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Cloud KMS Official Blog

Kickstart your cryptography with new Cloud KMS client libraries and samples - New client libraries for 7 programming languages for Cloud Key Management Service.

Cloud Services Platform

Take control of your Kubernetes clusters with CSP Config Management - CSP Config Management allows you to create a common configuration for all your administrative policies and apply it to all your clusters, at the same time. The clusters can be running in Google Kubernetes Engine in the cloud or in your data center with GKE On-Prem or a combination of both.

Cloud IoT IoT

Introducing the Cloud IoT Device SDK: a new way for embedded IoT devices to connect to Google Cloud IoT Core - The Cloud IoT Device SDK consists of client libraries written in Embedded C that enable developers to securely connect, provision, and manage devices with Cloud IoT Core.

Articles, Tutorials

GCP Experience Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Official Blog Security

Exploring container security: How DroneDeploy achieved ISO-27001 certification on GKE - How DroneDeploy migrated from on premise Kubernetes to GKE leveraged GKE’s native security capabilities to smooth the path to ISO-27001 certification.

GCP Experience Google Kubernetes Engine Istio Official Blog

How Auto Trader UK, the UK’s largest automotive marketplace, uses Istio and Google Kubernetes Engine to drive change - Rad how Auto Trader UK (UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace and the country’s 16th largest website) relies on GKE and Istio, an open-source, transparent service mesh that is integrated into GKE to enable visibility, increase agility and effectively secure their production environment, without sacrificing developer productivity.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Get fast, reliable messaging with IBM MQ on Compute Engine - Architecture and deployment of IBM MQ (message queue) on Google Compute Engine.

NoSQL Official Blog

Running Redis on GCP: four deployment scenarios - Article describes major deployment scenarios of Redis on GCP.

Cloud Firestore

Firebase & Google Cloud: What’s different with Cloud Firestore? - Description of Cloud Firestore from Firebase and Google Cloud perspective.

API Cloud Endpoints Google Kubernetes Engine Java Tutorial

Using Google Kubernetes Engine to host Google Cloud Endpoints - Article describes step by step tutorial to deploy Java web application using Cloud Endpoints on GKE .


Building API Services: A Beginner’s Guide - Series of articles focused on HTTP REST and gRPC API services.


Back to Microservices with Istio (Part 2) — Authentication & Authorization - Adding authentication and authorization with Istio on Kubernetes cluster.

Big Data BigQuery Cloud Marketplace R

RStudio and BigQuery in under 30 minutes - Article describes steps to provision an RStudio instance on Google Compute Engine and use it to do complex analytics on BigQuery.

Docker R

R at scale on the Google Cloud Platform - Different approaches to work with R on GCP.

Cloud Composer Tutorial

Automating infrastructure with Cloud Composer - This tutorial demonstrates a way to automate cloud infrastructure by using Cloud Composer. The example shows how to schedule automated backups of Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) instances.

Cloud Composer

Perform Daily Backups of Your Google Cloud Datastore using Airflow - Using built in Airflow operator to export daily data from Datastore into Cloud Storage.

Cloud Composer Cloud SQL

Connecting GCP Composer tasks to Cloud SQL - Outline of required steps to connect to a Cloud SQL instance — both from a local development machine and from a Cloud Composer tasks running from a Kubernetes cluster.

Cloud SQL

Move PostgreSQL from AWS RDS to Google Cloud SQL - Process of migrating PostgreSQL database from AWS RDS to GCP Cloud SQL.

Apache Beam BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Dataflow Design Pattern: Dynamic Streaming pipeline : Dealing with mutable JSON schema - Handle BigQuery schema updates for streaming PubSub messages in Dataflow.

Big Data BigQuery Cloud Composer GCP Experience

How did we build a Data Warehouse in six months? - Sharing experience of creating data warehouse on Google Cloud Platform.


BigQuery GIS performance tips - Random BigQuery GIS performance tips.


Google Cloud Platform tools and their possibilities: Query automation in BigQuery (Part 1) - Scheduling BigQuery queries to run periodically.

Machine Learning Official Blog TensorFlow TPU

Train fast on TPU, serve flexibly on GPU: switch your ML infrastructure to suit your needs - In this post, we walk through training and serving an object detection model and demonstrate how TensorFlow’s comprehensive and flexible feature set can be used to perform each step, regardless of which hardware platform you choose.

Advanced Machine Learning Official Blog TensorFlow

Let Deep Learning VMs and Jupyter notebooks burn the midnight oil for you: robust and automated training with Papermill - Step by step process to deploy a Deep Learning ML image using TensorFlow to launch a Jupyter notebook which will be executed using the Nteract Papermill open source project. Once the notebook has finished executing, the Compute Engine instance that hosts your Deep Learning VM image will automatically terminate.

Big Data

What is Google Snappy? High-speed data compression and decompression - Pros and cons of using Snappy (data compression library from Google) for compression.

Beginner Cloud Speech API

How to use Google Speech to Text API to transcribe long audio files? - Overview of Cloud Speech API, with code samples to transcribe long audio files.

Cloud Identity Official Blog Security

OpenVPN: Enabling access to the corporate network with Cloud Identity credentials - OpenVPN tested and integrated its OpenVPN Access Server with secure LDAP, enabling their employees and partners to use their Cloud Identity credentials to access applications through VPN.

GCP Certification

3 Reasons to Join the 30-Day Challenge - Get 30-day free pass to Qwiklabs to enroll in Networking in the Google Cloud quest.

GCP Certification

Awesome GCP Certifications - GitHub Repository containing various resources to study for GCP Certifications.

GCP Certification

Notes from my beta Google Cloud Professional Security Engineer Certification Exam - Preparation notes for Professional Security Engineer Certification Exam.

Business GCP Experience Official Blog

Recursion Pharmaceuticals accelerates drug discovery with Google Cloud - Recursion has selected Google Cloud as their primary public cloud provider as they build a drug discovery platform that combines chemistry, automated biology, and cloud computing to reveal new therapeutic candidates, potentially cutting the time to discover and develop a new medicine by a factor of 10.

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #164 Node.js with Myles Borins


Kubernetes Podcast - #42 Policy and Config Management, with John Murray

GCP Experience Kubernetes

How Oddschecker Migrated to Google Cloud

Machine Learning

Google’s Machine Learning APIs by Example


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