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Cloud Functions Identity platform May 16, 2022

Adding custom roles to JWT on login with Google Identity Platform - Learn how to user Cloud Functions to add custom claims to a user on sign in and sign up in Identity Platform.

Firebase Identity platform Security May 2, 2022

Differences between Google Identity Platform and Firebase Authentication - An overview and comparison of Google Identity Platform and Firebase Authentication.

Firebase Identity platform Security April 19, 2021

Exploiting weak configurations in Google Identity Platform - Analyzing Identity Platform and Firebase Auth.

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Identity platform Security Aug. 24, 2020

Zero Trust for Enterprise : Cooking up some access controls - Learn how you can apply Zero Trust methods of working to a cloud app with Identity-Aware Proxy and external identity providers.

IAM Identity platform Security April 6, 2020

Achieving identity and access governance on Google Cloud - How you can achieve identity and access governance when using Google Cloud.

Identity platform March 2, 2020

Single Sign On (SSO) for your Firebase app with SAML - A tutorial to set up SAML authentication with Firebase for a web application.

Docker Identity platform Kubernetes Tutorial Nov. 25, 2019

Kubernetes RBAC with Google Cloud Identity Platform Custom Tokens - Simple tutorial on how to setup Kubernetes RBAC with Google Cloud Identity Platform.

Identity platform Official Blog Security Aug. 26, 2019

Cloud Identity and Atlassian Access: User lifecycle management across your organization - You can now provision and deprovision users of Atlassian’s Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and others, with Google Cloud Identity.

Identity platform Official Blog May 6, 2019

Getting started with Identity Platform - Take a deeper look at how to use Identity Platform to add identity and access management functionality to your apps and services.


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