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The last week of OnAir is here and it's about What's Next In Enterprise IT.



Official Blog

An AI gold mine: What happened at Google Cloud Next ‘20 OnAir - Recap of Google Cloud Next OnAir AI week.

Official Blog

Empowering teams to unlock the value of AI - The latest and greatest AI and machine learning news from Google Cloud.

Apigee Official Blog

Next OnAir: Business application platform sessions to accelerate digital transformation - Sessions will be available starting Tuesday, September 8 at 9am PT, and available on-demand afterward.

AI AI Platform Machine Learning Official Blog

TabNet on AI Platform: High-performance, Explainable Tabular Learning - TabNet combines the best of two worlds: it’s explainable (similar to simpler tree-based models) and high performance (similar to deep neural networks).

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Compute Engine Official Blog

Google Cloud VMware Engine explained: Migrating your vSphere VMs - An overview of the process of moving VMs from VMware vSphere to Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Anthos Official Blog

Manage all your Kubernetes clusters with Anthos attached clusters - The new Anthos attached clusters feature lets you attach EKS and AKS services into Anthos’ Google Cloud control plane.

Cloud Load Balancing Kubernetes

How can we avoid GDPR if we use google kubernetes engine. Block EEA/EU users. - Blocking requests to Kubernetes application with Load balancer based on the country.

Billing Compute Engine

GCP — Cost savings with CPU overcommit - Using CPU overcommits in Sole Tentant Node.

Cloud Build Terraform Windows

Deploying Packer in GCP to build Windows Images using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Build with Terraform - Deploying Packer on GCP using Cloud Build.

IAM Terraform

How to Manage Google Groups, Users and Service Accounts in GCP using Terraform - Setting and overcoming complications when setting Google Groups, Users, and Service Accounts in GCP using Terraform.

Cloud Monitoring DevOps SRE Terraform

Creating SLOs with Terraform - Example of creating SLO for Cloud Monitoring using Terraform.


Simple GCP Authentication with Service Accounts - A practical guide for using GCP Service Accounts to authenticate and use Google Cloud APIs easily and securely.


When to use Interconnect vs VPN and difference between Interconnect and VPN - Usecases for Interconnect and VPN on GCP.

Google Kubernetes Engine Security

Why You Should Enable GKE Shielded Nodes Today - When Shielded GKE Nodes is enabled, the GKE control plane cryptographically verifies that every node in the cluster is a virtual machine running in a managed instance group in Google’s data center and that the kubelet is only getting the certificate for itself.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions Firebase

How to get screwed with Firebase - Must know cost optimizations before start using Firebase.


Connect A Custom Domain to Firebase Hosting - Setting up Firebase hosting to use with a custom domain.

C++ Cloud Run Serverless

How I run Serverless Trueface, One Million requests on Google Cloud Run for $0.01 - An example of C++ Service deployed on Cloud Run.

Cloud SQL NodeJS

Google Cloud SQL — Tips & Tricks - Using Google Cloud SQL with Node.js apps in a serverless environment.

Cloud Firestore Firebase

Introducing Firetable: simplicity of spreadsheets meets the power of Firestore - An open-source self-hosted platform that allows you to leverage the scalable infrastructure of Google Firestore!

App Engine GCP Experience Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Moving large scale task processing from Google App Engine to Kubernetes - A process of migrating from App Engine to Kubernetes Engine.

Compute Engine

Investigate and solve Compute Engine cold starts like a detective - In this article, process of profiling Compute Engine instances is described.

Cloud SQL Cloud Storage Go

How to save terabytes of cloud storage - A simple way for periodically cleaning up Google CloudSQL and Google Cloud Storage data.

API Big Data BigQuery Machine Learning

How we enabled product and pricing-availability feeds as APIs for external partners - This post demonstrates how to package your training application when it needs to connect to an external (On-Prem / Multi-Cloud) database to fetch the required source dataset.

