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New machine type, Kubernetes covered from every corner and improvements which will make for some life easier in various different ways, check in news.



Compute Engine Official Blog

Introducing ultramem Google Compute Engine machine types - Beta availability of a new family of Google Compute Engine machine types called n1-ultramem which allows you to provision VMs with up to 160 vCPUs and nearly 4TB of RAM.

App Engine Official Blog

Increase performance while reducing costs with the new App Engine scheduler - Next generation scheduler for App Engine Standard which increase performance while reducing costs.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Getting more value from your Stackdriver logs with structured data - Google Stackdriver Logging just made it easier than ever to send and analyze structured log data.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Google Maps Platform now integrated with the GCP Console - Google Maps Platform includes simplified products, tighter integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services and tools.

Networking Official Blog

Improving application availability with Alias IPs, now with hot standby - Alias IPs allow you to configure secondary IPs or IP ranges on your virtual machine (VM) instances, for a secure and highly scalable way to deliver traffic to your applications.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Opening a third zone in Singapore - Google opens a third zone in the Singapore region.

Big Data Business

Cask is joining Google Cloud - Cask is behind CDAP - open source big data integration platform.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Google Cloud for Life Sciences: new products and new partners - New products and new partners for Google Cloud for Life Sciences.

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog Storage

Three steps to prepare your users for cloud data migration - Essential steps you can take to successfully move your enterprise users to cloud.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Kubernetes best practices: terminating with grace - How to help Kubernetes do its job more efficiently and reduce the downtime your applications experience.

Beginner Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes: Day One - Getting started on Kubernetes using GKE

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Google Cloud and Kubernetes Oddities - Description of experience / complex behaviour of Kubernetes on Google Cloud.

Google Kubernetes Engine NoSQL

Tutorial: Running Infinispan Cluster in Kubernetes - Running Infinispan Cluster in Kubernetes. Infinispan is a distributed in-memory key/value data store.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes w/ Let’s Encrypt & Cloud DNS - How to use Jetstack’s cert-manager to generate certs using Let’s Encrypt, using Cloud DNS and Kubernetes Engine.

Docker Google Kubernetes Engine

Using Images from a Private Registry on GKE - How to pull images from a private registry on GKE.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

Sharding of timestamp-ordered data in Cloud Spanner - How to efficiently insert and retrieve records in Cloud Spanner with timestamp ordering.

Big Data Cloud Datalab Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Storage

Data Science for Startups: Data Pipelines - Example of creating data pipeline on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Wavenet vs Amazon Polly - Migrating from AWS Polly to Google Wavenet.

Cloud SQL Java

Tutorial: Using Google Cloud SQL Proxy with Wildfly in Kubernetes - Introduction to understand how to use Google Cloud SQL Proxy in Wildlfy and create a datasource to use in J2EE application.

Cloud Functions Firebase Tutorial

Build a Serverless Online Quiz with Google Cloud Functions and Cloud Firestore - How to build a Serverless online quiz on the Google Cloud Platform using Cloud Functions and Cloud Firestore.

Cloud Endpoints

Running Google Cloud Endpoint Tests Locally - How to setup Clound Endpoint/gRPC to work locally and run tests.


Migrating to the Dialogflow API v2 - Migration from an existing Dialogflow project that uses v1 of the API to the new API v2.

Cloud Storage

Scraping files & images using scrapy, scrapinghub and Google Cloud Storage - Solution for processing files and images captured during our web scrapes - primarily PDFs and product image files.

GCP Experience Google Cloud Platform

How Netlify migrated to a fully multi-cloud infrastructure - How Netlify planed, tested, and executed their first multi-cloud migration (including Google Cloud Platform).

Business GCP Experience

This $4 billion company is betting big on Google Cloud as it makes its algorithms smarter and its employees more productive

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud acquires Cask to help simplify application enablement - Thoughts about Google Cloud acquiring Cask.

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #127 SRE vs Devops with Liz Fong-Jones and Seth Vargo


Kubernetes Podcast - gVisor with Nicolas Lacasse and Yoshi Tamura

Kubernetes TensorFlow

Machine Learning on Kubernetes with Kubeflow - Take5 - Benefits of running your TensorFlow models in Kubernetes using Kubeflow.

Cloud Composer

Using Apache Airflow to Create Data Workflows on Google Cloud.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Installing GitLab on Google Container Engine


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