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Accelerate your application development and delivery - At Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir, we released a wealth of tools and capabiltiies to enhance developer productivity.

Cloud SQL Official Blog

MySQL 8 is ready for the enterprise with Cloud SQL - Cloud SQL, our fully managed database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server, now supports MySQL 8. As a managed service, MySQL 8 deployments can help you stay stable and more secure.

Anthos Official Blog

Anthos rising—now easier to use, for more workloads - Anthos now lets you run AI workloads in a hybrid configuration, plus many other new features.

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Google Cloud Application Modernization Program: Get to the future faster - The Google Cloud App Modernization Program (CAMP) can help you accelerate your modernization process and adopt DevOps best practices.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Cloud Monitoring Monitoring Official Blog

Extended retention for custom and Prometheus metrics in Cloud Monitoring - Retention times for custom and Prometheus metrics in Cloud Monitoring has gone from six weeks to 24 months.

Cloud Monitoring Official Blog

High-resolution user-defined metrics in Cloud Monitoring - Now you can write custom and Prometheus metrics for Cloud Monitoring every 10 seconds.

IAM Security

Towards secure by default Google Cloud Platform: Service Accounts - How to minimalize the exploitation of Service accounts in GCP.

Cloud SQL Google Kubernetes Engine Terraform

GCP Infrastructure using Terraform - Deploying Wordpress on GCP with Terraform.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Compute Engine Official Blog

Compute Engine explained: How to orchestrate your patch deployment - When patching your Compute Engine VMs, sometimes there are some pre- and post- steps you should automate.


Integration of WordPress web Application over kubernetes Engine with SQL Storage of GCP - Integration of WordPress Web Application launched using a fully managed tool, Kubernetes Engine with SQL Storage in Google Cloud Platform.

Compute Engine Windows

Automatic join of Windows machines to an AD domain in Google Cloud Platform - Adding automatically Windows instances to the Active directory.

Beginner Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions Firebase NodeJS

Cloud Functions — Firestore Triggers - Examples of using Firestore triggers in Cloud Functions.

Compute Engine

Give your VMs a steady pulse with autohealing and autoupdates - This article explain how to configure health checks for instances in instance group.

Docker gRPC

Deterministic builds with go + bazel + grpc + docker - The following sample will build a golang gRPC client/server and then embed the binaries into container images.

Cloud Endpoints Python Security Serverless

Secure APIs in Cloud Run, Cloud Functions and App Engine Using Cloud Endpoints ESPv2 (Beta) - In this blog, we will see how to secure API’s in Cloud Run, Cloud Functions and App Engine Standard environment using API Keys and Bearer Token.

CI DevOps Firebase

Set up CI/CD with Firebase(GCP) and GitHub in 10 minutes - CI/CD pipeline for Firebase deployment.

Cloud SQL

The one where MySQL 8.0 lands on Google Cloud SQL - Today we are making available in GA the MySQL 8.0 on Cloud SQL. It’s not just a new version inside our managed databases portfolio.

Cloud SQL

Control Costs with Google CloudSQL CUDs - Stop guesstimating your Cloud SQL usage for CUDs. Here’s how to get an accurate breakdown of your Cloud SQL CUD-eligible spend and usage.

Cloud Functions Serverless

Giving Tableau Server some Slack - Build a basic proof of concept Slackbot that allows for a user to list the available views and then generate an image of the view in Slack.

AWS GCP Experience

Cutting AWS Bill By More Than Half After Migrating To GCP And Digital Ocean - Reducing costs for a web app hosted on AWS by migrating to GCP.

App Engine

Utilize App Engine Headers In Server-side Tagging - Using App Engine headers for geo location.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Data Catalog Official Blog

Understanding the fundamentals of tagging in Data Catalog - See how to use tagging and templates inside Data Catalog, Google Cloud’s metadata management service that covers operational and business metadata.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Dataflow Under the Hood: comparing Dataflow with other tools - See how fully managed streaming service Dataflow helps make stream and batch processing and data analytics easier.

