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Cloud Run Official Blog Serverless

Introducing HTTP/gRPC server streaming for Cloud Run - You can now stream large or partial responses from Cloud Run to clients, improving the performance of your applications.

Cloud Functions Official Blog Serverless

New in Cloud Functions: languages, availability, portability, and more - Cloud Functions includes a wealth of new capabilities that make it a robust platform on which to build your applications.

DevOps Official Blog

Announcing Google Cloud buildpacks—container images made easy - Google Cloud buildpacks make it much easier and faster to build applications on top of containers.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Introducing Google Workspace - Google Workspace includes the productivity apps you know and love—Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, and many more—in one location, so you can create, communicate, and collaborate.

Cloud Healthcare Official Blog

The Google Cloud Healthcare Consent Management API: protecting emerging data in digital care and research - Google Cloud’s Healthcare Consent Management API helps healthcare app developers and researchers manage individuals’ consent of their health data.

Firebase Official Blog

The biggest Firebase Hosting update ever? Preview channels, GitHub Actions, and more!

Data Analytics Genomics Official Blog

Providing open access to the Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) on Google Cloud - The Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) brings together data from numerous large-scale sequencing projects and is one of the most comprehensive sources in genomic research.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Compute Engine Storage

From zero to hero: Production-ready Oracle Database in minutes with BMS-Toolkit using Bare Metal… - Using Bare Metal Solution to deploy Oracle database on GCP.


Terraform 0.13 and Google Cloud - Basic hierarchical setup in Google Cloud with Terraform.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

The Infrastructure Triumvirate: Continuous Service and Infrastructure Delivery with Argo, Kustomize, and Google Config Connector - Using ArgoCD (declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes) on GKE.

Ansible Kubernetes Tutorial

A Quickstart for Running Self-Managed Kubernetes - A walk through the process of setting up a self-managed production-grade Kubernetes cluster with Kubespray, a Kubernetes deployment tool on GCP.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Build DevOps SRE

Gitflow with Github and Cloud Build - Implementing Gitflow using Github and Cloud Build.

CI Cloud Build Cloud Run

CI/CD pipeline with Cloud Build and Cloud Run. - Development & production environment with Cloud Build and Cloud Run.

CI Container Registry DevOps

Jib, CircleCI and Google Container Registry - Using Jib for building Spring Boot Docker images and pushing to Google Container Registry on CircleCI.

Anthos Cloud Run Knative Kubernetes

Events for Cloud Run for Anthos >= Knative Eventing on Kubernetes - Events for Cloud Run for Anthos is Knative Eventing packaged and simplified for Google Cloud.

Cloud Run

Cloud Run performances with multiple CPUs - Testing efficiency of using multi-CPU performance for Cloud Run.


Why is my currentUser == null in Firebase Auth? - This article explains in detail currentUser API in Firebase.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

App Engine Machine Learning

Hosting your text generating infilling micro-service with FastAPI on GCP - This article explains how to implement an NLP architecture trained for infilling and host on GCP.

AI Jupyter Notebook

AI Platform Notebooks DELETED instances - How to delete AI Platform Notebooks instances that appear as DELETED.

AI Platform Prediction Data Science Machine Learning TensorFlow

Lightweight yet scalable TensorFlow workflow on Google Cloud - My superpower toolkit: TFRecorder, TensorFlow Cloud, AI Platform Predictions and Weights & Biases.


Best Practices/Learnings on Teradata to Google Cloud Platform - This topic focus on some of the Key areas of migrating the on-premise data warehouse to GCP Platform and touch-up on the highlights.


BigQuery Data QnA - Data QnA is a new feature inside BigQuery universe, that allows to perform natural language queries to the data located within BiqQuery….

BigQuery Data Analytics

New BigQuery Integration for App + Web Properties - This article explains how to set Google Analytics event data export to BigQuery.


GCP Experience Infrastructure Kubernetes Microservices

How FINN.no moved 800 microservices to the cloud in 5 hours - Learn how we migrated our production environment from an on-premise data center to Google Cloud Platform and did so in a single night!

