Welcome to issue #123 February 4th, 2019

Firestore (new NoSQL) database is generally available, but BigTable still rocks as you can read from articles in this issue. 



Cloud Firestore

NoSQL for the serverless age: Announcing Cloud Firestore general availability and updates - Announcement the general availability of Cloud Firestore, our serverless, NoSQL document database.

API Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Improving the developer experience with the enhanced Apigee Developer Portal - Enhancements to the Apigee Developer Portal.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

GKE usage metering: Whose line item is it anyway? - Launch of Google Kubernetes Engine usage metering in beta.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Data analytics, meet containers: Kubernetes Operator for Apache Spark now in beta - Beta launch of the Kubernetes Operator for Apache Spark , which helps you easily manage your Spark applications natively from Kubernetes.

Data Studio Official Blog

Build a custom data viz with Data Studio community visualizations - The new Data Studio community visualizations feature, now in developer preview, allows you to design your own custom visualizations and components for Data Studio.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Speed up and organize your move to cloud with new migration waves from Velostrata - Migration waves is GCP’s real-time enterprise migration tool in latest release of Velostrata, .

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog SAP

Creating intelligent enterprise applications using GCP services on SAP Cloud Platform - Architecture and steps required to access GCP services natively on the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions Official Blog Serverless

Building a serverless online game: Cloud Hero on Google Cloud Platform - Cloud Hero on Google Cloud Platform to build serverless online game.

Official Blog SRE

Tune up your SLI metrics: CRE life lessons - How you can tune your existing SLIs to be a better representation of what your customers are experiencing.

Billing Kubernetes

Better Cost Control in Kubernetes - Optimisation of deployments, and reviewing costs to ensure that we have well optimised usage of resources in Kubernetes.

CI DevOps Kubernetes

Continuous Delivery Pipelines to Google Kubernetes Engine with Gitlab - Building a continuous integration and deployment pipeline into Kubernetes running on Google Cloud platform.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploy a highly available shared storage service in Google Kubernetes Engine with Regional Persistent Disks and NFS - How to deploy a highly available shared storage service in Google Kubernetes Engine with Regional Persistent Disks and NFS.

Knative Kubernetes

Knative v0.3 Autoscaling — A Love Story - Example of how to use autoscaling with Knative

Compute Engine DevOps

Getting Started with Red Hat Ansible for Google Cloud Platform - Explore the use of Ansible, the open source community project sponsored by Red Hat.

Cloud Bigtable GCP Experience Official Blog

Cloud Bigtable brings database stability and performance to Precognitive - Moving to Cloud Bigtable improved developer experience and reduced latency for Precognitive's fraud detection software products.

Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Bigtable & time series data - Time series in Cloud Bigtable help us identify trends in data, letting us demonstrate concretely what happened in the past and make informed estimates of future.

Cloud SQL Kubernetes

Connecting to Private Cloud SQL Instances Remotely - Article explains how to connect to Cloud SQL from Kubernetes.

Cloud SQL Java

How to configure Micronaut to use Google Cloud MySql as datastore - How to configure your Micronaut app to use Google Cloud Sql for MySQL as a datastore.

App Engine Python

11 Things To Understand Before Migrating Your Python 2 GAE App To Python 3 - Switching from the old GAE environment to the new one.

Cloud Build

Code Coverage on Google Cloud Build - How to set code coverage on Google Cloud Build.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Extending Stackdriver to on-prem with the new BindPlane integration - BindPlane integration from Blue Medora lets you consolidate all your signals into Stackdriver, GCP’s monitoring tool.

BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Serverless

Simple serverless data pipeline on Google Cloud Platform - Serverless pipeline using Cloud Scheduler, PubSub and Cloud Function to store data into BigQuery.

Cloud IoT Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud IoT step-by-step: Quality of life tip - The command line - Setting up Pub/Sub and IoT Core objects in GCP.

Cloud Pub/Sub Official Blog

Reliable streaming pipeline development with Cloud Pub/Sub’s Replay - Cloud Pub/Sub’s new Replay feature, you can now replay old events (or messages), giving your subscribers another chance to process them.

Cloud Dataproc Official Blog

10 tips for building long-running clusters using Cloud Dataproc - Tips and recommendations for using Cloud Dataproc in a non-ephemeral model.


DeepLearning Images Revision M19. TensorFlow 2.0 experimental. - Overview of whats coming up in TensorFlow 2.0.

Cloud Dataproc Official Blog TensorFlow

AI in Depth: Cloud Dataproc meets TensorFlow on YARN: Let TonY help you train right in your cluster - How to install a Hadoop cluster for LinkedIn open-source project TonY (TensorFlow on YARN).

BigQuery Official Blog

How we built a derivatives exchange with BigQuery ML for Google Next ‘18 - Building a derivatives exchange with BigQuery ML.


BigQuery for Data Warehouse: PART ONE - BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse that solves this problem by enabling super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure.


Google BigQuery’s Python SDK: Creating Tables Programmatically - Create tables in Google BigQuery, auto-generate their schemas, and retrieve said schemas.

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy

How to get Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy up and running - Practical of example of how to use Identity Aware Proxy.

GCP Certification

So you’re renewing your GCP Cloud solutions architect certification! - Tips on renewing your GCP Cloud solutions architect certification.

GCP Certification

Google’s way of doing things !!! - Google’s Site Reliability Engineering book, helpful resource for Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Certification.

AWS Google Cloud Platform

Mapping AWS Services to Google Cloud Platform - Cloud to cloud mapping between AWS Services to Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Azure Google Cloud Platform

Is Cloud to Cloud Migration Worth the Effort? - The benefits of Cloud to Cloud Migration.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #160 Knative with Mark Chmarny and Ville Aikas


Kubernetes Podcast - #38 Kubernetes Failure Stories, with Henning Jacobs


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