Welcome to issue #68 January 15th, 2018

We stepped into New Year, so news are starting to roll out as well as interesting articles regarding Google Cloud Platform products.




Five Days of Kubernetes 1.9 - Although Kubernetes 1.9 were released last year, collection of articles describing new features is being published currently.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Stateful and ML workloads now run better on Google Kubernetes Engine with the latest version 1.9 - Google announced that Kubernetes version 1.9 will be available on Google Kubernetes Engine next week in our early access program and this release includes greater support for stateful and stateless applications, hardware accelerator support for machine learning workloads and storage enhancements.


New to MongoDB Atlas: Availability across all Google Cloud Platform regions - Launch of MongoDB Atlas (cluod-hosted MongoDB service) across all Google Cloud Platform regions.


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference - The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference to be held on May 2 – 4, 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Go Kubernetes

Introducing client-go version 6 - client-go version 6 support for Kubernetes 1.9

Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform

Whitepaper: Lift and shift to Google Cloud Platform - This “Lift-and-Shift” white paper walks you through migrating a Microsoft Windows-based, two-tier, expense reporting, web-application that currently resides on-premises, in your data center.

Virtual Private Cloud

Three ways to configure robust firewall rules - In article are explained several ways how to configure firewall rules via Google Cloud VPCs (Virtual Private Cloud).

BigQuery Cloud ML GCP Experience

Trash talk: How moving Apigee Sense to GCP reduced our “data litter” and decreased our costs - Apigee deployed several services to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This article talks about benefits of moving Apigee Sense to GCP to use its advanced machine learning capabilities.

Docker GCP Experience Kubernetes

7 Steps to K8s: How We Moved Our Entire Platform - Know about Codefresh which is a docker native CI/CD platform that builds and runs thousands of Docker images.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Using preemptible VMs to cut Kubernetes Engine bills in half - The article explains how a mix of preemptible and regular Kubernetes nodes on Google Cloud Platform can substantially save money without sacrificing application stability.


Kubernetes: a story about custom images, packer and sysdig - Article about deploying Kubernetes to GCE with a custom OS image.


Firebase: Migrating data to Cloud Firestore using Admin SDK - This post demonstrates how to implement a custom data migration script for Cloud Firestore using Firebase Admin SDK.


Hugo + Firebase: How to create your own static website for free in minutes - How to deploy static website to Firebase.

App Engine Firebase

App Engine vs Firebase — Welcome to Bizzaro World - The articles goes over architectural differences for App Engine vs Firebase and using for authentication .

Cloud Functions Container Builder Tutorial

Scripted Build Triggers - This article describes how to use API to create build trigger for Container Builder, since it's not possible (yet) through Google Cloud SDK.


Using Google Cloud Platform to store and query 1.4 billion usernames and passwords - The article explains process of importing large dataset into BigQuery and how to get interesting insights from it.

Cloud Datalab

Using Github with Google Datalab - The article goes over gist describing how to set up Github as your git remote in Google Datalab.

Javascript Tutorial

The Complete Guide To Deploying JavaScript Applications - Part 1: Database, and API Deployment - This tutorial shows you how to deploy your JavaScript applications to different cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Netlify, and others.

App Engine Cloud SQL

Connecting to Google CloudSQL from App Engine - Brief explanation how to properly configure settings to connect to Google Cloud SQL from App Engine.

BigQuery Cloud Pub/Sub

Writing a Pub/Sub Stream to BigQuery - Publishing tweets from Twitter's to Pub/Sub and then streaming to BigQuery.

BigQuery Cloud Dataprep TensorFlow

Analyzing Israeli weed market with Google Cloud DataPrep, BigQuery and TensorFlow - Getting, cleaning and analyzing data about marijuana sales with Google Cloud Platform products.

Cloud Spanner

Why you should pick strong consistency, whenever possible - This article explains features of Cloud Spanner like unique combination of external, strong consistency, relational semantics, high availability and horizontal scaling.

Cloud Bigtable

BigTable: storing Protobuf bytes in one column vs splitting the content into column families/qualifiers - Comparison on storing data as binary and text in BigTable.

Machine Learning

Problem-solving with ML: automatic document classification - This blog post explains how off-the-shelf ML tools can be used to automatically label news articles.

Beginner Docker Python TensorFlow Tutorial

What’s After Setting up a GCP Computing Instance? Running a Custom Docker Container with Tensorflow - In this post, you will learn how to setup a custom docker image, create a container with the image and and get your python + Tensorflow scripts running in that.

PHP Tutorial

HA LAMP and other nice features on Google Cloud Platform - This article covers a LAMP deployment but goes on to demonstrate several key features you can use to make your own high availability system.


rclone — Keep An Eye On Your Files With Bulk Batch Processing For Amazon, Google, Dropbox And Other Cloud Storage Systems - The article explains Bulk Stash Docker image which is a rclone service to sync, or copy, files between different storage services.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Certified Professional — Cloud Architect — Study Resources - A collection of relevant exam resources and content for Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam.

Beginner DevOps Tutorial

Building custom machine images with Packer - Step by steps instructions about how to build a custom machine image for the google cloud platform using packer.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - Launchpad Studio with Malika Cantor and Peter Norvig.

Cloud Datalab

Datalab: Notebook in the Cloud - Learn how to use Cloud Datalab to use a notebook in the cloud to do data science on large datasets!


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