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AI Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog

Updates make Cloud AI platform faster and more flexible - Improvements in AI Platform provide more flexibility to ML teams looking to optimize their workloads for cost and performance.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Use GKE usage metering to combat over-provisioning - GKE usage metering is GA, and now allows you to track down over-provisioned resources.

Official Blog Security

Advancing Customer Control in the Cloud - Today’s updates reflect our core belief that customers should have no less control over data stored in the cloud than data stored in their own data centers.

Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Official Blog Security

Keeping your Cloud Dataflow pipelines safe with customer-managed encryption keys - Protect your data analytics pipelines with customer-managed encryption keys, new for Cloud Dataflow from Google Cloud.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Bringing Teradata Vantage to Google Cloud - Beginning next year, customers will be able to run Teradata’s cloud analytics platform, Vantage, on Google Cloud Platform.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Kubernetes Official Blog Security

Exploring Container Security: Vulnerability management in open-source Kubernetes - The Kubernetes Privacy Security Committee follows these steps when a vulnerability is reported.

Cloud Security Command Center Official Blog Security

Find and fix misconfigurations in your Google Cloud resources - Built in to Cloud Security Command Center, Security Health Analytics helps identify and fix issues in your GCP resources.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog Security

Swipe right for a new guide to PCI on GKE - Learn how to comply with PCI DSS in a Google Kubernetes Engine environment

Compute Engine Storage

Persistent Disks and Replication - Overview of how persistent disks work.

DevOps Security Terraform

HashiCorp Vault and Terraform on Google Cloud — Security Best Practices - Deploy HashiCorp Vault with Terraform on Google Cloud adhering to security best practices and least privilege.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud SQL Official Blog

Leave no database behind with Cloud SQL for SQL Server - Move your SQL Server instances easily to the cloud with new Cloud SQL for SQL Server.

Cloud SQL

Getting started with Cloud SQL for SQL Server - The article goes through a process of setting up SQL Server instance on Cloud SQL.

Cloud SQL

Managing SQL Server instances in Cloud SQL - How to connect four popular database tools to your SQL Server instances in Cloud SQL.

Cloud SQL

Connecting to Google Cloud SQL - Connecting to Cloud SQL has a lot of options and complexity. This post is to lay out what’s there, why you might choose one method vs another, and help guide you through connecting your application.

API Cloud Endpoints Cloud Run Security Serverless

Secure Cloud Run, Cloud Functions and App Engine with API Key - API Key is not a standard mode for authentication on Google Cloud. But you can use Cloud Endpoint as gateway for allowing it.


GCP Goodies Part 8— Stackdriver debugging - A look into Stackdriver Debugger and how to debug a production application in an accessible manner.

Cloud Storage

Controlling Access to Google Cloud Storage - A guide on how to handle access to data in Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage

Object Management for Managing your Objects — Listing, Moving, Deleting and More! - Doing basic operations with objects in Cloud Storage.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Official Blog

Is your pipeline fine? Managing and monitoring a Cloud Dataflow setup - Qubit discusses how it manages its Cloud Dataflow real-time streaming pipeline on Google Cloud.

Apache Beam Big Data Java

Testing in Apache Beam Part 1: Batch - A look into how to write unit and end to end tests in Beam.

Big Data Data Science

A gentle introduction to Apache Druid in Google Cloud Platform - The article describes how to set up and use Apache Druid on GCP.

Big Data

Deploying a Production Druid Cluster in Google Cloud Platform - A process of setting Apache Druid Cluster on GCP.

Cloud Data Fusion

How I used Google Cloud Data Fusion to create a data warehouse — Part 2 - Overview of main actions in Data Fusion.

BigQuery Cloud Data Fusion Cloud SQL

SQL Server Data Movement with CDAP - The article goes through setting up Data Fusion and creating a pipeline to copy data from Cloud SQL (SQL Server) to BigQuery.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science Python

How to get into BigQuery analysis on Kaggle with Python? - Exploring ways to use BigQuery in Kaggle.


Long Lines - Description of how BigQuery GeoViz (a tool for BigQuery Geo data visualization) plots long lines.

Big Data BigQuery Data Studio

Unique dashboards for external customers with Google Cloud - Using BigQuery and Data Studio to create dashboards that are shared with different persons.

BigQuery Cloud SQL Data Studio

GCP Goodies Part 9 — Time series data handling and visualization - Visualizing data in Data Studio using BigQuery and as a source database in Cloud SQL.

AI Platform Notebooks Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Running Cloud AI Platform Notebook On Google Kubernetes Engine - This article will walk you step by step over the process of deploying Cloud AI Platform Notebooks on GKE and getting access to it.

Data Science Machine Learning TensorFlow

Predicting Taxi fares in NYC using Google Cloud AI Platform (Billion + rows) Part 2 - Using data from BigQuery to create a Tensorflow model of predicting taxi fares in NYC.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #200 Massive with Björn Lindberg

Kubernetes Podcast - #76 Pulumi, with Joe Duffy



Google Cloud Armor - Custom rules language, pre-configured WAF rules, and geography-based access controls are in private Beta.

BigQuery - The BigQuery service is being renamed from: bigquery-json.googleapis.com to bigquery.googleapis.com.

Compute Engine - As a G Suite admin, you can now complete the following tasks for the OS Login feature: Enable OS Login using an organization policy. Enable OS Login using an organization policy. Track interactions with the OS Login API. You can attach up to 257 TB of persistent disk storage to each instance. You can issue 100K read I/Os per second on SSD persistent disks. Increased the per-instance persistent disk write throughput performance for zonal and regional SSD.

Config Connector - Added new resources and samples for BigQueryTable, ComputeExternalVPNGateway.

Running Anthos on-premises - GKE On-Prem version 1.1.1-gke.2 is now available. This patch version includes the following changes: Action required: This version upgrades the minimum gcloud version on the admin workstation to 256.0.0. The open source CoreOS toolbox is now included in all GKE On-Prem cluster nodes. Fixed CVE-2019-11253 described in Security bulletins. Fixed an issue that caused cluster metrics to be lost due to a lost connection to Google Cloud Platform. Fixed an issue that caused ingestion of admin cluster metrics to be slower than ingesting user cluster metrics. For user clusters that are using static IPs and a different network than their admin cluster: If you overwrite the user cluster's network configuration, the user control plane might not be able to start.

Cloud Healthcare API - DICOM and FHIR de-identification at the individual store level is now available in beta.

Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis - Released the maxmemory-gb configuration, allowing you to adjust your instance's maxmemory-gb limit.

AI Platform - Many Compute Engine (N1) machine types are now available for online prediction in beta, in addition to the existing legacy (MLS1) machine types. Model versions that use one of the new Compute Engine (N1) machine types and scale to use more than 40 prediction nodes may exhibit high latency when handling online prediction requests. The default max model size for model versions that use a legacy (MLS1) machine type has increased from 250 MB to 500 MB.

AutoML Natural Language - AutoML Natural Language Text Classification now supports batch prediction. AutoML Natural Language Text Classification can now classify PDF files and also supports PDF files as training items.

Cloud Run - Cloud Run is now covered by HIPAA Compliance.

Cloud TPU - Cloud TPU now supports TensorFlow version 1.15 (Release Notes, API Documentation).


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