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After exciting Data Analytics, Data Management and Databases is the topic for this week's OnAir.



Data Analytics Official Blog

What’s new and what’s next with data analytics — Next OnAir - See how Google’s cloud data analytics platform, including the BigQuery data warehouse, can help you save time and cost with these Next OnAir sessions.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

BigQuery now offers industry-leading uptime SLA of 99.99% - Cloud data warehouse BigQuery now offers a service-level agreement (SLA) of 99.99% from its previous 99.9%. Four nines of availability helps ensure business continuity.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Better BigQuery pricing flexibility with 100 slots - Cloud data warehouse BigQuery offers flat-rate pricing, which you can now use with a minimum of 100 slots.

Cloud Monitoring Cloud Operations Official Blog

21 new ways we're improving observability with Cloud Ops - With 21 new features, the Cloud Operations suite helps ensure you have the observability you need into your workloads.

Data Analytics Official Blog Public Datasets

COVID-19 public datasets: our continued commitment to open, accessible data - COVID-19 public datasets from Google Cloud let you explore data for predictive analytics and more. See how news and scientific organizations are using COVID-19 data.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine Networking Official Blog

Understanding IP address management in GKE - Learn techniques for how to prevent running out of IP addresses in GKE environments.


Google Cloud Platform: Resource Labeling Best Practices - The best practices for applying and using labels on your GCP resources.

AWS Networking

Multi-Cloud VPN and Multi-Zone Subnetworks — Preparation for Multi-Cloud Database Deployments - A tutorial for setting up a multi-cloud VPN.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Using Custom Metrics to Horizontally Autoscale a Google Kubernetes Engine Deployment. - Setting up custom metrics and configuring a Horizontal Pod Autoscaler to scale your GKE deployment based on the custom metrics.

Google Kubernetes Engine Terraform

Creating a Low Cost Managed Kubernetes Cluster for Personal Development using Terraform - Creating a GKE cluster with preemtible nodes using Terraform.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Docker Java Official Blog

Now it’s personal: Containerizing Java applications with Jib - Jib makes it easy to containerize Java applications, and is now better integrated with other ecosystem tools.

Firebase NodeJS Official Blog

Manage your Remote Config templates from the Admin Node.js SDK - Firebase Remote Config allows developers to control the appearance and the behaviour of their apps without having to publish an app update, is now supported from Admin Node.js SDK.

Cloud Run Cloud Storage

Rclone Storage bucket sync using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Run - Basic tutorial to synchronize contents of two Object Storage buckets using Rclone on Google Cloud.

Compute Engine

Rsync on GCP Compute Engine: When You Can’t Run Your Code Locally (Network Issues) - Set up SSH and rsync on your Compute VM.

Cloud Firestore DevOps Firebase

Create Automatic Firestore Backups with GitHub Actions - Using Github Actions to perform periodical Cloud Firestore backups.

Beginner Serverless

Where to Scale Your Workloads - Going through serverless options of where to host a web application.

Beginner Cloud Run Docker NodeJS Tutorial

Deploy a Node API to Cloud Run - Run custom Docker images on Google’s Cloud Run infrastructure.

App Engine Python Serverless

My 3 years experience in Google Cloud App Engine (Python 2 & Python 3) - Experience of using App Engine with a brief overview.

Cloud Natural Language API Machine Learning Python

Using Google Cloud NLP API to analyze writings featured in the Hamilton Broadway Play - A Google Cloud Natural Language Processing project focused on the writings featured in the Hamilton Broadway Play.

CI Cloud Run Tutorial

How to deploy your Cloud Run service using GitHub Actions - Using GitHub Actions as a CI/CD pipeline in order to deploy automatically Cloud Run app.

Cloud Storage Java Kotlin

Asynchronous downloads from Google Storage with Kotlin - Code sample to download files from Cloud Storage asynchronously.

