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Over time, things can become complex in cloud projects. Check in this issue how Google wants to simplify some things.



Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Introducing container-native load balancing on Google Kubernetes Engine - Google Cloud Platform (GCP) now offers container-native load balancing for applications running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Kubernetes on Compute Engine.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Spanner

Develop and deploy apps more easily with Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable updates - The general availability of two important new features for two of GCP's cloud-native database offerings: Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Gain insights about your GCP resources with asset inventory - Asset inventory is now available in beta. With asset inventory, you get an org-wide snapshot of your inventory for a wide variety of GCP resources and policies with a single API call.

Networking Official Blog

Simplifying cloud networking for enterprises: announcing Cloud NAT and more - Several additions to Google Cloud Platform networking portfolio with Cloud NAT and more.

Cloud Identity Official Blog Security

Simplifying identity and access management for more businesses - Introduction of three new ways extending Cloud Identity and context-aware access capabilities.

Cloud Storage Official Blog

Store it, analyze it, back it up: Cloud Storage updates bring new replication options - Cloud Storage updates that give you even more control over how and where your data is stored.

API Official Blog

Accelerate with APIs: Apigee API monitoring, extensions and hosted targets now generally available - General availability (GA) of several new Apigee capabilities designed to help enterprises unlock the value of their data and deliver modern applications.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Building a more reliable infrastructure with new Stackdriver tools and partners - Alpha availability of Stackdriver Incident Response and Management (IRM) on Google Cloud Platform.

BigQuery Official Blog

BigQuery arrives in the London region, with more regions to come - Rollout of new regions for BigQuery starting with London, with more regions to follow in the coming months.

BigQuery Machine Learning Official Blog

What’s happening in BigQuery: a new ingest format, data type updates, ML, and query scheduling - New features in beta, including query scheduling, new BigQuery ML models and functions, and geospatial types and queries.

Articles, Tutorials

AWS Azure Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Google GKE vs Microsoft AKS vs Amazon EKS - Comparison of different hosted Kubernetes solutions.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Watch and learn: Kubernetes and GKE for developers - Curated list of presentations that Google’s own developers have marked as their favorites, to help you get up to speed on Kubernetes, fast.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions GCP Experience Official Blog

Serverless in action: building a simple backend with Cloud Firestore and Cloud Functions - How Qlouder, a Google Cloud partner approach building simple applications using Cloud Firestore and Cloud Functions.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions Python

How I used Google Cloud Platform to start investing in stocks - Personal project which consists of fetching and processing data from stocks.

App Engine CI DevOps

GitLab CI/CD — Deploy to two different AppEngine instances and projects - Build a deployment pipeline in such a way that the latest code is deployed to two different AppEngine instances across different project.

Cloud SQL

Migrating Postgres to Google Cloud SQL - Migration steps from Heroku Postgres to Cloud SQL.

Cloud Storage

Accurately calculate sizes of Google Cloud Storage Buckets over time and graph it using Cloud Studio - Article explains how to monitor how much data is stored in Google Cloud Storage buckets.

BigQuery GCP Experience Official Blog

How Traveloka built a Data Provisioning API on a BigQuery-based microservice architecture - Building a Data Provisioning API on a BigQuery-based microservice architecture.


Benchmarking Google BigQuery at Scale - Benchmarking against BigQuery and migrating Data Warehouse to BigQuery on Google Cloud.

Beginner BigQuery

How BigQuery GIS scales up your geospatial projects - Overview of BigQuery GIS

Machine Learning Official Blog

AI in motion: designing a simple system to see, understand, and react in the real world (Part II) - Gathering data, selecting and training models for an AI in motion project.

Cloud AutoML

Crowdsourcing ML training data with the AutoML API and Firebase - How to built an ML pipeline that gathers labeled, crowdsourced training data, uploads it to an AutoML dataset, and then trains a model.

GPU Machine Learning TPU

Google Colab provides free access to GPUs and TPUs. - Using Develop deep learning applications on this free GPU/TPU.

Machine Learning

Getting the Most Out of Your Google Colab - Go over the flow for Google Colab.

Azure GCP Experience

What's up with GitLab.com? Check out the latest data on its stability - How stability of Gitlab services improved after migration from Azure to Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog SAP

How METRO AG is migrating its SAP finance systems to Google Cloud - How METRO AG is migrating 100 different SAP instances into one SAP S/4HANA system—innovating on SAP Cloud Platform with the help of GCP.

GCP Experience

I’m Leaving Google — Here’s the Real Deal Behind Google Cloud - Introspection of years working on Google Cloud Platform.


Why Firebase sucks - Description of not good experience with stability of Firebase services.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #150 Strange Loop, Remote Working, & Distributed Systems with KF


Kubernetes Podcast - #24 Spinnaker, with Steven Kim


Full Stack Kotlin on Google Cloud! by Brent Shaffer


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