Going further with Cloud Dataflow: conception of a real-time polls app — part 2 - Learn how to use Cloud Dataflow to aggregate unbounded data streams.


Deconstructing Chatbots: Build an Appointment Scheduler with Dialogflow - In the first blog we learnt what conversation experiences are, why they are important, covered NLU briefly, and how Dialogflow lets you…

AI Official Blog TPU

Train and deploy state-of-the-art mobile image classification models via Cloud TPU - Learn how to train embedded Neural Architecture Search machine learning models on Cloud TPUs to output quantized TensorFlow Lite classifiers on embedded systems.

Official Blog TPU

What’s in an image: fast, accurate image segmentation with Cloud TPUs - We’re making it easier for you to use Cloud TPUs for image segmentation by releasing high-performance, open source TPU-optimized implementations of two state-of-the-art segmentation models.

AI Official Blog

AI in Depth: Serving a PyTorch text classifier on AI Platform Serving using custom online prediction - Now, learn how to serve a custom PyTorch Model in Cloud AI Platform Serving, again using a text classification, natural language understanding example.

Machine Learning TensorFlow

End-to-end churn prediction on Google Cloud Platform — Part 2 - Building a churn prediction system.

AWS Cloud AutoML Machine Learning

Google Cloud’s AutoML first look - A first look into GCP AutoML Tables [beta] and some comparisons between DataRobot, H2O.ai, and AWS Sagemaker.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog

American Cancer Society uses Google Cloud machine learning to power cancer research - The American Cancer Society is using machine learning on Google Cloud to help identify lifestyle, medical, and genetic factors that contribute to breast cancer.

GCP Experience

Here’s how we upgraded our marketing analytics - Learn how Starschema can unify your marketing data and help your your marketing team gain insights.

GCP Experience Serverless

Scaling Skip: Serverless Architectures - Experience of using and scaling serverless architecture on GCP.

GCP Certification Machine Learning

How I Passed the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam - If you’re looking to get Google Cloud Certified, here are a few things I did which may help you pass the Professional Data Engineer exam.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #174 Professional Services with Ann Wallace and Michael Wallman

Kubernetes Podcast - #50 Spotify, with David Xia


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