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From news Spanner being multi regional is pointed up. We start articles section with the one about exporting billing info to the BigQuery and wrapping up with hidden costs of Cloud.



Cloud Spanner

With Multi-Region support in Cloud Spanner, have your cake and eat it too - Spanner Multi Regional option is now Generally Available. Strong global consistency across continents is possible.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Introducing Certified Kubernetes (and Google Kubernetes Engine!) - Former Google Container Engine (now Google Kubernetes Engine) is not surprisingly certified from CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)

Compute Engine

Skylake processors now available in seven regions - Intel's Skylake processors are now available in few more regions.

Compute Engine Python

Intel Performance Libraries and Python Distribution enhance performance and scaling of Intel® Xeon® Scalable (‘Skylake’) processors on GCP - To use full potential of Skylake processors, you can use specific libraries.


Announcing BigQuery Data Transfer Service general availability - Service which transfers data from SaaS platforms like AdWords, Youtube to BigQuery is Generally Available.

Google Cloud Platform

Introducing Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a new way to build voice and text conversational apps - Dialogflow (former API.AI) offers additional possibility for enterprises like easier scaling or unlimited pay-as-you-go voice support.

Compute Engine Google Cloud Platform

Announcing integration of Altair HPC applications with Google Cloud - New partnership with Altair offers possibility to launch High Performance Applications on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage Requester Pays - Google Cloud Storage allows now for requester of data to bucket to pay for data transfer.


Announcing TensorFlow Lite - TensorFlow Lite is TensorFlow’s lightweight solution for mobile and embedded devices

Articles, Tutorials

BigQuery Data Studio

Monitor and manage your costs with Cloud Platform billing export to BigQuery - Article explains how to export billing data from Google Cloud Platform account to BigQuery and visualize in Data Studio

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

How-To: Loading Eloqua Activity Data in to Google BigQuery - Article and github repository provides example how to import data from Eloqua into BigQuery via Dataflow.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Using Apache Beam and Cloud Dataflow to integrate SAP HANA and BigQuery - Leveraging both SAP HANA and BigQuery for analytics needs, synced with Cloud Dataflow.

Big Data Teradata

Transitioning from Data Warehousing in Teradata to GCP Big Data - Article describes how you can transition from on-premises and cloud data warehousing to Google Cloud Platform.

BigQuery Cloud SQL

Importing data from PostgreSQL to Google BigQuery - Article demonstrates exporting PostgreSQL data to BigQuery.

Container Builder

Using GNU Parallel to speed up Google Cloud Infrastructure management. - Speeding up deleting of resources using GNU parallel.


Automation & Real-time Report Publishing with Google Firestore Function, Export Firestore data to CSV - Code snippet with explanation how to export data from Firestore to CSV file in Google Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage

GCS and the Bucket Creation Bottleneck - TLDR: don't create buckets in during your ETLlike scripts.

Cloud Storage

Public cache : don’t panic - Article reminds how caching of hosted website on Google Cloud Storage works.

Cloud Vision API

Zines vs. Google Vision API — Part 2: Embedded Images - Part of process of extracting images from Zines with Google Cloud Vision API

Google Kubernetes Engine

Deploying Memcached on Kubernetes Engine: tutorial

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Kubernetes Cluster Backup with Heptio Ark on GCP - Heptio Ark is a utility for managing disaster recovery, specifically for your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes.


Google Cloud Architecture for the Impatient | Part II - How to manage infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform

Compute Engine

The 3 use-cases taking advantage of per-second billing model - 3 cases where per second billing makes sense.

Compute Engine

Connecting to GCP compute instance via SecureCRT on Windows - Step by step process of connecting to Google Compute Engine instance from Windows.

Cloud ML

Training and Prediction with Google Cloud Platform services — Quick overview - This is article which author would like to read before starting with Cloud ML Engine.

Big Data Machine Learning TensorFlow

Automating ML and IoT with cloud-based image rendering, training, and device delivery - Architectural solutions for 3D rendering and machine learning.

How to integrate Dialogflow with Chatbase for easier bot analytics - Introductory tutorial for Dialogflow and Chatabase.

Apache Beam

First Look at Scio, a Scala API for Apache Beam - Behind Spotify Scala library for Apache Beam.


How Qubit and GCP helped Ubisoft create personalized customer experiences - Brief description of how life became simpler for a company which moved to Google Cloud Platform.

Business Google Cloud Platform

The hidden costs of cloud - Real life experience migrating to Google Cloud Platform.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #103 Performance Atlas with Colt McAnlis.

Cloud Spanner

The Architext Show Podcast - Google's Deepti Srivastava on multi-region Spanner and case for cloud databases


BigQuery with Jordan Tigani

Containers, Kubernetes and Google Cloud

Infrastructure as Code in Google Cloud [DevFest CZ 2017]

HashiCorp Vault + Google Cloud -- Managing Security in a Containerized World


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