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Cloud Spanner Official Blog

Managing schema changes on Cloud Spanner using Liquibase - You can now use Liquibase’s open-source database devops library to manage and automate schema changes in Cloud Spanner.

Compute Engine Official Blog

Freedom of choice: 9TB SSDs bring ultimate IOPS/$ to Compute Engine VMs - With 9TB Local SSDs for Compute Engine N2 VMs, you can drive 2.4 million read IOPS with just 24 vCPUs.

Official Blog SAP

Introducing Bare Metal Solution for SAP workloads - Bare Metal Solution gives customers a choice of SAP-certified systems for running their workloads. Google Cloud and Intel collaborated to create a best in class architecture for SAP on bare metal that can provide fast insights, low latency, and high throughput.

IoT Official Blog

Accelerating IoT device deployment with Google Cloud and Arm Mbed OS - Our new integration with Mbed OS enables devices to securely connect and ingest data to Google Cloud through Cloud IoT Core.

Official Blog Security

What you can learn in our Q1 2021 Google Cloud Security Talks - Google Cloud Security Talks, a live online event on March 3rd, will help you navigate the latest thinking in cloud security.

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Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Anthos Official Blog

Application modernization isn’t easy. But we can make it easier. - Migrating and modernizing applications and moving to the cloud can be a fun and interesting challenge, but it's seldom "easy". Here are four Google Cloud tips to make your migration journey easier that you (probably) didn’t know about.

Cloud Load Balancing Networking Official Blog

Migrate to regional backend services for Network Load Balancing - Support for backend services in Network Load Balancing gives you better control over how traffic is handled in your Google Cloud environment.

Networking Official Blog

6 best practices for effective Cloud NAT monitoring - Follow these monitoring best practices to run a successful Cloud NAT environment.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

Auto provisioning Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificates with cert-manager on GKE - This guide outlines how to use cert-manager on GKE to automatically provision a wildcard certificate when your Ingress resource gets created.

Artifact Registry Cloud Functions Cloud Security Command Center Python

Centrally Managing Artifact Registry Container Image Vulnerabilities on Google Cloud: Part Two - Writing vulnerabilities directly into Security Command Center from Cloud Function.

Cloud Monitoring Cloud Security Command Center

Setting up Alerts for SCC Findings - How to be proactive with Google Cloud Security Command Center Findings.

IAM Security

Google OAuth credential: going deeper, the hard way - Using a service account key file isn’t mandatory on Google Cloud. However, sometimes, to do without, it’s the hard way!

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Official Blog Serverless Workflows

Orchestrating the Pic-a-Daily serverless app with Workflows - Learn how we orchestrated Pic-a-Daily serverless app with Workflows.

BigQuery Cloud Run Data Analytics Official Blog Serverless

How to trigger Cloud Run actions on BigQuery events - This post explains how to trigger a Cloud Run task whenever rows are inserted into your BigQuery table. This works off pretty much any BigQuery event, and because it’s Cloud Run, you can do pretty much anything in response.

Dialogflow Official Blog

Build a chatbot resume on Google Cloud - Stand out in your job application: Build a resume chatbot on Google Cloud.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

Improved troubleshooting with Cloud Spanner introspection capabilities - Cloud-native database Spanner has new introspection capabilities to monitor database performance and optimize application efficiency.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Cloud SQL Serverless Terraform

Server-less Cloud SQL backups on GCP - Use Serverless technologies within GCP to trigger additional backups for Cloud SQL at regular scheduled times.

App Engine Cloud Tasks Java

Google Cloud Task Queue with App Engine - This post describes what Cloud Tasks and queues are, and when and how to use them.

Serverless Workflows

Day #15 with Cloud Workflows: built-in cloud logging function - Using built-in logging function in Workflows.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

Architecting a data lineage system for BigQuery - Use Data Catalog as an interface to attach business metadata to your cloud analytics data or on-prem data to create a data lineage system with structured tags.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow

How Spotify Optimized the Largest Dataflow Job Ever for Wrapped 2020 - How Spotify optimized and speed up elements from thier largest Dataflow job using a technique called Sort Merge Bucket (SMB) join.

Cloud Healthcare

Building a Medical Imaging Data Pipeline — Using Cloud Healthcare APIs and DICOM Stores - Some tips for building DICOM image pipeline with Cloud Healthcare.

