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We have new region, examples of using CI/CD, real time systems and how to improve security in different areas.



Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

New GCP region in Zurich: Growing our support for Swiss and European businesses - New region on Europe.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Firestore NoSQL Official Blog

Google Cloud named a leader in the Forrester Wave: Big Data NoSQL - Forrester has named Google Cloud as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Security

Shifting to Context-Aware Access over time - How to do transition from perimiter security model to context aware.

Beginner Security

Set Up Google Cloud Armor to Secure your Website - Setting up Cloud Armor for Global Load Balancer.

IAM Security

Help stop data leaks with the Forseti External Project Access Scanner - Learn how to use the Forseti External Access Policy Scanner to identify hard-to-find data exfiltration paths in your GCP resource hierarchy.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Exploring container security: four takeaways from Container Security Summit 2019

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

GKE, Kubernetes, Helm, Odoo - This is a practical introduction to setting up and using Kubernetes, which includes setting it up on Google Kubernetes Engine, installing Helm and Tiller with TLS, installing Nginx and Cert-Manager for TLS secured ingresses, and finally installing Odoo as an example application.

Cloud Build Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Quick Tip: Simpler GKE authentication from Cloud Build - Articles describes ways to authenticating from Cloud Build to GKE.

CI Cloud Build Tutorial

Serverless CI/CD —Cloud Build - Overview of Cloud Build with some examples.

CI Cloud Functions Official Blog Serverless

Release with confidence: How testing and CI/CD can keep bugs out of production - Different testing strategies to use before deploying serverless systems in production.

Compute Engine Tutorial

The NATural Solution to Compute Instance Routing - Setting up NAT for Compute Engine instances.

Cloud SDK Compute Engine

Google Cloud CLI commands - Overview of Compute Engine CLI commands.

Cloud Storage Firebase

Firebase & Google Cloud: What’s different with Cloud Storage? - Explaining Cloud storage in context of Firebase and Google Cloud.


7 tips on Firebase security rules and the Admin SDK - Article describes how to fit security rules in Firebase into application architecture.

NoSQL Stackdriver

Configuring Stackdriver Logging for Neo4j VMs on GCP - Article describes how to send logs from Neo4j to Strandriver.

Data Loss Prevention API Stackdriver

Fluentd filter plugin for Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention API - Using Data Loss Prevention API to scrub data using Fluentd logs filter.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions GCP Experience

How I used Google Cloud Platform to start investing in stocks - Using GCP products to get data from exchange website and store them in Firestore.

Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub GCP Experience

Pulse: The Telegraph journey towards real-time analytics - Creating realtime dashboard using GCP.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Dataflow Java Terraform

Tracking crypto currencies exchange trades with GCP Bigtable and Dataflow in real time - Article describes infrastructure for creating tracking of crypto currencies exchange trades in real time.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow

Google Cloud Dataflow with Python for Satellite Image Analysis - Experimenting with Dataflow to ingest and transform Sentinel2 satellite images into EVI rasters.


Why BigQuery is The Next Big Thing With Example - Overview of BigQuery properties.

BigQuery Billing

Reconcile Your Monthly GCP Invoice with BigQuery Billing Export - Getting correct billing information from billing exports to BigQuery.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Data Studio Official Blog

Let the queries begin: How we built our analytics pipeline for NCAA March Madness - Using GCP to create pipeline and do predictive analytics for NCAA games.


Monitoring your BigQuery costs in real-time with the SuperQueryOperator - This post describes how you can get a view of your Airflow costs when you connect and implement Airflow tasks to and from BigQuery.

BigQuery Python

BigQuery API To Manage Tables + Cloud Functions = ❤️ - Using BigQuery API and Cloud Functions to delete temporary tables.


Fitting it in: Adjusting Team Metrics for Schedule Strength - Analyzing stats from NCAA games using BigQuery.

Official Blog TensorFlow

Cloud AI helps you train and serve TensorFlow TFX pipelines seamlessly and at scale - Learn how TensorFlow's TFX pipelines can streamline your training and serving workflow on GCP.

GCP Certification Official Blog

Get Google Cloud Certified at Next '19: What you need to know

DevOps Official Blog SRE

Make your voice heard! Take the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps survey - By contributing to the survey, you will help shape the narrative of the rapidly growing DevOps industry. Your insights will help drive conversations on how as an industry we can develop software faster with less risk.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Pi in the sky: Calculating a record-breaking 31.4 trillion digits of Archimedes’ constant on Google Cloud - Pi was calculated using GCP infrastructure to 31.4 trillion decimal places.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - # SAP HANA with Lucia Subatin and Kevin Nelson

Kubernetes Podcast - #44 Continuous Delivery Foundation, with Tracy Miranda


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