Welcome to issue #144 July 1st, 2019

Workload Identities for GKE, Deep Learning Containers, Data Catalog are just some of few official releases for last week. 



Google Kubernetes Engine IAM Official Blog

Introducing Workload Identity: Better authentication for your GKE applications - The new Workload Identity for GKE integrates with Cloud IAM to make authentication to Google Cloud services easier and more secure.

Data Analytics Data Catalog Official Blog

Google Cloud Data Catalog now available in public beta - Data Catalog, our fully managed data discovery and metadata management service is now available in public beta so you can quickly discover, manage, and understand your data in Google Cloud.

AI Kubernetes Machine Learning Official Blog

Introducing Deep Learning Containers: Consistent and portable environments - Deep Learning Containers help you manage the compatibility and complexities of your software stack, so you can focus on iterating and refining your machine learning model.

Official Blog Stackdriver

See how your code actually executes with Stackdriver Profiler, now GA - Cloud monitoring is now even better, as Stackdriver Profiler is now generally available from Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

AI BigQuery Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog

Analyze BigQuery data with Kaggle Kernels notebooks - BigQuery users can now query and create BQML models within an integrated development environment using Kaggle Kernels.


Knative Serving release v0.7.0 - New release for Knative.

Business Infrastructure Official Blog

Introducing Equiano, a subsea cable from Portugal to South Africa - Google’s private Equiano subsea cable will improve connectivity, resilience and latency for the people who live and work in Africa.

Business Official Blog

Google Cloud + Chronicle: The security moonshot joins Google Cloud - Chronicle, Alphabet’s enterprise security company born in the X moonshot factory, is joining Google Cloud.

Articles, Tutorials

DevOps Official Blog SRE Terraform

GCP DevOps tricks: Create a custom Cloud Shell image that includes Terraform and Helm - Learn how to add DevOps tools like Helm and Terraform to Cloud Shell, GCP’s browser-based management tool

DevOps Official Blog SRE

How SRE teams are organized, and how to get started - Getting started with SRE often starts with understanding SRE principles and how teams are organized. Find tips here on which SRE team implementation to use.

Networking Official Blog

Solutions: Patterns for connecting other cloud service providers with GCP - This document helps cloud architects and operations professionals decide how to connect Google Cloud Platform with other cloud service providers (CSP) such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


VPC Network Peering on Google Cloud Platform - Overview of VPC Networking peering.

Security Terraform

GCP: HashiCorp Vault Deployment with Terraform - Deploying HashiCorp Vault on Google Cloud.

AWS Cloud Spanner NoSQL

Database Migration : Migrating from DynamoDB to Google Cloud Spanner (Part 1) - The article goes through the process of migrating from DynamoDB to Cloud Spanner.

AWS Cloud Spanner NoSQL

Database Migration : Migrating from DynamoDB to Google Cloud Spanner (Part 2) - Second article related to migration from DynamoDB to Cloud Spanner

App Engine Cloud Functions Docker Firebase GCP Experience

Stonewall Forever - Creating an app using GCP products.

Javascript Knative Kubernetes Serverless

OpenWhisk Actions on Knative — Packaging Actions as Node.js Module - This is a follow up blog post of How to run OpenWhisk actions on Knative?

Data Loss Prevention API Official Blog Security

Take charge of your data: How tokenization makes data usable without sacrificing privacy - Learn about how to use tokenization in Cloud DLP to protect sensitive data.


BigQuery and Its Big Benefit - Overview of BigQuery and its features.


Contains/Covers/Intersects/Within? - Discussion about BigQuery GIS features.

Google Cloud : Recommendation Systems with Spark on DataProc - In this tutorial, You’ll be learning how to create a movie recommendation system with Spark, utilizing PySpark.

Big Data Data Analytics

Data and Analytics on Google Cloud Platform - Overview of data and analytics services available on Google Cloud Platform.

Apache Beam

Learnings from Beam Summit Europe 2019 - An overview of the most interesting topics that were discussed at the Beam summit Europe 2019.

BigQuery Cloud Storage Ruby

Exporting data from BigQuery to Google Drive and Cloud Storage using Ruby - Ruby scripts to move data between various storages on GCP.

Beginner Data Studio

Create a Dashboard with Google Data Studio and make automatic reports with it - The article describes how to start working with Data Studio.

Cloud AutoML Official Blog

How to implement document tagging with AutoML - Learn how to use AutoML to fetch important content from an image like signatures, stamps, and boxes, for processing.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #183 Google Cloud Platform UX with Michael Kleinerman

Kubernetes Podcast - #59 Banzai Cloud, with Janos Matyas


An Introduction to the Google Cloud Public Datasets Program


Google Cloud Monitoring using Prometheus & Grafana


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