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Official Blog Stackdriver

Announcing new Stackdriver pricing — visibility for less - Introducing simplified pricing for Stackdriver Monitoring and Logging, and bringing advanced functionality that was limited to a premium pricing tier to all Stackdriver users.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Introducing Agones: Open-source, multiplayer, dedicated game-server hosting built on Kubernetes - Agones is new open-source project that uses Kubernetes to host and scale dedicated game servers.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Introducing Skaffold: Easy and repeatable Kubernetes development - Skaffold is new command line tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes applications.

Firebase Official Blog

Announcing the Remote Config REST API - With Firebase Remote Config REST API you can now update your Remote Config values.


Introducing Dialogflow's Node.js Fulfillment Library Beta - Fulfillment is a powerful way to connect Dialogflow’s natural language capabilities with your own backend, APIs, and databases to create contextual, personalized and actionable conversational experiences for your users.


Announcing the IoT Without Limits Contest! - Announcement: Helium IoT Without Limits contest - show off your technical skills and creativity by building an innovative IoT solution with the Helium Platform and connecting to Google Cloud.

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Source Repositories Container Builder Official Blog

Automatic serverless deployments with Cloud Source Repositories and Container Builder - Example of deployment pipeline which uses build triggers in Cloud Container Builder to deploy a function to Cloud Functions when source code is pushed to a "prod" branch in Cloud Repository.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Best practices for working with Google Cloud Audit Logging - Learn about best practices for Google Cloud Audit Logging.

Cloud ML Official Blog

Hyperparameter tuning on Google Cloud Platform is now faster and smarter - Know about unique capability offered by Cloud ML Engine called hyperparameter tuning.

Cloud Dataflow Official Blog TensorFlow

Predicting community engagement on Reddit using TensorFlow, GDELT, and Cloud Dataflow: Part 1 - Explore approach of using TensorFlow, GDELT, and Cloud Dataflow to predict community engagement on Reddit.

Cloud AutoML

Using Google Cloud AutoML to Classify poisonous Australian spiders - Using AutoML to create custom image classifier that is able to distinguish between different types of poisonous Australian spiders.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Multi-Writer File Storage on GKE - Explore different solutions for Multi-Writer File Storage on GKE.

Advanced Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploy a webapp with GKE and GCE ingress with IP restriction - Learn how to deploy a webapp with GKE and GCE ingress with ip restriction.

Docker Kubernetes

Accessing Docker from a Kubernetes Pod - Explore options to access Docker from a Kubernetes Pod.


Principles of Container-based Application Design - Explore principles of Container-based Application Design.


How to Integrate RollingUpdate Strategy for TPR in Kubernetes - Learn how to Integrate RollingUpdate Strategy for TPR in Kubernetes.

Cloud Functions Tutorial

Tutorial : Write a Hangouts Chatbot powered by Google Cloud Functions - Learn how to write a Hangouts Chatbot using Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud SQL Java

Setting up Cloud SQL in Java - Learn setting up Cloud SQL in Java.

Cloud Functions

Improving Cloud Function cold start time - Improving cold boot performance for Google Cloud Functions.

Go Google Kubernetes Engine gRPC

Deploy go gRPC services behind LoadBalancer on GKE - Tutorial about how to deploy go gRPC services behind LoadBalancer on GKE.

Firebase Go

Firebase: Database interactions from Go - Firebase Admin SDK for Go now comes with a database API. Developers can use this API to access the Firebase database from Go applications.

Google Cloud Platform

Simple Clickstream Tracker System using Google Cloud Platform - Process of developing simple Clickstream Tracker System using Google Cloud Platform.

App Engine DevOps Java Tutorial

Deploying Kotlin/Java applications to Google App Engine Standard with CircleCI - Tutorial about deploying Kotlin/Java applications to Google App Engine Standard with CircleCI.

App Engine DevOps

How we automated deployments and testing with BitBucket Pipelines - Learn about automating deployments to Google App Engine with BitBucket Pipelines.

App Engine Stackdriver Tutorial

OpenCensus Tracing w/ Stackdriver - Combining OpenCensus tracing with Google App Engine and display results in Stackdriver.

App Engine

Custom HTTP Client Braintree Go-lang Google App Engine - Using Braintree Go-lang SDK on Google App Engine

Cloud Dataproc

Migrating On-Premises Hadoop Infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform - Solution article about migrating on-premises Hadoop infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform.

Big Data Business Official Blog

Solutions : Build a Marketing Data Warehouse on Google Cloud Platform - Using fictional online cosmetics retailer as example of how to leverage Google Cloud Products to get key insights.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Deep Neural Network implemented in pure SQL over BigQuery - Fun project to test out the limits of SQL and BigQuery and to look at neural network training from a declarative data transformation perspective.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

How to migrate your first application in 5 simple steps - Advice based on life experience when moving applications to cloud.

.NET Compute Engine

Deploying Microsoft Bot Framework app in Google Cloud! - Example of deploying .NET application to Google Compute Engine.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Diagram Software - Learn about diagram software which provides effective solutions to build GCP architecture diagrams.

DevOps GCP Experience

8 DevOps tools that smoothed our migration from AWS to GCP: Tamr - Tamr is data unification provider which recently migrated from AWS to GCP and shares 8 DevOps tools that smoothed transition.

BigQuery GCP Experience

The switch to self-service marketing analytics at zulily: best practices for using Tableau with BigQuery - Zulily is e-commerce company and shares experience of using Tableau with BigQuery.

AWS Azure Business Google Cloud Platform

How do cloud providers adopt blockchain — AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM and Oracle perspective? - This post explores how do cloud providers adopt blockchain .


Google’s Cloud Boss Is Eyeing a ‘Major Acquisition’ to Get Ahead - Insight about Google Cloud Platform next steps.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #118 OpenCensus with Morgan McLean and JBD


Risk and Error Budgets - How the SRE discipline reduces tension over velocity/stability between product teams and system operators by quantifying risk and employing error budgets.


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