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Security never cannot be underestimated and that's why Google makes bunch of security related news and releases in single week.




Introducing new ways to protect and control your GCP services and data - Learn about new ways to protect and control your GCP services and data.


Expanding our Google Cloud security partnerships - GCP's new partnerships, new solutions by existing partners and new partner integrations in Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC), currently in Alpha.

Security Stackdriver

Building trust through Access Transparency - Access Transparency is new logs product unique to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that provides an audit trail of actions taken by Google Support and Engineering when they interact with your data and system configurations on Google Cloud.

Cloud Shell

Introducing the ability to connect to Cloud Shell from any terminal - Learn about ability to connect to Cloud Shell directly from your terminal using the gcloud command-line tool.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Network policies for Kubernetes are generally available - Announcement of general availability of network policies for Kubernetes.

Google Cloud Platform

Understand your spending at a glance with Google Cloud Billing reports beta - Billing reports beta are available and lets you view your GCP usage costs at a glance as well as discover and analyze trends.


Announcing official gRPC support for Dart - Support for the Dart language is now available in Beta.

Data Loss Prevention API

Take charge of your sensitive data with the Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API - Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API is Generally aAvailable and helps you discover, classify and redact sensitive data at rest and in real-time.


Alert Alert! The Firebase Realtime Database now supports Google Stackdriver Alerts! - The Firebase Realtime Database now supports Google Stackdriver Alerts.


Introducing Session Flow for visualizing conversations in Analytics - Session Flow, an interactive visualization that maps the most common user journeys of your agent across all platforms.

Cloud Marketplace NoSQL

Expanding MongoDB Atlas availability on GCP - Google and MongoDB have expanded the availability of MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud Platform, making it available across most GCP regions as well as on Cloud Launcher.

Articles, Tutorials

Compute Engine Official Blog

Easy HPC clusters on GCP with Slurm - Explore how you can easily manage HPC clusters on GCP with Slurm which is a leading open-source HPC workload manager.

Cloud Dataflow Official Blog

Joining and shuffling very large datasets using Cloud Dataflow - With new service Cloud Dataflow Shuffle now it's faster and more efficient to join and shuffle very large datasets.

Cloud Dataflow

Pre-built Cloud Dataflow templates: KISS for data movement - Cloud Dataflow introduces pre built templates for point-to-point data movement on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Dataflow TensorFlow

Predicting community engagement on Reddit using TensorFlow, GDELT, and Cloud Dataflow: Part 2 - Next article in series about developing and tuning Tensorflow models.

Cloud Dataflow Stackdriver

How to programmatically monitor your Cloud Dataflow jobs - Short article explaining available metrics in Stacdriver for Cloud Dataflow.

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions — Faster deployment time - Learn how to achieve faster deployment time for Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions NodeJS

Reducing networking connections in Cloud Functions - Article describes tips how to reduce networking connections in Cloud Functions.


Using Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) to Encrypt / Decrypt Secrets - Using Cloud Key Management Service to encrypt/decrypt Service Account json files.


Setting up StackDriver logging for Django on GCP - Explore how to set up StackDriver logging for Django on Google Cloud Platform.


Measure Once — Export Anywhere: OpenCensus in the wild - Example of using OpenCensus to export data both to Prometheus and Stackdriver


DC/OS on GCP — How to? - Learn about DC/OS (DataCenter Operating System) is opensource distributed operating system.

DevOps Tutorial

Getting started with Google Cloud Platform to run DC/OS - Step by step tutorial to setup DC/OS (datacenter operating system) on Google Cloud Platform.

Compute Engine

Setting up a game server using Nakama on Google Compute Engine, part 1 - Learn how to setup open source server Nakama on Google Compute Engine.

Compute Engine

Setting up a game server using Nakama on Google Compute Engine, part 2 - Learn how to setup Nakama game server on GCE.

Advanced Kubernetes

Top 5 Kubernetes Best Practices - Article goes through best practices when working with Kubernetes.

Google Kubernetes Engine PHP

Autoscale nginx and php-fpm independently on Google Kubernetes Engine - Faced challenges when deploying PHP application on Google Kubernetes Engine.


Deficit Reduction - Analysis of NCAA public dataset using BigQuery.

GPU TensorFlow Tutorial

Automatic GPUs - Explore R / Python approach to getting up and running quickly on GCloud with GPUs in Tensorflow.

Cloud Shell

Open Your Repository In Google Cloud Shell - Learn how to Open Your Repository In Google Cloud Shell.

Cloud Endpoints Tutorial

Configuring Cloud Endpoint ESP to run on a local Mac - Learn how to configure Cloud Endpoint ESP to run on a local Mac.

Big Data

Public datasets: how nonprofits can drive social impact with planetary-scale data - Public datasets are freely hosted and accessible via Google BigQuery and Cloud Storage.

Big Data Business

Room to Grow on the Big Data Maturity Curve - Report on Big Data ecosystems.


The fight against illegal deforestation with TensorFlow - Article explains how Rainforest Connection is using Tensorflow to protect the rainforest.

AWS Compute Engine Google Cloud Platform

AWS vs GCP vs on-premises CPU performance comparison - Article goes through process of AWS vs GCP vs on-premises CPU performance comparison.


With new security features, Google makes major play for federal cloud business - Federal agencies can take advantage of the available services from multiple Google Cloud regions.


New ways to secure businesses in the cloud - Wrap up of all important security features introduced last week.

Cloud Spanner GCP Experience

The new Dragon Ball game is powered by Google’s cloud

Slides, Videos, Audio


GPC Podcast - #119 NVIDIA and Deep Learning Research with Bryan Catanzaro.

Machine Learning

Visualize your Data with Facets - How to use Facets, a project from Google Research, to visualize your dataset, find interesting relationships, and clean your data for machine learning.


Kubernetes Security Best Practices - Slides from presentation about Kubernetes best practices.


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