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Life in the Cloud is not without problems, hopefully some of articles in today's issue can help you overcome them.



Cloud Filestore

New Cloud Filestore service brings GCP users high-performance file storage - Cloud Filestore (currently in Beta) is managed file storage for applications that require a file system interface and a shared file system.


Announcing MongoDB Atlas free tier on GCP - MongoDB Atlas free tier allows developers a no-cost sandbox environment for MongoDB Atlas on GCP.

Cloud Storage

Bust a move with Transfer Appliance, now generally available in U.S. - The Transfer Appliance is a high-capacity server that lets you transfer large amounts of data to GCP, quickly and securely.


Kubernetes 1.11: In-Cluster Load Balancing and CoreDNS Plugin Graduate to General Availability - Newest version graduates key features in networking, opens up two major features from SIG-API Machinery and SIG-Node for beta testing, and continues to enhance storage features that have been a focal point of the past two releases.

Apache Beam Python

Dataflow Stream Processing now supports Python - Release 2.5 of Apache Beam introduces beta support for streaming in Python.


New GitHub repo: Using Firebase to add cloud-based features to games built on Unity - Github repository with sample projects and scripts utilize Firebase tools and services to help you add cloud-based features to your games being built on Unity.

Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure

Lights, camera, cloud: new tools for our media and entertainment customers - Los Angeles region will launch in July.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud for Electronic Design Automation: new partners - Google Cloud Platform showcasing a first-of-its-kind implementation of EDA in the cloud: implementation of the Synopsys VCS simulation solution for internal EDA workloads on Google Cloud as well as new partnerships.

Articles, Tutorials


Understanding error budget overspend - part one - CRE life lessons - Questions to consider to see if you need to recalibrate your error budget - when dowtime of your applications is more than your service level objectives.


Good housekeeping for error budgets - part two - CRE life lessons - Fixing the root that causes overspending error budget.

GCP Experience

Why you should not use Google Cloud. - A bit of horror experience on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform

My tips for getting help with Google Cloud Platform - Tips and tricks about getting help on Google Cloud Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Top Reasons why Google Cloud is the best place for cloud computing newbies - Some of reasons why you should choose Google Cloud Platform if you start with cloud.

Cloud Shell

No localhost? No problem! Using Google Cloud Shell as my full time development environment. - Tips and tricks working with Google Cloud Shell for development.

Machine Learning

6 must-see sessions on AI and machine learning at Next ‘18 - Must see 6 out of 75 sessions devoted to Machine Learning an AI on Next '18.

Google Cloud Platform

More GCP flowcharts for your delectation - All flowcharts related to Google Cloud Platform in one place.

Beginner gRPC

Exploring gRPC on Google Cloud Platform - Introduction to gRPC with performance comparison with RESTful API and example using Cloud Endpoints and Kubernetes Engine.

Compute Engine NodeJS Tutorial

Setup Bitcoin Lightning Server on Google Cloud - This guide will walk you through setting up your Bitcoin full node, Lightning network node, and a MEAN stack server to interact securely with your node.

App Engine Cloud Endpoints Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Single Page app using GKE, App Engine, Google Cloud Endpoints and Identity Aware Proxy - This tutorial and repo contains a sample single-page application protected by Google Cloud Identy-Aware Proxy and a corresponding API service that the app accesses behind Google Cloud Endpoints.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine

Hello DevOps! (part 1) - Setting up web application on Kubernetes Engine with CI/CD GitLab pipeline.

Compute Engine Storage

Tweaking Persistent Disk Performance - Explaining different types of persistent disks.

Stackdriver Tutorial

Stackdriver custom metrics, the easy way - Implementing custom metrics on Stackdriver.

Cloud Deployment Manager

Using Google Cloud Deployment Manager shared types - One useful feature in Deployment Manager is the ability to register a third-party API and then use Deployment Manager to deploy resources using the API. This concept is called type providers and greatly expands the capability to automate aribitrary CRUD-style APIs.


BigQuery in June: a new data type, new data import formats, and finer cost controls - Monthly summary of important news: new data type, data format, enhancing DML.

BigQuery Data Studio

The 2018 World Cup Visualized: All the Goals So Far - Visualization of goals from World Cup with BigQuery and Data Studio.

BigQuery Python

Google Search Console Data into Google BigQuery - Adapting an existing Python script to pull bulk data from Google Search Console into Google BigQuery.

BigQuery Cloud Datalab Cloud Dataprep

Building a Personal Genome Data Warehouse with Google Cloud, 23andMe and Family Tree DNA - Using Cloud Dataprep to clenup DNA raw data and then import to BigQuery and analyzing in Cloud Datalab.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Error handling strategy for Cloud Pub/Sub and Dead letter queues - How to implement dead letter queues (queues where you send the messages that you fail to process normally) in Pub/Sub.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Emulating Google’s Cloud Pub/Sub on Apache Kafka - Hosting Pub/Sub on your own.

Cloud Dataflow Java

Running format transformations with Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam - Code examples of conversions between tabular data file formats which can be with Apache Beam on Dataflow.

Cloud Dataproc Cloud Pub/Sub Tutorial

Using Apache Spark DStreams with Cloud Dataproc and Cloud Pub/Sub - This tutorial shows how to deploy an Apache Spark DStreams app on Cloud Dataproc and process messages from Cloud Pub/Sub in near real time.

Cloud Identity Tutorial

Google Cloud Identity - Sign Up - Setting up Cloud Identity.

Cloud Identity Tutorial

Google Cloud Identity - Sign Up, part 2 - Setting up Cloud Identity via Identity Sing Up wizard.


Google Cloud Platform Cross Org Billing - How to use same billing account across multiple organizations.

Google Cloud Platform

Why we believe in an open cloud - Google's view end efforts and related to open cloud.

Business GCP Experience

We’re moving from Azure to Google Cloud Platform - We believe Kubernetes is the future... Google invented Kubernetes, and GKE has the most robust and mature Kubernetes support.


Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene suggests she's a bit envious of Microsoft's GitHub acquisition, says platform should remain independent - Few comments from Diane Greene.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Machine Learning

GCP Podcast - #133 ML Kit with Brahim Elbouchikhi and Sachin Kotwani.


Kubernetes podcast - #9 SRE, with Tina Zhang and Fred van den Driessche.


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