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Runtimes for Cloud Functions are GA, there are interesting articles regarding networking related topics, as well as Cloud Run use cases.



Official Blog

Efficiently scale ML and other compute workloads on NVIDIA’s T4 GPU, now generally available - NVIDIA’s T4 GPUs is now generally available in Google Cloud Platform regions around the world.

Cloud Functions Go NodeJS Official Blog Python Serverless

Your favorite runtimes, now generally available on Cloud Functions - Python, Go and Node.js are now supported runtimes on Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Cloud rendering platform Zync Render gets a major update - Zync Render 2.0 consists of a complete Google-native rewrite of the application, providing benefits such as faster job start-up time, increased compute scalability, and several other new features that users have identified as critical to workflows.

API Apigee Official Blog

Making API development faster with new Apigee Extensions - New Apigee Extensions let you manage APIs through a new range of Google Cloud services, including Compute Engine, Cloud ML Engine and BigQuery.

AI Machine Learning

AI Platform Notebooks/VMs Release M25 - Improvements and updates for AI Platform.

Articles, Tutorials

Identity platform Official Blog

Getting started with Identity Platform - Take a deeper look at how to use Identity Platform to add identity and access management functionality to your apps and services.

Networking Official Blog

Google Cloud networking in depth: Simplify routing between your VPCs with VPC peering - Google Cloud networking now lets you automatically share routes between peered VPCs.

Cloud Storage Official Blog VPC Service Controls

Using VPC Service Controls and the Cloud Storage Transfer Service to move data from S3 to Cloud Storage - You can move AWS S3 data into Google Cloud Storage buckets with the Transfer Service, plus add VPC Service Controls for added security.

Networking Security

Protect your Google Cloud Instances with Firewall Rules - Explanation of how firewall rules work with Compute Engine instances.

Cloud Storage Networking Security VPC Service Controls

Private Access to GCP APIs through VPN Tunnels - This tutorial demonstrates how to use APIs for Google Cloud Platform services from an external network, such as on-premises private network or another cloud provider’s network to access GCP services without using public IP addresses.


Terraformer - CLI tool to generate terraform files from existing infrastructure (reverse Terraform).

IAM Terraform

Terraform “Assume Role” and service Account impersonation on Google Cloud - Using impersonated service accounts with Terraform.

Compute Engine

Export your Google Cloud instances in one command - Scrip to export GCE disks into various formats.

Knative Kubernetes

Serverless on Kubernetes with Knative - Totorial goes through creating Google Kubernetes Cluster and deploying Knative application.

Cloud Run Serverless

Using Cloud Run service as async worker - Process of deploying private Cloud Run service as Async Task Worker

App Engine Cloud Run

App Engine Flex || Cloud Run - Deploying containerized apps 3 ways on GCP.

Cloud Functions Cloud Run Serverless

Google Cloud Run or how to run your static website in 5 minutes and much more - Using Cloud Run to deploy a static website in a Docker container.

Cloud Functions Cloud Storage Go Security

GPG stream encryption and decryption on Google Cloud Functions and Cloud Run - This article shows how to deploy a GPG Encryption and Decryption functions that read in a file in GCS and performs the named operations against the source file provided.

Cloud Functions Security Serverless

Event Driven Security on Google Cloud Platform - How to use Stackdriver logging events to trigger Google Cloud Functions to protect your cloud infrastructure.

App Engine NodeJS Tutorial

Using Google APIs in an App Engine Application with Node.js - The article explains how to set and use Google APIs in App Engine NodeJS runtime.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Python

Moving your cron job to the cloud with Google Cloud Functions - Example of migrating cron job from server to Google Cloud.

Cloud Storage

Upload/Download files from a browser with GCS Signed URLs and Signed Policy Documents - On the example of small javascript application upload/download files with GCS Signed URLs and Signed Policy Documents is demonstrated.

Python Stackdriver

Python and Stackdriver Logging - Example of using synchronous / asynchronous Stackdriver logging in Python.

Cloud Bigtable NoSQL

One (new) thing you need to know about Google Cloud Bigtable - Comparison and benchmarking of ScyllaDB and Cloud Bigtable

Big Data Official Blog Storage

Principles and best practices for data governance in the cloud - The white paper which outlines best practices and guidelines for organizations to establish data governance in a cloud-first world.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Stackdriver

Profiling Dataflow Pipelines - The article describes methods to investigate slow Dataflow pipelines.

BigQuery DevOps GCP Experience

A Database Migration Story: 99% Cost Reduction and 100% Hindsight - How BetterCloud’s Data Team executed a long database migration from MS Azure SQL Server to Bigquery.

Cloud Functions Machine Learning Official Blog

Empower your AI Platform-trained serverless endpoints with machine learning on Google Cloud Functions - Using Cloud Functions as API endpoints for machine learning models.

GCP Certification

Study smart for your Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer Certification Exam - How not to prepare for GCP Data Engineer exam!

GCP Experience

GitLab’s journey from Azure to GCP - Description of Gitlab's migration process from Azure to GCP.

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #175 MongoDB with Andrew Davidson

Kubernetes Podcast - #51 KeyBank, with Gabe Jaynes. KeyBank were an early adopter of containers, and Gabe talks about the reasons they undertook this transformation.


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