BigQuery Tutorial

Using BigQuery CLI for Honeypot Log Analysis - This tutorial will discuss the basics of working with BigQuery including how to create datasets and tables, upload information to them, and how to make queries using the BigQuery command-line interface tool bq.

BigQuery Data Science

Why You Should Use superQuery for SQL - Benefits of using the Google BigQuery IDE.

Big Data BigQuery

USING BigQuery’s LAST_VALUE() function to fill missing data - LAST_VALUE function explained.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Time-Series Forecasting with Google BigQuery ML - Time-series forecasting using an ARIMA model with SQL in BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Science Machine Learning

How to Build Machine Learning Model using BigQuery - Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling using SQL.

AI Platform Data Science Machine Learning

Deploy a Machine Learning model on Google AI Platform - How to easily create a cloud service to query your trained ML model.


Official Blog Python

Supporting the Python ecosystem - Google's support for the Python Software Foundation.

BigQuery Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

Why Verizon Media picked BigQuery for scale, performance and cost - See the proof of concept (POC) numbers that Verizon’s Yahoo got when testing and verifying the improved performance, cost, and scale of BigQuery for their data warehouse.

GCP Certification

Postmortem: Passing the Google Cloud Associate Engineer Exam — My Experience & Tips - Some tips & thoughts to help others prepare and pass Google Cloud ACE exam.


Google Strategy Series #1: The Future of Cloud - Can Google still supercharge its disappointing ascent in cloud?

Billing Machine Learning

Seven Tips for Forecasting Cloud Costs (with FB’s Prophet) - Who said that predicting the future is difficult? All you need is a Prophet (and some reliable infrastructure)!

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #246 Google Cloud Game Servers with Mark Mandel.

Kubernetes Podcast - #137 Datadog and the Container Report, with Michael Gerstenhaber.



AI Platform - Deep Learning Containers - M63 release SWIFT 0.12 (experimental) containers are available.

AI Platform - Deep Learning VMs - M63 release Nvidia driver is upgraded to 450.80.02.

Cloud Asset Inventory - New resource types now available.

BigQuery - BigQuery standard SQL queries on Google Cloud Storage data are now supported by cached query results.

Cloud Build - Users can now create triggers that execute builds in response to webhook events, including events from external source code management services.

Cloud Composer - Cloud Composer 1.14.3 release started on February 11, 2021.

Compute Engine - Google Virtual NIC (gVNIC) driver is now generally available.

Config Connector - Config Connector version 1.38.1 is now available. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Dataproc - New sub-minor versions of Dataproc images: 2.0.2-debian10, and 2.0.2-ubuntu18. Image 2.0: Upgraded Spark built-in Hive to version 2.3.8. Fixed a bug for beta clusters using a Dataproc Metastore Service where using a subnetwork for the cluster resulted in an error. Dataproc 2.0 image version will become a default Dataproc image version in 5 weeks on March 15, 2021.

Cloud Firestore - Firestore now offers beta support for C++ through the Firebase C++ SDK.

Cloud Healthcare API - v1. It is now possible to view the details of in-process long-running operations (LRO) from within the Healthcare Browser in the Cloud Console. v1. It is now possible set the value of the writeDisposition enum when exporting FHIR resources. v1beta1. The Cloud Healthcare API now supports getting HL7v2 messages in bulk.

IAM - You can now attach tags to resources, then use the tags to manage access to your resources. If you run one of the gcloud tool's add-iam-policy-binding commands, and the IAM policy contains conditional role bindings for that role, the gcloud tool prompts you to choose one of the condition expressions that exists in the policy.

Cloud Logging - Logging truncates oversized LogEntry label keys and values.

Resource Manager - Tags have released into public preview. If you run one of the gcloud tool's add-iam-policy-binding commands, and the IAM policy contains conditional role bindings for that role, the gcloud tool prompts you to choose one of the condition expressions that exists in the policy.

Cloud Spanner - The Cloud Spanner Console now displays database storage utilization and warns you if you are approaching the recommended limit.

Cloud SQL - The Cloud SQL Admin API v1beta4 is now generally available.

Migrate for Compute Engine 4.8 - 4.11. Added support for the balanced disk type to the GcpDiskType runbook field when migrating in batches with waves.

Deep Learning VM - M63 release Nvidia driver is upgraded to 450.80.02.

Service Mesh - 1.6.x. 1.6.14-asm.1 is now available.

AI Platform Training - Runtime version 2.4 is now available.


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