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AI Cloud AutoML Machine Learning Official Blog

Discover insights from text with AutoML Natural Language, now generally available - AutoML Natural Language is generally available and has new features.

Official Blog Storage

Introducing Storage Transfer Service for on-premises data - Moving many terabytes of on-premises data to cloud has been slow and complicated, but Transfer Service for on-premises data makes it easier.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Introducing E2, new cost-optimized general purpose VMs for Google Compute Engine - Announcing the new E2 VMs, cost-optimized general-purpose machine types for Google Compute Engine.

Anthos Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless

What’s new in Cloud Run for Anthos - The GA of Cloud Run for Anthos includes several new features.

Networking Official Blog Security

Packet Mirroring: Visualize and protect your cloud network - The new Packet Mirroring service helps you analyze and monitor network traffic on Google Cloud.

Secret Manager Security

Secret Manager - Secret Manager provides a secure and convenient tool for storing API keys, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Cloud Asset Inventory Official Blog Security

Keep a better eye on your Google Cloud environment - The fully managed metadata inventory service from Google Cloud can help manage all your cloud assets.

Compute Engine Infrastructure Official Blog

Performance-driven dynamic resource management in E2 VMs - A technical look at dynamic resource management behind E2 VM machine types.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog Security

Exploring container security: Performing forensics on your GKE environment - In the event your containers are attacked, these best practices will help you perform forensics.

Official Blog SRE

Learning—and teaching—the art of service-level objectives -- CRE Life Lessons - Host your own Art of SLOs workshop with Google SRE materials, now available to anyone.

Official Blog

Modernize your apps with Migrate for Anthos - Migrate for Anthos can help modernize existing applications into containers.

Google Kubernetes Engine

How we hack densely packed GKE cluster - Overcoming specific problems on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Scale your kubernetes cluster to (almost) zero with GKE autoscaler - Fine-tuning GKE cluster size to run ephemeral jobs.

Anthos Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Monitoring

Monitoring Workloads Migrated with Migrate for Anthos - Exploring possibilities of monitoring and logging for applications VMs instances migrate to Anthos.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless

8 production-ready features you’ll find in Cloud Run fully managed - Eight features you’ll find in fully managed Cloud Run.

Compute Engine

Resolving getting locked out of a Compute Engine - Getting into “locked out” Linux GCE instance.

Cloud Storage

Debug Cloud Storage Client Libraries - Investigating HTTP requests being sent to Cloud Storage.

App Engine CI Cloud Build Gitlab

Auto deploy on AppEngine from Gitlab - Setup Gitlab pipeline to deploy code to App Engine.

Cloud Run Java Stackdriver

Java Logging on Cloud Run with Stackdriver - The article describes Java logging options on Cloud Run.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Big Data BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Official Blog

Using HLL++ to speed up count-distinct in massive datasets - There’s a better way to do the count distinct function using Google’s HyperLogLog++ algorithm in Dataflow and BigQuery.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub

Reading protocol buffer messages from Pub/Sub in Dataflow with Scio and ScalaPB - The article describes how messages encoded with Protobuf are read from Pub/Sub and subsequently used in Scio, Scala API for Apache Beam.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

New climate model data now in Google Public Datasets - Explore new climate model data in Google Cloud’s public dataset program. Climate model datasets include details and simulations.

BigQuery Data Analytics

Analyzing BigQuery Public Datasets - Analyzing Motor Vehicle Collision BigQuery Public Dataset.

BigQuery GCP Certification GIS

Nearest neighbor using BQ Scripting - GIS BigQuery script to find the nearest neighbor for a specific geo point.


Querying geographic raster data in BigQuery the brute force way - Using BigQuery to query rasters (pixels) geo data.

BigQuery GIS

Puppies & BigQuery: Analyzing Geospatial Data - Pet density analysis and visualization in BigQuery GIS.

Data Science

This is how you put the data in Data Science! - Google's search engine for Datasets.

AI Platform GPU Machine Learning TensorFlow

AI Platform Prediction with Accelerators - Using NVIDIA's GPUs to train ML models on AI Platform.

Machine Learning Python TensorFlow

Tales of a machine learning startup - How to build and deploy a diabetes diagnostic app from A to Z using Tensorflow, Google Cloud Platform, and Flask.

Big Data BigQuery

k-Means Clustering in BigQuery now does better initialization - The Scalable k-Means++ initialization option in BigQuery ML

AI Platform Machine Learning TensorFlow

Building ML pipelines for TensorFlow in Google Cloud AI Platform using MLflow - An end to end pipeline using MLflow and AI Platform.


Business Google Cloud Platform

Company of the Year: Google Cloud - Google Cloud's newly appointed leadership pushed it to become a general purpose platform accessible to enterprise customers, not merely an innovative, "Googly" technology stack.

AWS Azure Business Google Cloud Platform

Amazon, Google, Microsoft: Here's Who Has the Greenest Cloud - How major cloud providers are using clean energy.

GCP Certification

How to pass the Google Professional Cloud Developer certification - A guide to succeed on the Google Professional Cloud Developer certification exam.