Azure Cloud Healthcare

Are all FHIR APIs the Same? - An in depth analysis of Microsoft Azure’s FHIR API versus Google Cloud’s Healthcare API for FHIR as of August 2020.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Data Loss Prevention API Machine Learning Official Blog

Anomaly detection using streaming analytics & AI - How to build a secure, real-time anomaly detection solution using Dataflow, BigQuery ML and Cloud DLP.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

How fleet management gets easier with smart analytics on Google Cloud - Check out this data analytics demo on how to use sensor data to make real-time decisions for a fleet management environment using BigQuery and more.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

6 tips for database pros to adapt to cloud data warehouses - Cloud data warehouses bring flexibility and scale, but affect people as well as technology. Here’s how DBAs can adapt and use modern data warehouses.

Apache Beam BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

ETL with Apache Beam — Load Data from API to BigQuery - Reducing time to get data from API to BigQuery using Cloud Dataflow.

BigQuery Billing Cloud Monitoring Java

Big Data in Google Cloud — Cost Monitoring (part III) - Implementing cost monitoring system for BigQuery.

AWS BigQuery

Slash Google BigQuery Costs with Actionable Recommendations - BigQuery FinOps Dashboard is your Swiss army knife for highlighting inefficiencies in your Google BigQuery usage.

BigQuery Python

Introducing BQconvert — BigQuery Schema Converter Tool - BQconvert is a Python opensource tool that helps you to convert any database’s schema into BigQuery compatible schema.

Big Data BigQuery Infrastructure Terraform

Data lake on GCP using Terraform - Using Terraform to set up infrastructure-as-code for a Data Lake on Google Cloud Platform.

Big Data BigQuery Data Studio Firebase

I stopped using Firebase Dashboards. I’ve built my own instead. - Displaying Firebase Crashlytics and Performance data in Data Studio.

BigQuery Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

Accelerating Mayo Clinic’s data platform with BigQuery and Variant Transforms - See how Mayo Clinic uses Google Cloud to work with genomic variant data for research purposes. Cloud data warehouse BigQuery lets them save on costs and time.

BigQuery GCP Experience

A tale of two data warehouses — NewsUK’s data platform migration to Google Cloud (Part 1) - NewsUK’s data platform migration to BigQuery.

Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

How Revionics brings advanced analytics to retailers with help from Google Cloud - See how Revionics migrated to Google Cloud’s BigQuery enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to build data lakes and warehouses to better serve retail customers.

Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

MLB's fan data team hits it out of the park with data warehouse modernization - See how the fan data team at Major League Baseball (MLB) migrated its enterprise data warehouse (EDW) from Teradata to BigQuery.

Data Science Machine Learning

Scalable Machine Learning with Dask on Google Cloud - A great addition to your arsenal of data science tools, Dask provides you advanced parallelism for computation at scale.

AI Platform Kubeflow Machine Learning TensorFlow

Part IV: Operationalize and Accelerate ML Process with Google Cloud AI Pipeline - Example of AI Platform Pipelines usage.

Kubernetes Machine Learning

Training DeepSpeech using TorchElastic - Reduce cost and horizontally scale deepspeech.pytorch using TorchElastic with Kubernetes.

Cloud AutoML Machine Learning

Part III: Building a Machine Learning Models for peptide vaccines with AutoML - AutoML can be used as a quick way to explore data and try to understand what models can be used to perform inference.

AI Platform Machine Learning TensorFlow

Develop, Train and Deploy TensorFlow Models using Google Cloud AI Platform - A practical workflow of TensorFlow model training and deploying.


Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Helping retailers prepare for the 2020 holiday season - COVID-19’s impact on the retail industry means retailers everywhere are gearing up for an uncertain holiday season. We’re sharing our own research and guidance on how retailers can prepare in our latest ebook.

GCP Experience

Dear Google Cloud: Your Deprecation Policy is Killing You - A deep and critical look at GCP deprecations.

GCP Certification

5 best study resources for GCP ACE exam - Want to become Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer? This post shows 5 best resources to study and pass the exam with ease!

How to Pass- Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam - Be a GCP Jedi! All you need to pass the certification — Updated August 2020.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Data Analytics Official Blog

12 smart analytics sessions to check out at Next OnAir - Check out more than 40 digital sessions on data analytics solutions and topics to learn more about multi-cloud, natural language, and BigQuery, with Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir.

GCP Podcast - #231 SpringML and Iron Mountain with Prabhu Palanisamy and Jarrett Garcia.

Kubernetes Podcast - #116 Independent Open Source, with Alex Ellis.


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