Cloud Datastore Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Typescript

Surviving a heatwave using Google Cloud functions - Simple serverless notification service.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

Automating data pipelines with BigQuery and Fivetran - Learn how one customer is using Fivetran's automated data integration to reduce complexity, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to implement something similar in your environment.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Networking Serverless VPC Service Controls

Designing Secure Data Pipelines with VPC Service Controls - This blog post describes an example of how to build a Data Platform using Cloud Functions, Dataflow, Google Cloud Storage, and Bigquery with VPC Service Controls.


BigQuery Explained: An Overview - How BigQuery solves problems with traditional data warehouses? Dive into BigQuery architecture and quickly get started with BigQuery.

BigQuery Cloud SQL Cloud Storage

How to integrate external data sources with BigQuery - A guided approach to connect federated data sources in BigQuery.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog

Beginners guide to painless machine learning - Get a deep dive on Google Cloud AI tools that make machine learning painless, and learn tips for building AI-powered apps fast.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog

Taking care of business with Responsible AI - Responsible AI takes commitment, but your business will benefit from it.

AI Official Blog

Conversational AI drives better customer experiences - Conversational AI takes contact centers into a new era of customer service.

Machine Learning Official Blog

Key requirements for an MLOps foundation - MLOps aims to unify ML system development with ML system operations and these Google Cloud tools help.

AI Machine Learning

Convert PDFs to Audiobooks with Machine Learning - Use ML to convert PDFs and Images into audiobooks or podcasts.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #234 GKE Turns Five with Alex Zakonov and Drew Bradstock.

Kubernetes Podcast - #119 Keptn, with Alois Reitbauer.



Google Cloud Armor - Google Cloud Armor Managed Protection Plus Tier is in Beta. Pre-configured rules for local file inclusion (LFI), remote file inclusion (RFI), and remote code execution (RCE) are now in General Availability.

BigQuery - Updated version of Magnitude Simba JDBC driver includes bug fixes and enhancements such as automatically turning on the BigQuery Storage API for anonymous table reads (no charge for temporary table reads).

Dataproc - Switched 1.3 and 1.3-debian image version aliases to point to 1.3 Debian 10 images. When Enhanced Flexibility Mode is enabled, increased app master, task, and Spark stage retries to 10 to improve resiliency of applications to downscaling and preemption of preemptible VMs. Support more than 8 local SSDs on VMs. Changed secondary workers default boot disk size to 1000 GB in clusters created with 2.0 preview images. Improved node memory utilization in clusters created with 2.0 preview images.

Dialogflow - Beta launch of Dialogflow CX. As part of introducing Dialogflow CX, some changes have been made to editions: Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is no longer used as an umbrella term for paid editions. The service previously named Dialogflow is now called Dialogflow ES, and the term Dialogflow is now an umbrella term used to describe both the Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX services.

Cloud Filestore - Filestore Troubleshooting page published.

Load Balancing - Google Cloud internal HTTP(S) load balancers have native support for the WebSocket protocol when you use HTTP or HTTPS as the protocol to the backend.

Cloud Logging - Cloud Logging updated IAM custom role permissions.

Cloud SQL SQL Server - Cloud SQL for SQL Server supports cloning using the Cloud Console, the gcloud command, and the Cloud SQL Admin API.

Traffic Director - Traffic Director can now be set up for GKE Pods with automatic Envoy injection.

Virtual Private Cloud - Firewall Rules Logging metadata controls is now available in General Availability.

Network Intelligence Center - In the details pane for a connection, under View flows in BigQuery, Network Topology now provides a table that lists the subnets relevant to the currently selected connection and whether those subnets have VPC Flow Logs enabled.

Dialogflow Enterprise - Beta launch of Dialogflow CX. As part of introducing Dialogflow CX, some changes have been made to editions: Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is no longer used as an umbrella term for paid editions. The service previously named Dialogflow is now called Dialogflow ES, and the term Dialogflow is now an umbrella term used to describe both the Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX services.


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