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Cloud Memorystore Official Blog

Introducing Cloud Memorystore: A fully managed in-memory data store service for Redis - Public beta version of Cloud Memorystore for Redis, a fully-managed in-memory data store service.

Firebase Official Blog

What’s new in Firebase at I/O 2018 - Number of improvements to Firebase announced at I/O 2018.

Firebase Machine Learning Official Blog

Introducing ML Kit for Firebase - ML Kit is in beta: a new SDK that brings Google's machine learning expertise to mobile developers in a powerful, yet easy-to-use package on Firebase.

App Engine NodeJS

Node.js on Google App Engine Standard - During Google I/O talk, Node.js runtime for Google App Engine Standard was revealed.

Machine Learning

Book: Hands-On Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform - Unleash Google's Cloud Platform to build, train and optimize machine learning models.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

GCP is building a region in Zürich - New Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region is announced to be build in Zürich.

Google Cloud Platform

Wallarm Node — now as a Google Cloud image - Native availability of Wallarm Node image for Google Cloud Platform.

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog SRE

Defining SLOs for services with dependencies - CRE life lessons - How to define and manage SLOs for services with dependencies.

DevOps Official Blog SRE

SRE vs. DevOps: competing standards or close friends? - What exactly is SRE and how does it relate to DevOps?

Compute Engine DevOps Official Blog

Using Jenkins on Google Compute Engine for distributed builds - Compute Engine Plugin, helping you to provision, configure and scale Jenkins build environments on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

DevOps Tutorial

How to do Serverless Continuous Integration between GitHub and Google Cloud Platform - Serverless Continuous Integration between GitHub and Google Cloud Platform.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes best practices: Resource requests and limits - How to solve certain Kubernetes problems using resource requests and limits.

Container Builder Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Exploring container security: Isolation at different layers of the Kubernetes stack - What kind of security isolation containers do provide, and, in the event that it’s not enough, where to look for stronger isolation.

AWS Azure Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Using Managed Kubernetes Services - Overview of the managed Kubernetes services of the major cloud providers.

GCP Experience Google Kubernetes Engine Ruby

Deploying Rails onto Kubernetes with GKE - How to get the application running perfectly using Kubernetes on Google Kubernetes Engine GKE.

Container Builder Official Blog

Building a serverless mobile development pipeline on GCP: new solution documentation - How to use Container Builder product to automate the build and distribution of the beta versions of your mobile application.


Firebase: Back-end integration with Admin SDK - High-level synopsis of the use cases of integration with Firebase Admin SDK.

App Engine Firebase NodeJS

RESTful Web Service with Node.js, Google App Engine and Firebase Real-time Database - Using Google App Engine to create and deploy RESTful web service.

Google Cloud Platform NodeJS

How to authenticate Google Cloud Services on Heroku for Node.js App - Authorize various Google Cloud services such as datastore, cloud storage, BigQuery etc. on Heroku.

App Engine Cloud SQL NodeJS

How to deploy NodeJS (Loopback) server + PostgreSQL database to Google App Engine + CloudSQL - Steps to deploy Loopback server + PostgreSQL database to Google App Engine + CloudSQL.

App Engine Cloud Datastore

Sharing local Datastore between Google App Engine and client library - How to share local Datastore data between Google App Engine app and client library.

Advanced Cloud Datastore Tutorial

How to add a cache layer to the Google Datastore (in Node.js) - Creating a cache layer to the Google Datastore Node.js library.

Cloud Pub/Sub Google Cloud Platform Google Kubernetes Engine

Event Sourcing with Lagom on GCP - Lagom is a microservice framework that helps you build reactive systems.

BigQuery NoSQL Official Blog Stackdriver

Transform publicly available BigQuery data and Stackdriver logs into graph databases with Neo4j - GCP announced availability of Neo4j Enterprise VM solution and Test Drive on Google Cloud. Launcher.


3 Step Setup Guide To Activating A Google BigQuery Data Warehouse Destination - Simple and easy setup guide for activating Google BigQuery within your Openbridge account.

BigQuery Compute Engine

Automatically Storing Tweets in BigQuery using Google’s Compute Engine and Twitter’s Search API - Storing Tweets in BigQuery using GCE and Twitter’s Search API.

Dialogflow Tutorial

How to create a chatbot using Dialogflow Enterprise Edition and Dialogflow API V2 - Create a chatbot using Dialogflow Enterprise Edition and Dialogflow API V2.

Beginner Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Storage Tutorial

Get object notification for Google cloud storage using pub/sub - Cloud Pub/Sub Notifications allow you to track changes to your Cloud Storage objects.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Certified: Passing the GCP Professional Cloud Architect Exam - Tips for passing the GCP Professional Cloud Architect Exam.

Google Cloud Platform

Why You Choose Career in Cloud Architect? How to Get Google Cloud Certification? - Architecting with Google Cloud Platform Specialization.

Cloud Datastore Cloud KMS Security

gcredstash — A Credential Management Tool using Google Cloud KMS and Datastore - gcredstash is a very simple, easy to use credential management and distribution system that uses Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) for key storage, and Datastore for credential storage.

Google Cloud Platform

Learn Google Cloud Platform Core Infrastructure in 5 minutes - Mind map to help you quickly overview and understand the core infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

Google I/O 2018 - Google Cloud Platform Sessions - Google I/O 2018 - All Sessions

Apache Beam Big Data

GCP Podcast - #126 Beam and Spark with Holden Karau


Kubeflow, with David Aronchick - News from KubeCon and an interview with Kubeflow product manager David Aronchick.


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