BigQuery GIS Public Datasets

Enable business data with BigQuery for geospatial analysis and map visualization - Demonstrating BigQuery GIS capabilities.

BigQuery Cloud Dataprep Javascript

How to extend Cloud Dataprep by using BigQuery Javascript UDFs - This article will explain how you can combine Cloud Dataprep with BigQuery Javascript UDFs to extend the scope of data preparation work that you can accomplish natively in Cloud Dataprep.

BigQuery Security VPC

Setting up network access control for BigQuery - Setting network access control for BigQuery.

BigQuery Python

Getting Started With Python Google BigQuery. - Introduction to BigQuery with Python.

BigQuery Cloud Dataproc Data Studio Jupyter Notebook Python

How to Set up a COVID-19 Workflow and Dashboard Using the Google Cloud Platform - Building a data pipeline to process and visualize data regarding COVID-19.

BigQuery Cloud Dataprep Java

Migrate Oracle Data to BigQuery using Dataproc and Sqoop - Migrating data from Oracle to BigQuery via Cloud Dataproc.

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Compute Engine Security

How to ssh into your GCE machine without a public IP - In this article is described a process to ssh into the Compute Engine machine from localhost only using its internal IP.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science

Google Cloud for Genomics - Building a scalable, reproducible, and secure data processing pipeline on the cloud.

Data Science Machine Learning

Managing Your Machine Learning Experiments with MLflow - Deploying MLflow server on GCP.

Cloud Functions Cloud Tasks IoT Machine Learning TensorFlow

Querying real time video with serverless ML - Deploying serverless pipeline for image and video processing.


GCP Certification

Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) Guide - Topics to study for the Cloud Associate exam.

GCP Certification

Studying for the Google Cloud Associate Engineer Certification - How to study for (and pass) Google’s cloud certification exam.

Data Science

How I passed the Google Professional Data Engineer Exam in 2020 - In 8 days. Quick learner’s guide for those who don’t have time to read the manuals. August 2020.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification - Motivation, preparation, and taking an exam for GCP Data Engineer certification.


Fixing high usage with Firebase real-time database - Diagnosing and resolving issue with a real-time Firebase DB.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Anthos Official Blog

Shining a light on Anthos at Next OnAir application modernization week - A Google Cloud Developer Advocate shares her watchlist of interesting sessions during Next OnAir application modernization week.

Official Blog Serverless

6 spectacular serverless sessions at Next OnAir this week - A developer advocate’s guide to serverless sessions at Google Cloud Next OnAir.

GCP Podcast - #233 Bare Metal Solution with James Harding and Gurmeet Goindi.

Kubernetes Podcast - #118 Kubernetes 1.19, with Taylor Dolezal.



AI Platform - Deep Learning VMs - M55 release Restricts Jupyter memory usage to fix 5* issues Updates TensorFlow 2.3 dependencies Uses CUDA 11.0 in TensorFlow deep learning images Adds support for the us-east4 region.

Anthos Config Management - 1.4.2. Anthos Config Management now includes Config Connector v1.15.1. Anthos Policy Controller has been updated to include a more recent build of OPA Gatekeeper (hash: 1de87b6). This release includes several logging and performance improvements. An issue with git submodule support is preventing syncing of configuration stored in submodule repositories.

BigQuery - INFORMATION_SCHEMA views for BigQuery reservations are now Generally Available (GA). INFORMATION_SCHEMA views for jobs metadata by timeslice are now available. BigQuery support for using service account credentials with scheduled queries is Generally Available (GA).

BigQuery ML - Time series model support is now Generally Available (GA).

Compute Engine - You can now protect your Compute Engine resources using VPC Service Controls. Compute Engine committed use discounts are Generally Available for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP images.

