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Cloud Security Command Center Official Blog

Security Command Center - Increasing operational efficiency with new mute findings capability - Security Command Center mute findings capability helps you gain operational efficiencies by effectively managing the findings volume based on your organization’s policies and requirements.

Event Official Blog Security

Join us for Google Cloud Security Talks: Zero Trust edition - Join us for Google Cloud Security Talks with sessions focused on zero trust. Learn how you can protect your users and critical information.


Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

DevOps NoSQL Official Blog SRE

Empowering DevOps to foster customer loyalty in modern retail with MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud - MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud can enhance DevOps performance in today’s retail market.

Official Blog Security

Illicit coin mining, ransomware, APTs target cloud users in first Google Cybersecurity Action Team Threat Horizons report - The first threat report from the Google Cybersecurity Action Team finds cloud users are often targeted by illicit coin mining, ransomware, and APTs.

Anthos Official Blog

Edge computing—challenges and opportunities for enterprise cloud architects - When building applications for the edge, it’s important to design for unreliable hardware and intermittent network connectivity.

Anthos Official Blog

Can you make OpenStack more interesting to cloud natives? Here's how! - This blog post highlights how you can accelerate your application modernization journey by taking advantage of Anthos on bare metal’s support for running on OpenStack.

Cloud Operations GCP Experience Official Blog SRE

How Sabre is using SRE to lead a successful digital transformation - Sabre Corporation joined forces with Google Cloud as their preferred cloud provider to accelerate their digital transformation following SRE principles.

IAM Security

How to Use Self-made Service Account Key with Expiration Date on Google Cloud Platform - You should rotate your local credentials from time to time for security reasons. This is how you can do that with GCP service account keys.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

Vodafone provides anonymized mobile phone signal data to help monitor the spread of COVID-19 and inform early warning systems for new outbreaks - European Union calls on Vodafone to share anonymized mobile phone signal data to help monitor the spread of COVID-19.

Anthos Official Blog

Edge computing—building enterprise edge applications with Google Cloud - Edge hardware device vendors and service providers leverage Google's Enterprise edge platform software to redefine offering Edge services at scale.

Firebase NoSQL

Export CSV from Firebase Firestore without Code - Using Firefoo, a Firebase GUI to export Firestore collections.

Cloud Dataflow Cloud Logging Data Loss Prevention API

Protect sensitive info in logs using Google Cloud - See a way to protect sensitive information that accidentally can find its way into application logs.

AI Dialogflow

Using Dialogflow CX composite entities to work around system entities limitations - Dialogflow CX provides many system entities to extract common types from end-user expressions. This post describes how system entities can be combined into custom composite entities to overcome limitations for some languages.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Apache Beam BigQuery Python

Using Apache Beam to automate your Preprocessing in Data Science - Extracting, Cleaning and Exporting the data from a public API with the help of Apache Beam and GCP.

BigQuery Cloud SQL Cloud Storage Workflows

Replicate data from BigQuery to Cloud SQL - Synchronisations between BigQuery, after a huge petabyte computation, and Cloud SQL, to serve the result at low latency are often required!

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Java

Open sourcing protobuf-to-bigquery converter - Java library to convert Protocol buffer Java object to BigQuery row.

dbt Machine Learning Vertex AI

Running dbt on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Pipelines - Merging dbt and Vertex AI to for efficient, cost-effective ML and AI workloads on Google Cloud.

Big Data Machine Learning

From Zero to Hero with Databricks on Google Cloud - This article will walk you through the main steps to become efficient with Databricks on Google Cloud.

Dialogflow TensorFlow Vertex AI

Boost up a Helpdesk Chatbot with Dialogflow CX, TFX and Vertex AI - In this article, it's illustrated how to formalize a Tensorflow model training in order to run it via TFX on Vertex Pipelines and later use with Dialogflox CX.

CI Cloud Build dbt

Serverless dbt on Google Cloud Platform - A serverless solution to run dbt in a self-hosted setup.


GCP Certification Official Blog

Get to know the Google Cloud certifications in 1 minute - You might have noticed a series of short videos introducing various Google Cloud certifications being published over the last few months. In this blog we would like to offer the series wrap up and share all the videos with you. This is our attempt to introduce the job role, exam as well as relevant resources in less than a minute. Challenge accepted!

GCP Certification

Passing the Google Data Engineer Professional Exam(in 4 days) - What to focus on when preparing for Data Engineer certification exam.

GCP Certification Machine Learning

Get recognized as an ML Expert with the Google Professional ML Engineer Certificate! - Passing ML Engineer certification exam.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Security Podcast - #44 Evolving a SIEM for the Future While Learning from the Past.

Toronto Meetup: Intro to Vertex AI, unified MLOps platform for Data Scientists & ML Engineers



Certificate Authority Service - You can now browse all the code samples for Certificate Authority Service on the documentation site.

Cloud Functions - Cloud Functions is now available in the following region: us-west1 (Oregon) See Cloud Functions Locations for details.

Load Balancing - When you make an internal TCP/UDP load balancer the next hop of a static route, the route can have instance tags (also called network tags).

Cloud Logging - On or after March 3, 2022, the Legacy Logs Viewer will be shut down and all users will be redirected to use the Logs Explorer.

Cloud Monitoring - The date on which pricing for Monitoring data ingested by using GKE workload metrics goes into effect has changed.

VMware Engine - Added an update to the September 22, 2021 service announcement. As of November 4, 2021, Google Cloud VMware Engine achieves the following compliance certifications: ISO/IEC 27001 ISO/IEC 27017 ISO/IEC 27018.


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