GCP Certification

How to pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer exam - Without the recommended 3-year industry experience

GCP Certification

Road to Success — Professional Data Engineer — Google Cloud Platform

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #207 End of the Year Recap

Kubernetes Podcast - #83 Kubernetes 1.17, with Guinevere Saenger



AppEngine Admin API - Serverless VPC Access is now GA.

BigQuery - BigQuery Reservations is now in beta in US and EU regions. Support for tables partitioned on an integer column is now in Beta. For users billed on the on-demand pricing model, BigQuery can now burst beyond the default slot capacity to accelerate queries.

BigQuery Transfer - Support for Cloud Storage Transfers is now generally available GA.

BigTable - Table-level IAM for Cloud Bigtable is now generally available.

Cloud Build - Closing pull requests will now cancel running builds in pull requests associated with GitHub App triggers.

Data Fusion - Cloud Data Fusion version is now available.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention - Added additional infoType detectors: AUSTRALIA_DRIVERS_LICENSE_NUMBER FRANCE_TAX_IDENTIFICATION_NUMBER.

Cloud Functions - Cloud Functions now supports Serverless VPC Access at the General Availability release level.

IAM - On December 9, we announced that Cloud IAM policies would now identify deleted members. Cloud IAM Conditions are now available in public beta. Cloud IAM policies now identify deleted members that are bound to a role. If a binding in a policy refers to a deleted member (for example, deleted:user:[email protected]?uid=123456789012345678901), you cannot add a binding for a newly created member with the same name (in this case, user:[email protected]).

Google Kubernetes Engine Rapid - GKE 1.16.0-gke.20 (alpha) is now available for testing and validation in the Rapid release channel. extensions/v1beta1, apps/v1beta1, and apps/v1beta2 won't be served by default. New clusters have the cos-metrics-enabled flag enabled by default.

Google Kubernetes Engine Regular - There are no changes to the Regular channel, but 1.15 will be available in this channel in January 2020.

Cloud Life Sciences - Cloud Life Sciences offers single-region support in the europe-west2 (London) region.

Load Balancing - Internal TCP/UDP Load Balancing as next hop is available in General Availability.. Internal TCP/UDP Load Balancing with global access is available in Beta. Internal HTTP(S) Load Balancing is available in General Availability. Multiple domains for Google-managed SSL certificates is now available in Beta.

Stackdriver Logging - Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) version 1.15, which is now generally available, drops support for GKE versions 1.12 and earlier. Legacy Stackdriver support for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is deprecated.

Marketplace Partners - The SKUs for GCP Marketplace's VM solutions are changing, which may affect the data shown in your reports: In your Customer Insights reports, the sku_id and sku_description columns will show new values to reflect the change in SKU.

AI Platform - Starting January 1, 2020, the Python Software Foundation will no longer support Python 2.7. Starting on January 13, 2020, AI Platform Training and AI Platform Prediction will support each runtime version for one year after its release date. Starting on January 13, 2020, AI Platform Training will automatically delete the history of each training job 120 days after it is completed. Starting on January 13, 2020, runtimeVersion and pythonVersion will become required fields when you create Job or Version resources.

AutoML Natural Language - AutoML Natural Language General Availability (GA) release AutoML Natural Language enables you to train three types of custom machine learning models: AutoML Text & Document Classification creates models to classify documents according to labels that you define.

Stackdriver Profiler - Strackdriver Profiler supports Istio on Google Kubernetes Engine for Go, Java, Python, and Node.js services. Integration of Stackdriver Profiler with Virtual Private Cloud Service Controls is now beta.

Cloud PubSub - Push subscriptions can now send HTTP POST requests to webhook URLs without proof of domain ownership.

Cloud SQL - You can now use Cloud VPN with Cloud SQL. Connection organization policies for Cloud SQL give you the ability to set policies that control access to and from Cloud SQL instances. Cloud SQL now offers notifications for upcoming maintenance.

Stackdriver - Error Reporting now infers the service name and version from the logEntry fields named k8s-pod/serving_knative_dev/service and k8s-pod/serving_knative_dev/revision for Knative Serving labels on Cloud Run on Google Kubernetes Engine. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) version 1.15, which is now generally available, drops support for GKE versions 1.12 and earlier. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) version 1.15, which is now generally available, drops support for GKE versions 1.12 and earlier. Strackdriver Profiler supports Istio on Google Kubernetes Engine for Go, Java, Python, and Node.js services. Legacy Stackdriver support for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is deprecated. Legacy Stackdriver support for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is deprecated. Integration of Stackdriver Profiler with Virtual Private Cloud Service Controls is now beta. The Stackdriver Monitoring Dashboard API is now in Beta release.

Cloud Storage - Cloud IAM ConditionsBETA for Cloud Storage is now available.

Cloud Vision API - Regional endpoints available for OCR The Vision API now offers multi-regional support (us and eu) for the OCR feature.

Virtual Private Cloud - Serverless VPC Access is now Generally Available.

VPC Service Controls - Beta stage support for the following integrations: Profiler API.


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