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Announcing the launch of Premium Support for your enterprise and mission-critical needs - New support tiers from Google Cloud offer even more tailored support for enterprise-class, mission-critical workloads.

Infrastructure Official Blog

IBM Power Systems now available on Google Cloud - Customers can run IBM Power Systems as a service on Google Cloud.

Business Official Blog

Exploring container security: Announcing the CIS Google Kubernetes Engine Benchmark - Follow security best practices with new CIS benchmarks for Kubernetes and GKE

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Google acquires AppSheet to help businesses create and extend applications—without coding - By joining together, we’re helping companies more easily create and extend applications without the need for professional coding skills.

Anthos GCP Certification Official Blog

New Anthos training: a masterclass in hybrid cloud architecture and management - New Anthos training now available.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog SRE

Using deemed SLIs to measure customer reliability - Following SRE principles involves reliability metrics like SLOs and SLIs. See how CRE teams and customers at Google use deemed SLIs

Networking Official Blog

Performance art: Making cloud network performance benchmarking faster and easier - Learn how to use PerfKit Benchmarker to benchmark the performance of your cloud network.

Infrastructure Security

10 questions to ask yourself when migrating to Google Cloud - Some of the big questions to ask yourself when you want to migrate to Google Cloud.


Disaster Recovery on Google Cloud for Data (Part 2) - The article goes through a process of planing data recovery on Google Cloud.

Docker Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Kubernetes: Deploying containers in cluster - After a brief explanation of Kubernetes concepts, the sample application is deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine Knative Kubernetes Serverless

How to properly install Knative on GKE - Bypassing a bug when installing Knative on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Docker Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Storage

Setting up Cassandra Multi-Site on Google Kubernetes Engine with Casskop - The article goes through the process of setting Cassandra clusters on Google Kubernetes Engine using the Casskop operator.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Firestore Cloud Run Cloud SQL Cloud Storage

3 Great Options for Persistent Storage with Cloud Run - Examples of storage options for applications deployed on Cloud Run.

Cloud KMS Cloud SQL

Creating a Cloud SQL instance with CMEK - Creating a Cloud SQL instance with a Customer Managed Encryption Keys.

Cloud IoT IoT

Executing commands on-prem using GCP IoT Core devices - Sending commands from IoT Cloud to a device.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Serverless

Building Your First Serverless Slack App on GCP is so Easy - Using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Functions to create a Slack app.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Data Fusion Serverless

Deploying and Running CDF pipelines with REST - Using API to manage Cloud Data Fusion instances and deploying pipelines.

BigQuery Data Analytics

Check-list: selecting the right data transformation service for Google BigQuery - List of products on Google Cloud Platform to use for moving data to BigQuery.


How to connect to Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift via QueryPie - QueryPie (SQL Tool) offers now connector to BigQuery.

Cloud AutoML Machine Learning Official Blog

Want to use AutoML Tables from a Jupyter Notebook? Here’s how - Using Auto ML SDK to in Jupyter Notebooks.

BigQuery Machine Learning

When are the bugs coming? ML modelling in BigQuery to predict the next bug outbreak - Data modeling to answer the question everyone is thinking this time of year in Australia — predicting cockroach and mosquitoes outbreaks!

AI Platform Data Science Machine Learning Python

Using Scikit-learn on Google Cloud Platform - Training Scikit-learn models on GCP’s AI Platform.

BigQuery Data Studio

The exponential adoption of Tesla in the Netherlands - Exploring the RDW license plate data set with BigQuery, Cloud Storage and Data Studio

AI Platform TensorFlow

Fraud detection with TensorFlow and Explainable AI - Building a model for fraud detection on financial data on AI Platform.


Business Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Google Cloud helps retailers win the digital race - Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian shares how we’re working with retailers to help them become more customer-centric and data-driven, accelerate digital and omnichannel revenue growth, and drive operational improvement.

GCP Certification

How I was able to clear my Google Cloud Engineer exam - A list of topics to focus on when preparing and taking an exam for Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

GCP Certification

Course for Professional Cloud Developer Certification - Free online course for Professional Cloud Developer Certification.


Epic Systems, a major medical records vendor, is warning customers it will stop working with Google Cloud - Account representatives from Epic Systems, one of the largest providers of medical record systems, have started calling customers with a clear message: We will not be pursuing further integrations with Google Cloud.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Kubernetes Podcast - #86 Invention, IBM and Istio, with Lin Sun



BigQuery - Updated versions of Magnitude Simba JDBC and ODBC drivers have been released. BigQuery Reservations is now available in the London (europe-west2) region.

BigQuery Transfer - There is no longer a charge to use Google's ads management connectors and YouTube connectors for the BigQuery Data Transfer Service.

Cloud Functions - Cloud Functions has added support for a new runtime, Go 1.13, in Beta: The Go Runtime.

Load Balancing - Documentation update for Adding backend buckets to load balancers.

Stackdriver Logging - Customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) for the Logs Router are now Generally Available (GA).

AI Platform - The price of using NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs for online prediction has changed from $0.9500 per hour to $0.3500 per hour. The price of using NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs for training has changed.

Stackdriver Monitoring - Stackdriver Monitoring in the Cloud Console is Generally Available and is the default option.

Stackdriver - Customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) for the Logs Router are now Generally Available (GA). Stackdriver Monitoring in the Cloud Console is Generally Available and is the default option.

Web Risk API - The Web Risk API is now generally available.


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