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Data Analytics Official Blog

Easy access to stream analytics with SQL, real-time AI, and more - Helping data engineers, ops teams access unified stream and batch data pipelines.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog Windows

Windows Server containers on GKE now GA, with ecosystem support - Windows Server containers are now GA on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud and Splunk Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Customers Gain Deeper Insights from Data - Splunk Cloud will be available on Google Cloud’s scalable and secure infrastructure.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Anthos Official Blog

Anthos in depth: Modern application development and delivery - How Anthos helps modernize application development.

Anthos Networking Official Blog

Anthos in depth: Toward a service-based architecture - Exploring how Anthos Service Mesh improves security, visibility and traffic management.

Official Blog Security

Providing transparency into government requests for enterprise data - An update on Google Cloud’s transparency efforts around government requests for access to enterprise customer data.

IAM Security

Google Cloud Platform — Service Account Key Usage Visibility - A newly released feature in GCP can provide Security Operations teams increased visibility into Service Account Keys Usage.

Cloud Functions Cloud Storage Serverless Terraform

Troubleshooting Terraform on a serverless world - Deploying serverless infrastructure with Terraform.

IAM Secret Manager Security

Secure access Google Cloud Resources - Automatic process of creating service accounts.

Networking Tutorial

Hands-on VPC Peering Configuration on GCP - The tutorial goes through a process of setting up VPC peering between 2 networks.


An Istio + service mesh resource list. - Github repo with Istio resource list.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Big Data Compute Engine

Cloud-native Bioinformatics: HPC to GCP - Describing a process of migrating genomic analysis workflows on HPC to GCP.

BigQuery Dataflow

Architecting Industrial IOT asset management & tracking solution - Architecture for a real-time asset tracking.

Data Science Machine Learning Serverless

13 Most Common Google Cloud Reference Architectures - Summary of #13DaysOfGCP architecture Twitter series.

Cloud Logging Monitoring Official Blog

Manage logs from multiple clouds and on-premises workloads together - Cloud monitoring can work across logs from multiple clouds and on-premises data with Google Cloud and BindPlane.

Apache Beam Cloud Bigtable Monitoring Visualization

Using Bigtable’s monitoring tools, meant for a petabyte-scale database, to… make art - Loading in 10TB and performing millions of queries to generate futuristic interpretations of classic masterpieces.

Firebase Serverless

Lock down with Cloud Firestore - Using Cloud Firestore transactions to create an atomic lock for Firebase Cloud Functions.

Cloud SQL Security

Field and Column Level Encryption on Google Cloud SQL (PostgreSQL and MySQL) - This article explains how to leverage field/column level encryption on Google Cloud SQL.

Cloud Functions Go Serverless

Serverless with Google Cloud Function and GoLang - Creating and deploying Cloud Function with Serverless framework.

Firebase Javascript Serverless

State of Firebase (mid 2020) - List of official Firebase & Community updates through out this year.

Firebase NodeJS

Firebase: Fetching and deleting user accounts in bulk - Using Firebase Admin SDK APIs for fetching and deleting individual user accounts.

App Engine Cloud Firestore Typescript

How to host an Apollo Graphql Server on GAE with Cloud Firestore - This article will be a quick guide on how to bootstrap a Graphql server on Google App Engine, using Firestore as a cloud database.

Beginner Compute Engine R

Running R/RStudio in a GCP VM - The article explains how to setup RStudio on preemptible server.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Composer Data Analytics Kubernetes

Argo workflows as alternative to Cloud Composer - Using Argo Workflows on Kubernetes as an alternative for Cloud Composer.

Apache Beam Scala

Repo with Apache Beam examples - Playground for Apache Beam and Scio experiments, driven by real-world use cases.

Big Data Terraform

Query data in Google Cloud Storage with SQL using Apache Drill - Creating an Apache Drill cluster in GCP and query data stored in GCS.

BigQuery Cloud Dataprep GIS

Road risk analysis with Google Cloud serverless tools - Road risk analysis of recorded vehicles speed and overspeed levels correlation in Google Cloud.

BigQuery Jupyter Notebook

Apache Spark BigQuery Connector — Optimization tips & example Jupyter Notebooks - Reading data from BigQuery using Apache Spark BigQuery connector.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Automating BigQuery exports to an email - Set up automated emails to export data from cloud data warehouse BigQuery, especially for regular queries or reports.

BigQuery Data Catalog

Where is my data? The answer is Google Data Catalog - All you want to know about GCP Data Catalog.

BigQuery Data Analytics Data Studio Firebase Visualization

How to make fast and convenient visualization in Data Studio based on BigQuery - Visualizing data in BigQuery from a Firebase app in Data Studio.

Data Studio Public Datasets Visualization

Displaying BigQuery results on Google Maps using Data Studio - Using a Google Maps support in Data Studio to visualize COVID 19 mobility.


AI GCP Experience Official Blog

How Google Cloud helped scaling-out one person's AI service—and his life - How one developer used Google Cloud AI solutions to inexpensively build AI-based photo apps.

Billing Security

Google Cloud Best Practices: 2020 Roundup - A list of 17 recent articles on best practices consisting of different tips and tricks to help you fully utilize and optimize your Google Cloud environment.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #219 Spotify with Josh Brown.

Kubernetes Podcast - #102 Helm, with Matt Butcher.

BigQuery Updates with Product Leader Tino Tereshko



BigQuery - Next generation BigQuery streaming is now Generally Available (GA).

Cloud Composer - Cloud Composer is now available in Hong Kong (asia-east2). Cloud Composer is now available in Las Vegas (us-west4).

Dataproc - Clusters can now be created with non-preemptible secondary workers.

Dialogflow - Beta launch of a one-click integration with the Voximplant telephony partner: GA (general availability) launch of auto speech adaptation. The shutdown of 7 integrations announced in January is now extended to June 6th, 2020.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention - We have made quality and performance enhancements to our name detectors.

Google Kubernetes Engine - Specifying a VPC subnet for internal Load Balancer Service IPs is now supported as a per-Service annotation in GKE clusters 1.16.8-gke.10+ and 1.17+. GKE cluster versions have been updated. The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in master upgrades and node upgrades for existing clusters. No channel Note: Your clusters might not have these versions available. The Ubuntu image for GKE 1.16 clusters is now ubuntu-gke-1804-1-16-v20200330. The COS image for GKE 1.16 clusters is now cos-77-12371-227-0. The COS image for GKE 1.17 clusters is now cos-81-12871-69-0. The default etcd version for new GKE 1.13 and 1.14 clusters is etcd 3.2.27-0-gke.6. The default etcd version for new GKE 1.15 and 1.16 clusters is etcd 3.3.18-0-gke.4. The default etcd version for new GKE 1.17 and higher clusters is etcd 3.4.7-0-gke.1. Autoupgrades in existing clusters will occur at a later date. We expect the following changes in the coming weeks. Google Kubernetes Engine will gradually upgrade clusters in the regular channel to GKE 1.16 beginning in an upcoming release.

Cloud SQL MySQL - As previously announced, Cloud SQL First Generation was deprecated on January 29, 2019.

Traffic Director - A new document is added to Traffic Director: Ingress traffic for your mesh.

Dialogflow Enterprise - Beta launch of a one-click integration with the Voximplant telephony partner: GA (general availability) launch of auto speech adaptation. The shutdown of 7 integrations announced in January is now extended to June 6th, 2020.


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