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Google Cloud Platform Java Official Blog

Announcing Spring Cloud GCP—integrating your favorite Java framework with Google Cloud - Announcement: Spring Cloud GCP is available and provides integrations between popular Spring libraries and GCP services.


Creating and Using Partitioned Tables - Long awaited feature of BigQuery: partitioning by column (DATE or TIMESTAMP type) if currently in Beta.

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog SRE

Applying the Escalation Policy — CRE life lessons - CRE Life Lessons: Explore some scenarios to apply the Escalation Policy

BigQuery Official Blog

Bitcoin in BigQuery: blockchain analytics on public data - The Bitcoin blockchain data are now available for exploration with BigQuery. Learn about some interesting queries and analysis.


I/O of the Google BigQuery Execution - Learn about the internals of Google BigQuery, and how it executes and gives the super performance for the big data problems.

Official Blog TensorFlow

Easy distributed training with TensorFlow using tf.estimator.train_and_evaluate on Cloud ML Engine - Know about tf.estimator.train_and_evaluate function, which simplifies training, evaluation, and exporting of Estimator models.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Simplifying Microservices with Istio in Google Kubernetes Engine — Part I - Explore how Istio which simplifies microservices communication.

Google Cloud Platform

Create a high availability NAT in Google Cloud Platform while you have a coffee - Learn about creating a high availability NAT in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Dataproc

Autoscaling Google Dataproc Clusters - Create and run Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop clusters in a simple and very cost-efficient way using Cloud Dataproc.

Cloud Dataflow

Productizing ML Models with Dataflow - This tutorial walks through the steps of translating from an offline model trained in R to a productized model using the Java SDK for Cloud Dataflow.

Firebase Java

Logging in Java libraries for Firebase and Google Cloud Platform - Learn about logging in Java libraries for Firebase.

Compute Engine

Coordinating VM Clusters with Google Compute Engine’s Metadata Server - Learn how to coordinate VM Clusters with Google Compute Engine’s Metadata Server

Compute Engine

How I created a secure, WordPress Multisite with a CDN for $1 a month - Learn to create a secure, WordPress Multisite with a CDN for $1 a month using Google Compute, Cloudflare.

Compute Engine IAM

Setting Access Scope of Google Cloud VM instances - Quick note on setting access scope of Google Cloud VM instance.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Scaling up with Google Kubernetes Engine: our experience after 6 months in production - Know about Streamroot's experience for Google Kubernetes Engine for their video streaming services.

Advanced Kubernetes

The Kubernetes Effect - In depth overview of Kubernetes.

App Engine DevOps

Continuous Delivery using bitbucket pipelines to deploy NodeJS App in Google App Engine - Learn how to publish your NodeJS App in Google App Engine using bitbucket pipelines.

App Engine Java Tutorial

Getting started with Spring Boot and Google App Engine - Quick example of how to create and deploy a Spring Boot application in Google App Engine.

App Engine Docker

Deploying A Rust Server to Google App Engine with Travis CI & Docker - Deploying Rust application from Github repository through CI Travis.

Google Cloud Platform

Translate a Book with Google Cloud Translation API - Using Google Cloud Translate API to translate a book.

Cloud Storage Javascript

Upload Files to Google Cloud Storage (GCS) From the Browser - Short example of uploading files to Google Cloud Storage from the browser in Javascript.

Cloud Functions

Introduction to Google Cloud Functions! - Basics overview of Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions NoSQL

Capturing and Integrating Service Data with Google Cloud Functions and Neo4j - Utilize webhooks provided by services to Capture and Integrate with Google Cloud Functions and Neo4j

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect - Resource for Google Cloud Architect Exam preparation.

Google Cloud Platform

Finding your dream cloud match — which one is right for you? - Article explores how to choose right cloud provider

GCP Experience Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Why we used Elastifile Cloud File System on GCP to power drug discovery - Learn about how Silicon Therapeutics achieved performance and management benefits they realized from using the Elastifile Cloud File System and CloudConnect.

AWS Google Cloud Platform

Top Features That Make Cloudaware Ideal Management Platform For Cloud MSPs - Explore features of Cloudaware, platform that can help MSPs to manage AWS, Azure and GCE accounts.

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #113 Open Source TensorFlow with Yifei Feng

Google Cloud Platform

The Hidden Costs of Cloud - Interview with GCP Customer Server Density

Dialogflow Google Cloud Platform

Building a Chatbot with Dialogflow and Google Cloud Platform - Learn to build a Chatbot with Dialogflow and Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Data Lifecycle on GCP - Know about best ways to get data into Cloud.


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