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GPUs, TPUs and who-knows-what-more-kind-of-XYUs can be found in Google Cloud Platform.



Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

GCP arrives in the Nordics with a new region in Finland - Sixteenth Google Cloud Platform region, located in Finland, is now open.

Official Blog TPU

Cloud TPU now offers preemptible pricing and global availability - Cloud TPUs are available in two new regions (in Europe and Asia), and also preemptible pricing for Cloud TPUs that is 70% lower than the normal price.

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Official Blog

GPUs as a service with Kubernetes Engine are now generally available - General availability of GPUs in Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Announcing a new certification from Google Cloud Certified: the Associate Cloud Engineer - Launch of a new Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Powering up connected game development through our alliance with Unity - Google Cloud will be the default cloud provider for developers building connected games with Unity, helping them to easily build and scale their games. This means developers will be able to take advantage of Google Cloud right from the Unity development environment.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform NodeJS Official Blog SAP

How to run SAP Fiori Front-End Server (OpenUI5) on GCP in 20 mins - Setting up SAP OpenUI5 on a GCP instance running a local node.js webserver to run sample apps.

Cloud Datastore Official Blog

Building scalable web applications with Cloud Datastore — new solution - How to build large web applications with Cloud Datastore.

Official Blog Stackdriver

How to connect Stackdriver to external monitoring - Connect Stackdriver to external monitoring by enabling the alerting policies via webhooks.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog

ML Explorer: talking and listening with Google Cloud using Cloud Speech and Text-to-Speech - New features of the Cloud Speech and Cloud Text-to-Speech APIs in this ML Explorer post.

Cloud AutoML

Testing Google’s AutoML on the classification of dresses - Explore the options of AutoML applied to classification of different type of dresses.

GPU Machine Learning Tutorial

Complete Step by Step Guide of Keras Transfer Learning with GPU on Google Cloud Platform - Guide for Keras Transfer Learning with GPU on Google Cloud Platform.

IAM Security

Multi-Tenant Google Cloud Platform SaaS Applications - Challenges which companies implementing SaaS on GCP can face.

IAM Security

Multi-Tenant Google Cloud Platform SaaS Applications How-to - Scalable project-based isolation, the relationship between organizations and domains, as well as on network based controls, and their implications for multi-tenant SaaS applications.

Compute Engine Official Blog Security

Protect your Compute Engine resources with keys managed in Cloud Key Management Service - Beta functionality that you can use to further increase protection of your Compute Engine disks.

Google Cloud Platform

Deploying Pexip Infinity in Google Cloud Platform - Deploying Pexip Infinity (video collaboration) in Google Cloud Platform .

Google Kubernetes Engine

Terraform Pipelines in Jenkins - Build a pipeline in Jenkins to manage future changes to your infrastructure.

BigQuery Cloud Pub/Sub Compute Engine

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform for Google Cloud - Using terraform for creating pubsub, compute engine and big-query resources in Google cloud.

Cloud Marketplace Compute Engine Tutorial

Setting WordPress on Google Cloud Platform - How to setup WordPress on Google Cloud Platform.

App Engine

App Engine waterfall trace : the phantom spans - Analyzing request latency using traces on App Engine.

App Engine Go

Building a Go Web App from Scratch to Deploying on Google Cloud | Part #1 - Building a Simple Go Web App from Scratch. - Building a Go Web App which will be deployed on Google Cloud.

App Engine Cloud Functions NodeJS

Migrating From Firebase Functions to App Engine - Brief tutorial with steps to migrate Cloud Function from Firebase to App Engine Standard Node.js

Beginner Cloud Functions NodeJS

Getting started with Google Cloud Functions using NODE.JS - Brief introduction into using Firebase and Google Cloud Functions using NodeJS.

Cloud Dataflow Python

Python Development Environments for Apache Beam on Google Cloud Platform - How to set up a development environment for Python Dataflow jobs.


Visualising on-street parking in Melbourne with open data - Using BigQuery to prepare open data for visualization.


Kubernetes Best Practices — Season One - Collection of videos from Kubernetes Best Practices.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine without going NAT with kubeIP! - White listing by consumers based on source IP address in Google Kubernetes Engine with kubeIP.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Ship your Spring Boot application on Kubernetes in 10 minutes - Deploy multi-microservices project developed on Spring Boot on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog Security

Six essential security sessions at Google Cloud Next 18 - Six essential security sessions on foundational GCP security practices and offerings.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Firebase Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #132 Hand Talk with Thadeu Luz, automatic sign language interpretation.


Kubernetes Podcast - #8 Security, with Maya Kaczorowski

Google Cloud Platform

Introduction to Cloud Armor - Using Google Cloud Armor.


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