GCP Certification

My Experience with the GCP-PCA Exam - Resources to prepare for the Cloud Architect exam.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Recent GCP “Operations” Videos - Recently published videos introducing the most common products to help you operate your services and applications deployed on Google Cloud.

GCP Podcast - #239 Cloud Learning Services with Nandhini Rangan and Magda Jary.

Kubernetes Podcast - #124 Kubecost, with Webb Brown.

Deploying Elastic Stack on Google Cloud Platform - Elastic Meetup - In this video, we'll talk about Elastic Observability and deploy the Elastic Stack on Google Cloud Platform using Marketplace.

Preparing for Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam



BigQuery - Authorized user-defined functions (UDFs) are now generally available (GA). The Cloud Console now lets you opt in to search and autocomplete powered by Data Catalog.

Billing - Cloud Billing budget settings have been updated to support credits by credit type. Project-level tax information in BigQuery Export tables: Starting on September 1 2020, your daily cost detail data in BigQuery shows taxes broken down by project, instead of aggregating taxes into a single line item.

Cloud Composer - New versions of Cloud Composer images: composer-1.12.2-airflow-1.10.6, composer-1.12.2-airflow-1.10.9, and composer-1.12.2-airflow-1.10.10. Added the log entry labels version_id and instance_id to differentiate the logs of different Airflow web server instances. Fixed upgrade rollback failures due to a mismatch in API versions error.

Compute Engine - You can use OS Login in VPC Service Controls.

Config Connector - Add support for the DataflowFlexTemplateJob resource. Add the transformNameMapping field to DataflowJob. Add the auditConfigs field to IAMPolicy. Add the loadBalancerType, datapathProvider, and notificationConfig fields to ContainerCluster. Add the artifacts and options fields to CloudBuildTrigger. Add support for the GRPC protocol for ComputeBackendService. Add logic to auto-trigger server-side apply metadata on resources on K8s clusters with server-side apply enabled (i.e. Fix issue where kubectl get gcp did not include IAMPolicy, IAMPolicyMember, and IAMAuditConfig resources (Issue #286).

Container Registry - Starting October 5, the Container Registry Service Agent is granted the Container Registry Service Agent IAM role by default when you enable the Container Registry API.

Dataproc - New sub-minor versions of Dataproc images: 1.3.71-debian10, 1.3.71-ubuntu18, 1.4.42-debian10, 1.4.42-ubuntu18, 1.5.17-debian10, 1.5.17-ubuntu18, 2.0.0-RC13-debian10, and 2.0.0-RC13-ubuntu18. Image 1.4 Upgraded Spark to version 2.4.7. Image 1.5 Upgraded Spark to version 2.4.7. Image 2.0 Updated HBase to version 2.2.6.

Cloud Healthcare API - v1beta1. The Consent Management API is available in beta. v1. The Cloud Healthcare API offers single-region support in the southamerica-east1 (Osasco (São Paulo), Brazil) region. The Cloud Healthcare API offers single-region support in the australia-southeast1 (Sydney, Australia) region.

IAM - The documentation now provides details about service agents for all publicly available services.

Istio on GKE - 1.4.x. There is a known issue with the upgrade from GKE 1.16 to 1.17.

Load Balancing - External HTTP(S) Load Balancing is now supported for App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run services.

Cloud Memorystore - Added support for Redis AUTH to Memorystore for Redis.

Cloud Monitoring - Alerting is now available for Monitoring Query Language (MQL).

Cloud NAT - The ability to enable or disable Endpoint-Independent Mapping for your gateway is now available in Preview.

Cloud PubSub - Pub/Sub Lite is now available in GA.

Cloud Run - Cloud Run now supports request timeouts up to 60 minutes.

Security Command Center - Event Threat Detection, a built-in service of Security Command Center Premium, now includes two new detectors to monitor your organization's BigQuery resources. The Security Command Center API now includes a severity field for Findings.

Cloud Spanner - The following updates to Cloud Spanner standard SQL are now available : Support for SELECT * REPLACE and SELECT * EXCEPT syntax.


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