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Virtual Machine with 416 cores, 12TB of RAM here you go and let's wonder what will Cloud Next bring. 



Compute Engine

Introducing Compute and Memory-Optimized VMs for Google Compute Engine - Alpha release of new Compute Engine VMs offers up to 416 cores and 12TB of RAM.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog

Cloud Memorystore: Now with Redis version 4.0 support and manual failover API - A beta release of Cloud Memorystore includes Redis 4.0 support.

Official Blog Storage

Scale storage out with new Elastifile Cloud File Service for GCP - Elastifile Cloud File Service is a fully-managed, scalable file storage service. It delivers high-reliability, POSIX-compliant NFS file services and provides a full suite of cloud-native enterprise NAS features.

Cloud Healthcare API Official Blog

Announcing the Cloud Healthcare API beta: Improving data access and shareability across organizations - Cloud Healthcare API offers a managed solution for storing and accessing healthcare data in Google Cloud Platform, providing a critical bridge between existing care systems and applications hosted on Google Cloud.

Compute Engine GCP Certification

Introducing Lustre file system Cloud Deployment Manager scripts - Easier deployment of Lustre storage cluster (high-performance computing) on Google Cloud.

Articles, Tutorials

DevOps Infrastructure Official Blog SRE

Want repeatable scale? Adopt infrastructure as code on GCP - The article describes concepts and motivation for Infrastructure as a Code approach.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Migrating a monolithic application to microservices on Google Kubernetes Engine - Architecture solution with high level concepts of migrating a website from a monolithic platform to a refactored, container-based microservices platform on Google Cloud Platform.

Istio Official Blog

The service mesh era: Istio’s role in the future of hybrid cloud - How to use Istio across different environments.

GCP Experience Google Kubernetes Engine

Why We Moved from Heroku to Google Kubernetes Engine

Cloud Pub/Sub Google Kubernetes Engine Stackdriver Terraform Tutorial

Google Kubernetes Engine — HorizontalPodAutoscaler with external metrics from PubSub - This tutorial demonstrates how to automatically scale your GKE workloads based on metrics available in Stackdriver.

Beginner Google Kubernetes Engine Istio Tutorial

Deploying Istio on GKE - Step by step tutorial to deploy Istio on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Beginner Google Kubernetes Engine IAM

Using Google Cloud Service Accounts on GKE - This post is going to walk you through setting up and using Google Cloud service accounts to authorize access to Google Cloud Services such as Storage and KMS.

Compute Engine

GCP Instances, Go The #$% To Sleep - Experience with shutting down dev Compute Engine instances during nonworking hours.

Cloud Run

Deploy Object Detection In 1 Min - Setting up and testing container which detects objects on Cloud Run, new GCP service.

App Engine Go Java NodeJS

Google App Engine Benchmark - Benchmarking Google App Engine for various properties and languages.

App Engine NodeJS Tutorial

Deploying a React-Node-MongoDB app to Google Cloud Platform’s Google App Engine - A process of deploying full stack Node-Express-React MongoDB (hosted on MongoAtlas) to Google App Engine.


Building a Reliable Serverless Application in a Weekend

AWS Azure Cloud Functions Serverless

Visualizing Cold Starts - Benchmarking serverless functions for Big 3 cloud providers.

Cloud Storage

Saving ElasticSearch Backups into Google Cloud Storage - Setting up backup mechanism for Elastic Search cluster to Google Cloud Storage.

Cloud Dataproc

Persisting Application History from Ephemeral Clusters on Google Cloud Dataproc - This post outlines a pattern to have a single-node long-running Dataproc cluster that acts as an Application History Server for a shorter lived cluster.


Power Grafana with Google BigQuery! - Grafan plugin to display data from BigQuery.


Which BI tool for BigQuery ? - The article focuses on specific requirements for successful Business Intelligence tool to use with BigQuery.

BigQuery GCP Experience

Why We Moved to Google Cloud Platform, in Two Slides - Benefits of migrating on-premises data warehousing platform to BigQuery.

AWS BigQuery Tutorial

Connecting to Google BigQuery from AWS SageMaker - Connecting from AWS SageMaker (solution for using Jupyter Notebooks) to BigQuery.

BigQuery Machine Learning

How to do predictive maintenance using BigQuery ML for water utilities - Proof of concept to predict pipe breaks for public water utility organization.

BigQuery Business Cloud Dataproc

The Economics of Modernizing Your Enterprise Data Warehouse - Results of studies quantifying the economic value of Google data analytics services.

Cloud Security Command Center Data Loss Prevention API

Inspecting and Reporting Sensitive Data with Google Cloud’s DLP API - Reporting sensitive data in Cloud Security Command Center and Data Studio.

AI Data Science Machine Learning

GCP Notebook Executor v0.1.2 - Executing long running Jupyter Notebook jobs on GCP.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Dataprep Data Science Machine Learning TensorFlow

End-to-end churn prediction on Google Cloud Platform - Overview of GCP architecture to build customer churn prediction compromising of data acquisition, data wrangling, modeling, model deployment, and a business use case.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer - 2019 Updated exam - Experience of passing Data Engineer exam after major changes in the exam.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer - A process of becoming Google Cloud Authorized Trainer.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Kubernetes Security

GCP Podcast - #169 StackRox with Connor Gilbert

CI Kubernetes

Kubernetes Podcast - Tekton (brings Kubernetes-style resources for declaring CI/CD-style pipelines), with Kim Lewandowski


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