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Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Duet AI Generative AI Google Kubernetes Engine

Navigating GKE with Duet AI: Simplifying Kubernetes Commands - Duet AI: Simplifying Your GKE Journey.

Anthos Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Managing fleets across our teams with GKE Enterprise - An overview of Anthos fleet concept, which is a logical grouping of Kubernetes clusters to make it easier to manage configuration and deployment across them.

DevOps Networking Terraform VPC

Why Multiple Subnets? - Advantages of creating multiple subnets within a VPC.


GCP Routing: Delving into the Labyrinth - This article ventures deep into the GCP routing logic, to understand the exact route precedence ordering, unveiling the interplay of CIDR prefixes, route priority, locality.

Go Kubernetes Microservices

Mastering Go Microservices in Google Cloud Kubernetes: From API Integration to Advanced Traffic Management - Sample Go application deployed on GKE.

Google Kubernetes Engine Security

Google Cloud Resolves Privilege Escalation Flaw Impacting Kubernetes Service - Google Cloud has addressed a medium-severity security flaw in its platform that could be abused by an attacker who already has access to a Kubernetes cluster to escalate their privileges.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Logging Cloud Run Python Serverless

How to Fix Cloud Run Jobs Logging - Python code snippet to improve logging in Cloud Run jobs.

Firebase Typescript

Uploading Images from React Frontend to Google Cloud Storage Using Firebase Cloud Functions - Uploading images from a React frontend to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.


ABAP SDK for Google Cloud: Pro Tips & Tricks for Developers - An overview of utilities in ABAP SDK for Google Cloud.


ABAP SDK for Google Cloud: Use case patterns - A few architecture patterns for AVAP SDK for Google Cloud.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Pub/Sub SAP

Send SAP RAP Business Events to external systems using Google Cloud Pub/Sub and ABAP SDK - Introduction to SAP Business Events.

AI BigQuery Vertex AI

Tackling BigQuery Resource Issues in Vertex AI Batch Predictions - Dealing with BigQuery errors in Vertex AI Batch predictions.


Simplifying BigQuery Table Cleanup with INFORMATION_SCHEMA and Expiration - Dropping multiple tables based on a naming pattern.

Data Science Machine Learning Vertex AI

Empowering data science exploration with Vertex AI Workbench on Google Cloud - In this article, we will explore two methods for creating Python notebooks in the newly-released Vertex AI Workbench instances service.

AI Vertex AI

VertexAI , How to make an AI-Assistant? - Creating a AI-Assistant.


Cloud Asset Inventory - The following resource types are now publicly available through the ExportAssets, ListAssets, BatchGetAssetsHistory, QueryAssets, Feed, and Search (SearchAllResources, SearchAllIamPolicies) APIs.

BigTable - The Cloud Bigtable documentation now includes a Bigtable for DynamoDB users guide for those considering a migration to Bigtable.

Migrate for Compute Engine - 5.0. Generally Available: Migrate to Virtual Machines supports migrating virtual machine instances (VMs) to Compute Engine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation machine series.


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