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In this issue we have bucket of news and 43 (not 42) rules / best practices for Machine Learning Engineering, enjoy.



Google Cloud Spanner

Announcing Google Cloud Spanner as a Vault storage backend - Cloud Spanner can be used now as a storage backend for HashiCorp Vault.

Google Cloud Platform

Introducing Cloud Billing Catalog API: GCP pricing in real time - Cloud Billing Catalog API is now generally available.

Google Cloud Datastore

Fully managed export and import with Cloud Datastore now generally available - Fully managed export and import with Cloud Datastore is now generally available.


Announcing SSL policies for HTTPS and SSL proxy load balancers - SSL policies give you the ability to control the features of SSL that your SSL proxy or HTTPS load balancer negotiates.


First Beta Version of Kubernetes 1.10 is Here - Your Chance to Provide Feedback - First Beta Version of Kubernetes 1.10.


Six new languages, including Actions on Google support - Dialogflow brings suport for six new languages.

Machine Learning

Google-Landmarks: A New Dataset and Challenge for Landmark Recognition - Google-Landmarks is the largest worldwide dataset for recognition of human-made and natural landmarks and now available.


Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog Stackdriver

Queue-based scaling made easy with new Stackdriver per-group metrics - Learn how to achieve queue-based scaling with new Stackdriver per-group metrics.

Big Data Official Blog

How to handle mutating JSON schemas in a streaming pipeline, with Square Enix - Explore how Square Enix supports handling of mutating JSON schemas in a streaming pipeline.

Google Cloud Storage

How to Recursively Delete Directories from Google Cloud Storage Bucket using API’s - Learn how to delete directories from Google Cloud Storage Bucket using API’s.

Cloud Shell Tutorial

Creating Google Cloud Shell Tutorials - Tutorial about creating tutorial with Google Cloud Shell.

Google Compute Engine

Reduce Google Compute Engine costs by 60% with Zorya — GCE Instance Scheduler - Zorya is an open source software that you can run on your own Google Cloud Platform account which will allow you to configure the schedule for your Google Compute Engine instances and establish a policy based across all of your organization’s projects.

Docker Google Compute Engine

Setup an nginx-based webserver for multiple websites on Google Cloud Platform with Docker and Let’s Encrypt auto-updates - Know how to setup an nginx-based webserver on Google Cloud Platform with Docker.

Docker Google Container Builder

Building docker images with docker-compose on Google Cloud Container Builder - Explore how to build Docker images with docker-compose on Google Container Builder.

DevOps Tutorial

Orchestrating Tomcat deployments in Google Cloud Platform using Ansible - Learn how to use Ansible to carry out Tomcat deployments in GCP.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine + Google Cloud Builder + GitHub for easy and quick CD pipeline - Create CD pipeline with Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Builder and GitHub.


GKE vs AKS vs EKS - Compare managed Kubernetes by industry’s top cloud providers.

DevOps Tutorial

Setup Terraform with Google Provider - Learn how to setup Terraform with Google Provider.

Google Cloud Dataflow

Calculating per-job Cloud Dataflow costs — now possible with job labels - Simple procedure to calculate per-job Cloud Dataflow costs .

Google Cloud Functions

Profiling GCF functions - Learn how to Profile GCF functions.

Machine Learning

Rules of Machine Learning: Best Practices for ML Engineering - Document is intended to help those with a basic knowledge of machine learning get the benefit of Google's best practices in machine learning.

Google Cloud ML Official Blog

Cloud poetry: training and hyperparameter tuning custom text models on Cloud ML Engine - Learn how to train and achieve hyper parameter tuning custom text models on Cloud ML Engine.

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Building a Next Word Predictor in Tensorflow - Article about concepts to create Next Word Predictor with Tensorflow.


How to extend a canned TensorFlow Estimator to add more evaluation metrics and to pass through instance keys - How to add more evaluation metrics and pass through instance keys when using a canned estimator in Tensorflow.

Google Compute Engine Python Tutorial

An Ideal Data Science Environment on a Google Virtual Machine - Setting up data science computing environment (Python stack) on a Google Compute Engine virtual machine.

Business Official Blog

Google Cloud’s Response to Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Requirements - Whitepaper: Google Cloud’s compliance with Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Requirements.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #116 Solution Architects with Miles Ward and Grace Mollison


TensorFlow Object Detection on iOS - TensorFlow Object Detection on iOS.


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