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With Google Next 2018 behind us, if you would pick up one article to read, that would be "105 announcements". Rest are separate articles with more in depth news information as well as other media reactions and of course standard content like cool projects and tutorials related to Google Cloud Platform.



Google Cloud Platform

What a week! 105 announcements from Google Cloud Next '18 - List of all announcements from Google Next.

App Engine Official Blog PHP Python

Bringing the best of serverless to you - Support for new second-generation App Engine standard runtimes such as Python 3.7 and PHP 7.2 in addition to recent support for Node.js 8.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Cloud Services Platform: bringing the best of the cloud to you - GCP's vision for Cloud Services Platform, an integrated family of cloud services that lets you increase speed and reliability, improve security and governance and build once to run anywhere, across GCP and on-premise environments.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Announcing resource-based pricing for Google Compute Engine - Pay-for-use in Compute Engine to reduce costs even further with resource-based pricing.

CI DevOps Official Blog

Google Cloud and GitHub collaborate to make CI fast and easy - Google Cloud and GitHub are delivering a new integrated experience that connects GitHub with Google’s Cloud Build, our new CI/CD platform.

BigQuery Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Official Blog

On GCP, your database your way - New database features to get the most out of your databases for your business.

Cloud Build Official Blog

Accelerating software teams with Cloud Build - Cloud Build, a fully-managed CI/CD platform that lets you build and test applications in the cloud–at scale.

Dialogflow Official Blog

Transforming the contact center with AI - New features in Dialogflow Enterprise Edition to help you build AI-powered virtual agents for the contact center, including phone-based conversational agents known as interactive voice response (IVR).


Building on our cloud security leadership to help keep businesses protected - How Google is improving security in Cloud Platform.

BigQuery Data Studio Official Blog

Bridging the gap between data and insights - Number of updates for BigQuery , Data Studio Explorer, Cloud Composer and Dataproc that will make data analytics easier.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Transparent SLIs: See Google Cloud the way your application experiences it - Transparent SLIs (service level indicators) - fine-grained detail about the behavior of Google Cloud Platform services as related to your workloads.

Official Blog SAP

Partnering with Intel and SAP on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory for SAP HANA - Partnership with Intel and SAP to offer GCP virtual machines supporting the upcoming Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory for SAP HANA workloads.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes HPA Autoscaling with Custom and External Metrics - Configure autoscaling an application based on external Nginx metrics.

Docker Kubernetes

Automating Docker Builds in Kubernetes - How to automate Docker Builds in Kubernetes.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Sharing a Single Cluster on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine - Using namespaces on Kubernetes cluster.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Kubernetes: Cron Jobs - Set up faux cron job to handle time based actions in Kubernetes.

App Engine

Why Google App Engine - Experience with development on Google App Engine.

App Engine

Google App Engine for internal systems - Use cases for Google App Engine for internal systems.

Firebase NodeJS

Firebase: Create custom tokens without service account credentials - Create custom tokens without service account credentials for Firebase using node.js.

Firebase GCP Experience

How we spent 30k USD in Firebase in less than 72 hours - Interesting story about how one bad line of code can increase you bill especially when your app is popular.


Using collectd ping plugin to monitor VM->VM latency with Google Stackdriver - How to use an off the shelf Ping Plugin for collectdtogether with Google Cloud's logging and monitoring facilities to acquire and process latency statistics.

Google Cloud Platform Serverless

To Send Emails to Readers, We Went Serverless - New York Times build a platform with a serverless architecture built on top of Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Speech API Python

Create your own Voice based application using Python - Steps to create your own Voice based application using Python.

Cloud Functions NodeJS

You Can Now Write Google Cloud Functions with Node.js 8 - Using the Node.js 8 environment by deploying a function that uses a couple of features that weren’t available in Node.js 6.

Cloud Functions Python

Getting Started with Python for Google Cloud Functions - Overview and Python tutorial with Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions Python

Writing Google Cloud Functions with Python 3 - Writing Google Cloud Functions with Python 3.7.0 version.

Cloud SQL

Configure External Replica For CloudSQL — Replication from CloudSQL to VM - Configure external replica for CloudSQL.

Cloud SQL NodeJS

Building a Node API with Express and Google Cloud SQL - Building a Node API with Express and Google Cloud SQL.

Cloud SQL

Configure External Master For CloudSQL — Replicate VM MySQL to CloudSQL - Setting up external master for CloudSQL.


A tutorial on using Google Cloud TPUs - Guide on using Google Cloud TPUs.

Apache Beam Dataflow

Coding Apache Beam in your Web Browser and Running it in Cloud Dataflow - Steps to code Apache Beam in your Web Browser and Running it in Cloud Dataflow.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Machine Learning in your Database? The Case For and Against BigQuery ML - Pros and Cons of BigQuery ML.

BigQuery GCP Experience

How Buzzfeed democratised content analytics using BigQuery and Looker - How publisher Buzzfeed has rebuilt its analytics processes around BigQuery data warehouse and Looker dashboards for consumption by reporters and editors.

Apache Beam Google Cloud Platform

Setting up a Java Development Environment for Apache Beam on Google Cloud Platform - How to Set-up up a Java Development Environment for Apache Beam on Google Cloud Platform.


Knative 1/2 - Article goes trough setting up Knative from ground up.


Knative 2/2 - Knative, a Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads.

Business Google Cloud Platform

Google Power Women of The Cloud - Inspirational stories from four Google Cloud leaders who happen to be women.


Sundar Pichai strayed from Google's typical rhetoric as he touted the growth of Google Cloud - Analysis of Google's CEO statements regarding Google Cloud.

Business GCP Experience

Etsy tested many cloud providers before settling on Google cloud - How and why Etsy choose to migrate from on-prem to Google Cloud.


Google Cloud Next postmortem: The enterprise journey continues - A look at Google Next conference.


Google's cloud conference is barely halfway done but Wall Street is already applauding Diane Greene’s strategy - How Wall Street analytics look at Google Next conference.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #137 Live interviews from the first day of NEXT!

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #138 Day two of NEXT was another day full of interesting interviews!

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #139 Interviews on third and final day at NEXT.

Kubernetes Podcast - #13 Google Cloud Services Platform, with Aparna Sinha, announcements from Google Cloud Next, including GKE On-Prem, Cloud Services Platform, and Istio 1.0.

Google Cloud Platform

Sessions on Cloud Next 2018 - Videos of sessions separated into categories.


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