Welcome to issue #65 December 25th, 2017

As this is last issue of 2017 you can enjoy articles that are reflecting what happened in this year. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy New Year!!!


Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform

What a year! Google Cloud Platform in 2017 - The end of the year is a time for reflection . . .

Cloud Storage Compute Engine

One year of Cloud Performance Atlas - Top 5 topics which were the most useful from performance series.

Google Cloud Platform

Greetings from North Pole Operations! All systems go! - Architecture of Santa's system, running of course on Google Cloud Platform.


Busting 12 myths about BigQuery - Explaining some myths about BigQuery from originated from enterprise customers.

Beginner Google Cloud Platform

A developer’s toolkit for building great applications on GCP - Article contains resource which can help when starting with development on Google Cloud Platform.

Beginner Compute Engine

Getting started with Google Compute Engine: a guide to all the guides - Introductory text about Google Compute Engine with resources.

Cloud ML TensorFlow

New in TensorFlow 1.4: converting a Keras model to a TensorFlow Estimator - By wrapping your Keras code in a Tensorflow Estimator, you can serve predictions using TensorFlow Serving or deploy your model on Cloud ML Engine

DevOps GCP Experience

Out of one, many: Using Jenkins, GCP projects and service accounts at Catalant - Setting Continuous Integration / Deployment with Jenkins throughout the project on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Kubernetes Engine Stackdriver

Cloud Audit Logging for Kubernetes Engine: Answer the who, what, when of admin accesses - How to use Stackdriver Logging in Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes 10-domain Ingress

Advanced Google Kubernetes Engine

Understanding kubernetes networking: ingress - Article explains how clients outside the cluster can connect to pods using the same service network.

Dipping your toes into building a Data Analytics Platform on GCP

App Engine Google Kubernetes Engine

Farewell to Dangling HTTP(s) Load Balancers (GKE) - How to delete load balancers and other resources after deleting Kubernetes Cluster.

Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Deploy your Node Red Environment onto Kubernetes Clusters using Google Cloud Platform - In this tutorial process of creating Node Red (Flow-based programming for the Internet of Things) Docker Image is described and deployed to Kubernetes Engine.

App Engine Beginner Cloud Pub/Sub Python Tutorial

Decentralize your application with Google Cloud Platform - Example of creating web app using microservices.

Cloud Functions Container Builder Tutorial

Triggering Cloud Functions deployments - Deploying Google Cloud Functions when pushing code to Google Cloud Repository via Cloud Container Builder

Beginner Cloud Dataprep

Processing data with Google Cloud Dataprep - Article explains basic concepts of Google Cloud Dataprep.

Beginner Cloud Functions Tutorial

Google Cloud Storage “downsizer” - Using Google Cloud Functions to resize images in Google Cloud Storage

Container Builder

Taming Google Container Builder - Overview of Google Container Builder.

Cloud Functions Javascript

Private NPM Packages with Google Cloud Functions - Brief overview how to use private NPM packages with Google Cloud Functions.

Beginner Firebase Python Tutorial

Developing a Web Service with Admin SDK, Flask and Google Cloud - Example of accessing Firebase from a server-side Python app using Firebase Admin SDK.

Beginner Firebase Tutorial

Firebase Push Notification Message with JavaScript

Cloud Vision API Video Intelligence API

Google video intelligence – recognizing actors in near real time - Example of how to use Google Video Intelligence API to recognize actors from movies.

Container Builder Docker

Scanning vulnerabilities in Docker images


Google Joins 'March Madness' In Wide-Ranging Cloud Partnership With NCAA - The National College Athletic Association announced a partnership with Google Cloud Platform.


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