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Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Kubernetes Engine Private Clusters now available in beta - With Kubernetes Engine Private Clusters which are now in Beta, cluster’s nodes can only be accessed from within the trusted Virtual Private Cloud.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes 1.10: Stabilizing Storage, Security, and Networking - Kubernetes 1.10 version stabilizes features in 3 key areas, including storage, security, and networking.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Introducing Stackdriver APM and Stackdriver Profiler - Stackdriver Profiler is new addition to APM toolkit, which lets you profile and explore how your code actually executes in production, to optimize performance and reduce cost of computation.

Official Blog

Introducing Cloud Text-to-Speech powered by DeepMind WaveNet technology - Cloud Text-to-Speech now also includes WaveNet which synthesizes more natural-sounding speech.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog Security

Monitor your GCP environment with Cloud Security Command Center - Monitor GCP environment with recently released Cloud Security Command Center Alpha.

Official Blog Security

Getting to know Cloud Armor — defense at scale for internet-facing services - Cloud Armor is new DDoS and application defense service.

Articles, Tutorials

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes 1.10: an insider take on what's new - Highlights of a newly introduced elements of the Kubernetes 1.10 release.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Exploring container security: An overview - Overview on securing containers running in Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Creating Build Triggers in Google Cloud Container Engine - With Build Triggers helps to automate process rebuilding the image in the cloud when changes are pushed to GitHub or BitBucket.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Simplifying machine learning on open hybrid clouds with Kubeflow - Kubeflow is an open-source project to make it easier to use machine learning software stacks like TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, and others, all on Kubernetes.

Google Kubernetes Engine

How to Deploy WSO2 API Manager on Google Kubernetes Engine - This post explores how to deploy WSO2 API Manager on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Docker Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploying Docker Images To Google Cloud Using Kubernetes Engine - Build and deploy Docker Images To Google Cloud Using Kubernetes Engine

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

How we used Cloud Spanner to build our email personalization system—from “Soup” to nuts - Tokyo-based Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd., migrated their email marketing platform to Cloud Spanner. This article explores the key aspects of migration and takeaways.

Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner — Choosing the right primary keys - This article covers how to choose the right primary keys to enable scalable data writes in Cloud Spanner.

API Official Blog

API design: Which version of versioning is right for you? - This article explores opinions about the right way to version to APIs and practical advice.

Cloud AutoML Official Blog

AutoML Vision in action: from ramen to branded goods - AutoML Vision lets users customize ML models, this article explores how it can help in real world scenarios.

BigQuery Dataflow Official Blog

How Tokopedia modernized its data warehouse and analytics processes with BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow - Tokopedia is leading online marketplace in Indonesia, the article explores their modernization journey of data warehouse and analytics processes with BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow.

Cloud Dataproc Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Testing future Apache Spark releases and changes on Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Dataproc - Know how to test future Apache Spark releases and changes on Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Dataproc.

Cloud Dataflow Official Blog TensorFlow

Predicting community engagement on Reddit using TensorFlow, GDELT, and Cloud Dataflow: Part 3 - Part 3 of article series which explores predicting community engagement on Reddit using TensorFlow, GDELT, and Cloud Dataflow.

BigQuery Cloud Spanner Dataflow Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Architecting live NCAA predictions: from archives to insights - Article explores architecting NCAA real-time predictions, achieved through a few months of data ingestion, ETL, analysis, and modeling.

BigQuery Cloud Natural Language API

Sentiment analysis with BigQuery and Google Cloud Natural Language - Making sense of community sentiment using Google Cloud’s Google Cloud Natural Language.

Cloud Functions DevOps

Continuous Deployment for Serverless Google Cloud Functions - Building a continuous deployment pipeline for Google’s serverless Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions Cloud Storage Cloud Vision API Firebase

Using Google’s Cloud Platform to create a Serverless application backend - Create Serverless application with backend using Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, Cloud Vision, Firebase.

Official Blog Stackdriver

How to export logs from Stackdriver Logging: new solution documentation - Explore best practices for common logging export scenarios.


Apps Script meet Stackdriver - Using Apps Script with Stackdriver Logging and Stackdriver Error Reporting.


OpenCensus Tracing w/ Jaeger - Using Jaeger for tracing along with OpenCensus which automatically collects traces and metrics from app.

App Engine Go Tutorial

Deploying your Go app on Google App Engine - This tutorial will show you how to deploy a Go app to both the GCP App Engine Standard and Flexible Environments.

API Cloud Functions

Building an API for your Medium posts with Google Cloud Functions - Creating publicly accessible endpoint to get a json feed of your medium posts using Google Cloud Functions.


Transitioning Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links - Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) are smart URLs that allow you to send existing and potential users to any location within an iOS, Android or web app. FDLs are replacement of Google URL Shortener.


ML to Your Data : Firebase Predictions - Using Firebase Predictions which allows you to utilize Firebase to predict the behavior of users in your app.

Cloud SQL

User Authentication for Cloud SQL - Implementation of User Authentication for Cloud SQL using JWT (JSON Web Token).

Container Builder

Using Container Builder with Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) on Google Cloud Platform - This post explains steps required to decrypt KMS encrypted secrets via Container Builder builds.

BigQuery Python

Getting Started with Google BigQuery in Python — Part 1: Setting Up the Dev Environment - Setting Up the Dev Environment for using BigQuery in Python

Cloud Marketplace Tutorial

How to Install Mautic On Google Cloud in 17 Simple Steps - Guide to install Mautic, an Marketing automation software On Google Cloud.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform Security

GCP Podcast - #120 Forseti with Nenad Stojanovski and Andrew Hoying, (Forseti is open source tool for Google Cloud Platform security).


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