Data Fusion - Highlights Cloud Data Fusion 6.1.4 provides performance and scalability improvements that increase developer productivity and optimize pipeline runtime performance. You can now create autoscaling Dataproc clusters. You can now use the schema support feature in the UI to edit the precision and scale fields. Cloud Data Fusion now has improved memory performance in pipelines by utilizing a disk-only auto-caching strategy. Cloud Data Fusion previews now support up to 50 concurrent runs. Cloud Data Fusion now supports large and deeply nested schemas (>5K fields with 20+ levels of nesting). Fixed a bug where the setting for the number of executors in streaming pipelines was ignored. Fixed a race condition where runtime monitoring failed when programs launched concurrently. Fixed the preview page in table mode so that it shows multiple inputs and outputs with tabs. Fixed the stability of state transitions for starting pipelines in AppFabric when AppFabric restarts. Fixed a bug where a metric incorrectly counted the number of the records written in the Google Cloud Storage sink.

Dataproc - Launched Dataproc Workflow Timeout feature, which allows users to set a timeout on their graph of jobs and automatically cancel their workflow after a specified period. Launched Dataproc Metastore integration, which allows users to create a cluster using a Dataproc Metastore service as an external metastore.

Cloud Functions - Cloud Functions Node 10 runtime now builds container images in the user's project, providing direct access to build logs and removing the preset build-time quota.

Cloud Healthcare API - v1beta1. The v1beta1 API has begun updating to a revised version.

IAM - New features are available for Credential Access Boundaries, currently in beta: You can now manage permissions for Cloud Storage objects, in addition to buckets. For Credential Access Boundaries, currently in beta, you must migrate to a new API endpoint, sts.googleapis.com. Uploading public keys for service accounts is now generally available.

Google Kubernetes Engine - Master global access for private clusters is now generally available. We expect the following changes in the coming weeks. Google Kubernetes Engine will begin gradually upgrading clusters in the Stable channel to GKE 1.16 in an upcoming release. GKE cluster versions have been updated. The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in master upgrades and node upgrades for existing clusters. No channel Note: Your clusters might not have these versions available. The following versions are no longer available for new clusters or cluster upgrades: 1.14.

Managed Microsoft AD - You can now create Managed Microsoft Active Directory instances using Terraform.

Cloud Monitoring - Cloud Trace exemplars can now be viewing in Cloud Monitoring.

Cloud PubSub - Pub/Sub subscription detachment is now generally available.

Cloud Run for Anthos - Cloud Run for Anthos on Google Cloud version 0.16.0-gke.1 is now available for following GKE minor version: - 1.17 - 1.16 When Cloud Run is enabled on GKE new or existing cluster, version installed will be mapped to GKE master minor version.

Security Command Center - Audit logs are now available in Security Command Center as part of Cloud Audit Logs.

Cloud Speech-to-Text - Speech-to-Text has launched the new On-Prem API.

Cloud SQL MySQL - Cloud SQL for MySQL 8.0 is now generally available.

Cloud Text-to-Speech - Text-to-Speech now offers four new English (US) voices, available as both WaveNet and Standard models. Text-to-Speech now offers four new Chinese (Hong Kong) voices, available as Standard models.

Cloud Trace - Cloud Trace exemplars can now be viewing in Cloud Monitoring.

Traffic Director - Traffic Director supports advanced traffic management features with proxyless gRPC applications in General Availability.

AI Platform Prediction - Runtime version 2.2 is now available.

Deep Learning VM - M55 release Restricts Jupyter memory usage to fix 5* issues Updates TensorFlow 2.3 dependencies Uses CUDA 11.0 in TensorFlow deep learning images Adds support for the us-east4 region.

Service Mesh - 1.6.x. 1.6.8-asm.9 is now available. Adds beta support for joining multiple clusters from different projects into a single Anthos Service Mesh on Google Kubernetes Engine. Adds Citadel CA support for gcp profiles. Fixes an issue for enabling trust domain validation at the transport socket level.

AI Platform Training - Runtime version 2.2 is now available.

Document AI - Form Parser model updates The Form Parser model has been updated.

AI Platform Optimizer - AI Platform Optimizer's name has changed to AI Platform Vizier.

Anthos GKE on AWS - GKE on AWS 1.4.2-gke.1 is released. This release includes bug fixes and security improvements. Fixed Perl version to fix security vulnerability CVE-2020-10878 Removed a dependency on Musl to fix security vulnerability CVE-2019-14697.


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